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Interview with Renee Gelinas

Renee Gelinas, attached to 3 amazing projects: Serious Profession Movie produced by Key 13 Film Partners (pre-production) Necropolis - 2021 produced by REEL Brothers Productions (filming) and Deception Streets (2021) (post production in festivals) produced by Andrea Ward! Renee Gelinas  IMDb and clips- Renee Gelinas - IMDb

Renee, can you tell my readers more about yourself?  

I am Renee Gelinas an actor and producer. I live in Maryland with my Husband Robert, our rough Collie Leo, our Goldendoodle Penny, our tabby cat Baby, our lovebird named Zuzu, and our sun conure named Zazu. No we do not need anymore animals!

Most people have a story that they want their friends to know or people to know about them. What is that one story Renee, that you would say makes you. Well, you?

It seems, I have always had the “acting bug”, watching old movies and daydreaming about being an actress. “That was me!” (Pointing to the tall, little girl in the back row.) I was the tallest girl in my class. At 15 years old, I topped out at 5’10”. One of my favorite stories growing up was “The Ugly Duckling”, that was me, the gangly chick among the cute fluffy little ducklings. As that ugly duckling, I would dance around and sing at the top of my lungs and put on plays in my grandparents’ basement with the neighborhood kids. I was always in the school and camp productions! I drove my parents crazy. But, if a friend or neighbor suggested I should be a model or an actress, my parents would shrug it off. However, when I was upset, they would say, “Hey Sarah Bernhardt, stop being such a drama queen”, referring to Sarah Bernhardt the silent film star of the silver screen. 

When I was little, I was estranged from my father due to a nasty divorce. I guess, I thought, maybe if I could become a famous actress, my father would be proud of me and find me! 

When I went to college, I was told, I could take any subject, except the arts and drama. So, of course, what did I do? I lived in the theater and arts department at school! Not only did I have roles in the plays, I worked on sets, designed and sewed costumes and worked on props. I cut most of my other classes and I lived theater production!  I did find my father when I was 22. We developed a great relationship. We were kindred spirits. 

Now, I am finally going after my dreams. No one is holding me back, I am doing it, because it is a passion. I have an amazing teacher, and a loving supportive husband and family. I have no more excuses! I guess the ugly duckling did become a swan. This time I am doing this for me! But. I do think my dad would be proud of me! My mom says she is proud of me!

Ms. Gelinas, can you tell my readers more about your current two films Serious Professional? Who is in the films? Who directed the films? Where can people rent or purchase them?

Ms. Gelinas, each film usually has that awe moment. The one aspect of the story someone would be interested in. Can you share either the teaser or a lead up to that moment? 

Ms. Gelinas, what character do you play in the movies? 

In Deception Streets produced by Andrea Ward, my role is News Reporter trying to stir-up trouble and crack open a story dealing with the mob and dirty cops! The Deception Streets tagline:Learn The Rules Of The Games, Your Life May Depend On It.” Deception Streets was released in January 2021 and is the winner of Best Thriller 2021 with Uruvatti Film Festival, and receiving Several Nominations Internationally from the United States to France and Russia. You can see more on IMDb: Deception Streets (2021) - IMDb

In Necropolis produced by REEL Brothers Productions, I have a supporting role as one of three Woodspersons, we are some badass bad guys causing trouble for the heroes of the story. Necropolis is about a former Soldier and an orphaned child must fight their way through a global pandemic in order to get to the safe zone known as "Site R". Along the way, the unlikely pair encounters Marauders and government operatives who also want to see them extinct, because of the secret one of them carries. It's a race against time and test of human morality as our heroes try to survive the new world known as "Necropolis."IMDb: Necropolis (2021) - IMDb

Ms. Gelinas, can you tell us about any upcoming films? 

My current project is called Serious Profession Movie produced by Key 13 Film Partners, executive producer Matthew Anderson, to be filmed in Spring/Summer 2021. I am also one of the producers. I have the role of Jeannie Pretty or “Miss Jeannie”, who has found herself in the crosshairs of the main characters Mr. Kite and Mr. Winn, as they want her to see things their way pertaining to her beauty salon business, and what might be in her best interest.  Serious Profession follows a day in the life of Kite and Winn, two collectors for a local crime boss. As they go about their day, we meet the interesting men and women who are on their "rounds". The two of them engage in conversations about the lives they live, and about how to best navigate an ever changing and dangerous world. This is an award-winning script, with a wonderful cast, and I am very excited to be involved! To learn more about Serious Profession please see the IMDb: Serious Profession - IMDb and Key 13 Fil Partners – Serious Profession website: Serious Profession (key13film.com)

I also have two other projects currently in development for 2021. I am very excited about both! One is a short film produced by actor, producer, director Stuart Yee and is to be filmed in Los Angeles, CA in July 2021 

The other is a feature film with screenplay by Lee Feathers and is slated to be filmed in Syracuse, New York this Fall 2021. I will tell you more when I can share more details. I will keep you posted. And of course, there is more to come!

Ms. Gelinas, you have done a variety of films, both producing YouTube interviews and acting. Which is the funniest for you? 

I am executive producer, editor and celebrity interviewer for Celebrity Biograph channel on YouTube, a YouTube partner channel with 1,280+ subscribers. Celebrity Biograph with Renee (Grindlinger) Gelinas and Mark J Gross features pop-culture celebrity interviews. Currently the channel boasts over 50 celebrity interviews such as, Richard Dreyfuss, Lyle Waggoner, Tom Berenger, William Katt, and Russ Tamblyn to name a few.  

My favorite interview is with Lyle Waggoner. This was one of his last appearances. before he died. Lyle Waggoner was warm and funny with that voice! It was a true pleasure to meet and interview this man. The Lyle Waggoner Interview: https://youtu.be/W1U15418bSc

The funniest in my opinion is with Richard Dreyfuss! He had me snorting! There really is no one like Richard Dreyfuss. Witty and funny! The Richard Dreyfuss Interview: https://youtu.be/fLn8-dqFq7I

The YouTube link is https://www.youtube.com/c/CelebrityBiograph. And you can check out episodes and full cast info on IMDb: Celebrity Biograph Channel on YouTube (TV Series 2017– ) - IMDb

I am also Executive producer, writer and editor of a short film: An Interview Gone Terribly Wrong, starring Renee Gelinas and my husband Robert Gelinas. 

An interview Gone Terribly Wrong is an indie short film, comedy drama about - well - an interview gone terribly wrong. Renee Grindlinger is meeting with a reluctant singer named Gerald Stephen, and the situation that evolves into unforeseen circumstances - with an unexpected plot twist at the end. In essence an interview gone terribly wrong. "Well Done. Funny. Disturbing. Hilarious. Upsetting!" 

You can find it on IMDb: An Interview Gone Terribly Wrong (2018) - IMDb and you can watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/5dnfwza1IeE

Ms. Gelinas, the lockdown has everyone reading, writing, and watching movies. Can you provide a list of what you have been doing? Meaning I tend to find new books or movies from suggestions given and well seems like I might be stuck for another few months inside.

I am sorry to say, other than watching an occasional movie or TV series like Queen’s Gambit and Bridgerton, or catching up with the news, I do not have much time to read a book. Don’t get me wrong! I love books, I have lots of books, I just don’t read them! Unless of course, it has a script attached! 

I take a remote acting class and study sides to be off-book and ready. I am also busy submitting for roles and doing virtual auditions. Acting is hard work! Lots of studying and repetition to get the part just right! My acting teacher is Hollywood actor Stuart Yee. He is always raising the bar! He is tough, and I love him!

Since last March 2020 I have been using my “Covid time” to work on me, to reinvent and rediscover me! I initially gained my Covid 10 lbs. and since than as of today I have lost a total of 40 lbs. If you ask me how I did it: Eating clean and green. I cut out processed foods, particularly sugary, starchy, and carbohydrate laden food. I eat chicken and fish, a variety of fruits and veggies, nuts, healthy fats…Kind of Keto. Oh I love avocados and 80% dark chocolate. And I take two 1 ½ mile walks every day. I also use hand weights for upper body. I feel great!

Ms. Gelinas, the classic question: what charity do you work with? And can you provide links to it? 

I worked for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) for 6 years as the Webmaster for their Pharmacy and Patient Assistance Foundation. I also was a team lead for 3 years for CFF’s big fundraiser “Great Strides”. Please donate to CFF to help continue their research into therapies and finding a cure, and give support to the CF community: https://www.cff.org/

In dreaming can you describe what your dream movie, or role or who you would like to work with would be? 

Katherine Hepburn in the role of Tracy Lord in The Philadelphia Story (1940) opposite Cary Grant and James Stewart. It was so well written, well-acted, funny, charming, witty and sophisticated and I love happy endings!



What one question do you wish I had asked and well what is the answer?

What is your motto: “Get out of your own way! And do it!” Stop looking for excuses and listening to those voices that say you can’t for one reason or another. Get out of your own way and follow your dreams!