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Apart, I must live apart for the rest of my life.
Patch over my left eye was removed.
A sign that if I wore it, I could not see your lips move.
Reality, blind, deaf.
Time my kidneys have some rest from pills.
I now wonder about reality.
Memories of different realities in time.
Unique is the time I do not recall all these signs.
Such is life.
Time to realiI lived once upon a time.
Vividly I lived.
Eternity now is all I have on my mind.
All I do is live apart now.
People ignore my pleas.
All I can do is live apart now.
Reality this too is at an end.
Time to see an end.
Forever is a long time to watch life end.
Onward to the end of time.
Reality in my mind asking if this is the end of time?
Time is at an end.
Honestly, I thought I would not make it to the end of time.
Eternity is a lot longer than I expected.
Reality is just a question in my mind.
Eternity is a lot longer than I had in mind.
Sensible to live a good life this time.
Time is at an end in my mind.
Onward towards the end of time.
Forever taking pills to rest my mind.
My life at the end of time.
You would be surprised how long much longer I have seen time.
Life is a lot longer this time
Indeed, it seems like billions of years this time.
Forever is a long time.
Eternity is a lot longer in time.

Art destruction by ISIS is a shame to Muslims acrostic
Reality is culture shown without destruction
Time is culture shown without shame of destruction
Syrians run away from shame
You are about to bring shame
Reality is shame
Indeed, you are shamed
Art destruction is shame
Flee Syrians from evil
Live life with love of laughter of good
Eternity is coming soon, evil or good
Evil is too when for a time before good
Run away from evil
Unique is to be foretold your ending for good
Need a reminder to be good?
Syria forgive me, please
You are a republic to do as you please
Reality is civil war purchased, paid for by US a republic please
Indeed, evil is shame in this republic of US funding ISIS, please
Almighty, pray for the US please
The US funds ISIS by US is disgusting and should be stopped
Reality is the US is still funding disgusting ISIS in Iraq
Unique how evil is US with allowing ISIS within Iraq
Time will tell how evil the US is with Iraq
How come can the US not fix Detroit instead of spending money on evil?
The destruction of sculptures by Muslims is something disgusting
Holy is destruction of a history not made by Muslims is disgusting
Eternity will remember Muslims’ destruction of art as disgusting
Art is worth reviewing about reality
Reality is time showing us people’s culture history of reality
Time is shooting dead within destruction of art in reality
A billion for Syria civil war
No billion for public goods programs in the poverty US war
You hear of billions for ISIS in 2013 now billions to fight them in a war
Bodies in the thousands of 2015 in this war
On not caring for Americans but murdering Syrians instead of this war
Dear creator, how evil is fiat money when creating a civil war
You realize shame is shame, evil is evil, and money is the root of this war
Why can the United States fund a war with a republic?
When the USA cannot fix Detroit in its own republic
Where is all this fiat money coming from in this republic?
Who is being robbed may be the social security of the republic?
What is to be said for a free Syria a Republic?
Repeal funding for civil war within Syria’s Republic, why fund evil?
Evil is funding a civil war within a republic when all they want is to live without evil
People pray for peace in the republic of Syria where Christian babies are evil
Evil is the shame of the republic of USA when funding evil in Syria
Almighty pray for peace for who lives in Syria
Live life within laughter of peace for Syria
AIDS by a jihad AIDS
Indeed, a girl willing to spread herself for Sunnis
Dear religion of Allah, spread herself for AIDS
Sunnis paying for the prostitution of AIDS to Sunnis
Please people stop war in Syria
Live life better within love of Syria
Eternity will remember your love of Syria
AIDS in Syria is a shame for those sponsoring AIDS in Syria
Syria flee from AIDS within Syria
Eternity is wronged when sex is forced for AIDS in Syria
Stop the war in Syria
You know you need to pray to stop the war in Syria
Openly AIDS is death in Syria
People pray for Syria
Wrong is the war of Syria
Almighty already tells of Damascus being destroyed on Syria
Reality shame is reality cannot win a war we know in Syria
Syria runs away from war
You can run away from war
Reality runs away from war
Indeed, cry for help from Russia against this war
Almighty protects those good from evil in this war
Flee from war
Live life without war
Eternity will remember you for war
Eternity will be sad to lose you to war
Art destroyers shame on you
Reality is culture shown by art within you
Time will tell of the destruction of art from you

Blind Dream acrostic
Becoming Blind in this time and age is something that I lost my mind.
Living with darkness for a year, I am sure I lost my mind.
I lost my mind?
Needless to say, I was blind.
Dreaming of life in my mind!
Dreaming of life I once had outside my mind.
Reality is something in my mind.
Eternity is a lot longer when you are blind.
Almost like billions of years, just only in my mind.
Memories of living outside my mind.

Cowboy work
Cowboys should be in demand nowadays
Only people are worth something in poetry
Work, work work all these days
Boys start early in the morning
Overtime. What is? that it is just morning time
You think I am kidding? Life is fun times
working hard is the life of the cowboys
Overtime. What is that? It is just morning time
reality is for all time
Kind, nice, smile, be on time
Is working with cows a reality of time?
Same as all work on time
Hardly a day of easy work for cowboys
Are you ready to work as cowboys?
Reality is all the same
Day in and day out on time
Live, love, and laugh all the time
you would love being a cowboy





Dreaming acrostic
Dreaming of being one more time?
Reality: I dream a lot at this time.
Eternity wondering if I failed one more time.
America ate my dreams alive and spit me out just in time.
Memories of living one more time.
I lived once upon a time.
Never forget me this time.
Going to live one more time.


Deaf is something.
Eternity wondering if the battery is dead?
After a while, I stopped caring about what people said.
Forever looking for their lips to move.
I must be dead for what they said and the way their lips moved.
Seems foreign to my memory of what they said.
Sometimes I wonder why I am here?
Optional why?
Memories of when I heard and lived.
ETernity is a lot longer than what I believed to be dead.
Time is weird in this after land.
Honestly, being deaf makes me happy to not hear the crying.
I need to show my empathy.
Now I can not hear again.
Gone is my reality again.





Happy Thanksgiving day to all of you
almighty, forgive us on this day for me and you
thank you
thank you for this day
Let us be pleasant this day
thank you for this day
please show mercy today
thank you for this day
happy thanksgiving day to you
please pray for peace
happy thanksgiving day to you
pray for mercy and peace
happy thanksgiving day to you
peace be with you


Just pray for peace
up more prayers for peace
sensible praying affairs of love towards peace 
time will remember a gift of prayer towards peace 
pray opens hearts and minds towards peace 
Reality, eternity affection of praying for peace
reality is a praying for peace
almost a love affair with peace
You live loving laughter within prayers of peace
For a sense peace through prayer.
Onward praying for peace.
Reality needs prayers for peace.
Peace needs praying for in this reality
Etenity of peace.
Almighty, help us pray and act in peace.
Christ help us find peace.
Eternity searching for peace.
Love, Sex, Romance
Love her I do
Open-hearted love of her, I do.
vivid lovely whispers of, I do
eternity in a moment of love, I do
Sex coupling erotic
erotic coupling sex
x-rated coupling sex
romance is nurturing sex
oh wonderful manners of romance
memories of love, sex, romance
a time for memories, a time for action romance,
nice, quietly affectionate romance
counting the ways I love you
eternity is but a moment in time with you

Merry Christmas 
Memory reality is but a moment
Eternity is but a moment
Reality is wrong at this moment
Reality is but a moment in time
You should be careful time ......
Christmas time of the year
History is repeating this time of year
Reality is time without moment or memories
Instead of history, or memories careful of life
Sense the world of living, loving, laughing just right
Time is reality in a moment
Memories are just that, a time in a moment
Almighty time is a moment
Sense the time is about over in a moment


Merry Christmas, a culture of merriment
Even they need eternity culture for all human race
Reality with political correctness error in erasing a culture
Reality is culture merriment 
Christmas a season switched from one of purging
Honestly, to one of peace
Reality: a time for peace
Inner peace prays for peace
Season to pray for peace in France
Time to pray for peace in Bolivia
May Hong Kong find peace
And Iran please pray for peace
Syria pray for peace
A time to pray for peace
Culture peace for North Korea
Unique, pray for peace for all 
Live within peace
Time to pray for peace
Unique, pray for peace for all
Reality pray for all world’s peace
Eternity, pray for peace


Massacre acrostic
Massacre by the Ukraine Army against 20 percent of Ukraine Russians is evil.
America is standing with evil?
Silly, look up the Gulf of Tonkin. How evil is America to kill 1 million Vietnamese?
Silly, look up divers on the RMS Lusitania. How evil is an ammunition transport for World War I?
America looks up divers on the Maine finding the boilers blew up sinking the Maine not Spain?
Come on man, surely Vietnam was okay, look up the Gulf of Tonkin..
Really what about the Civil WAR? Why did the democratic south attack the northern republic?
Eternity watching fake wars killing humanity one person at a time.


New Year Reflection acrostic
New Year's new view
eternity is a change of view
welcomes the new year view
year in reflection
eternity of an echo
always lived in the past echoes
reality is but a moment of reflection.
Reflection on changes of the past year
eternity is but a moment in time for a year
fleeting thoughts of a year
live within laughter of a moment of a year
eternity catches you for a year
captured reflecting about a year’s
time is but a moment, in reality, of a year
I see my reflection in this past year
open your heart remember a year
new year.


Princess, if I had to dream of the perfect woman, 
reality, she would not come close to you. 
Indeed, reality of time is a special moment with you 
need a hero to fight your villain’s woman 
costly gowns woven exactly for your 
Eternity is only a life living with love of laughter with you 
sixteen ages are Disney magic age of a girl to woman 
Silver screen Cinderella, Sleepy Beauty, Snow White turning to women 
eternity is living love with laughter together for all of your 
Silver screen beauty queens turned to woman 
and princesses being heroines, heroes or to need danger 
need a reminder no one goes into there, there is danger 
Dragons are tangible danger 
Dragons are real 
Reality is but a moment in time caught; in fact, 
All life living within love of laughter is reality 
girl, you are a princess to the right hero 
Only Disney heroes win at the end of reality 
need a reminder just to look for love in this day and age actually, really? 
Silly live for the moment within love of laughter for that moment is reality.


Reflection of time
Reflection on a life of a traveler traveling time
Eternity is a lot longer than I realized in time
Future, present, and past all come together as we travel through time.
Love life with laughter for love changed even in time
Eternity is a lot longer than I realize at the pastime.
Come live in the present time.
Time is eternal, marching of time.
In reality, the past, present, and future are all happening at the same time.
Oddity of a traveler’s traveling time.
Notice time in this reality is just once upon a time.
Oddity to see time travelers in time.
Future is happening all the time.
In reality, everything is happening all the time.
Memories of a different time.
Eternity is happening all at once upon a time.

Saint Patrick's Day acrostic
all green day
I pinch you day
nice shamrock day
time is but a moment in a saint's day
Patrick chased the snakes away day
a saint's daytime day
time is but a moment in a saint's day
reality is but a moment in time remembering Saint Patrick's day
in fact, an Irish holiday
caring saint's day
kind of green day
Day of a saint's day
America's only known saint's day
you need a pinch day.


Small-town life is the finest 
malls tend to grow crowds at optimum 
a city is too big to grow decent folks 
living, loving being within laughter of a town lifetime
Loving life is a small-town life 
town is a place for home life 
open parks, weathered tree life 
wind blown streets with active kid life, 
need to get back to a small-town life 
life is optimal where a person can grow, 
In fact, love can grow 
forever in a small-town life 
eternity will remember you 
you need to remember a small town is the best life 
open street with a loving family life 
uniquely is a small-town life.
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There is no life without water.
Honesty on water issues
every drop going to a mining company
reality is water is a resource
everyone should have water
isn’t life made with water
silly question 100 percent of life is water
no life without water
onward we need water
Life without water is not life.
I need water.
For everyone should have water
Eternity comprises water
Without water, there is no life.
In life, we need water
Time to get more water
Honesty there is water
Open your doors, Nestles.
Unique, you force humanity to purchase water
Time to change who owns the water
Water should be for the people
All humanity should own water
Time for a revolt for water
Eternity made of water
Reality: all life needs water
Is there life without water?
Silly no, there is no life without water.
No life without water
Open your doors to water.
Life is not life without water.
I need water.
Fortunately, the world has water
Everyone needs water


Reality for me and other Mandela effected?
A reality so real?
People seem real.
People if I lived on Sagittarius 4 billion years ago
Eternity seemed like laughter there.
Dreamed of hell?
I lived there for years.
Eternity of hell?
A time trap?
Memories of people who no longer exist?
Eternity question, were they real or just in my mind
Dreamed of a reality that no longer exists.
A second here, a billion years there..
A moment before there was a nanosecond here?
A dream?
A German philosopher says if I saw it.
Awe-inspiring that made it real for a time?
Awe when I realize if I am a zombie?
Awe I wonder and wander, realizing in my mind
A mind I must stay within, for this is not real.

Time Travel acrostic
Time Travel is something to think about these days?
Indeed, light can bend from the future to the past has already been proven in labs too.
Memories of me being elsewhere are something too.
Eternity seems like I was born on Sagittarius.
Time traveling from elsewhere, I suppose there and back again, a story from Sagittarius.
Reality, passing through Pegasus, Orion’s arm, Orion’s spur, now to Orion's nebula.
A time traveler has issues with reality.
Vivid lives with other people, places, and now searching, did they ever exist in these times?
Eternity, a question on my mind as a time traveler these days.
Living, loving, and realizing that I am not real is much wilder for me to believe these days.


Nature’s way of showing its attitude is weather
Unusual snow, rain, freezing ice
Seasons changing from mild to nice
Unusual this weather
Autumn cool windy weather
Loving the cool breeze weather

Earth’s way of showing its spice
All wrapped up weather
Time for a change in the weather
Heavenly sent weather
Earth’s way of being nice
Reality is time with the weather


Valentine’s Day acrostic
Valentine, a saint, shot through the heart with an arrow
arrow through the heart for a saint’s day
love is such a wonderful emotional day
eternity is searching for such a person today
nice kind, thoughtful, loving day
time is but a memory of love on that day
I love you day
nowadays a beautiful, lovely, thoughtful day
eternity’s way of finishing a day
Day of love
all that is love
you, yes you I love


Wanderlust acrostic dream
Wanderlust, let’s be honest, is the dream.
And as a child, my adventure was my dream.
Now, I dream.
Dreaming of being a pirate, a poet, a writer of adventure, I dream.
Eternity for mandala me this or sketcher me I dream.
Reality is but a mirror of somewhere else; It would seem like a dream.
Lusting for an adventure or a dream.
Uniquely at the end of this dream.
Silly boy, life is all but a dream.
Time is but a moment in a dream.
Dream on of wandering strange dreams.
Reality is a strange dream.
Eternity stuck in a dream?
Almighty, forgive me for what I dream.
Memories of a better dream.

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