Rusty Apper at Yardbirds Rock Interview with Rusty Apper. A bit about him. Touring musician / Polymath also dabbling professionally in Media, Film and Design. Rusty,, most people have one story that they desire everyone that met them knew. What is that story for you? Wow that is a tough question! There's something a bit special about an old guy with lots if wisdom and a good story. Maybe I should wait until i'm that old guy and then they will become 'anecdotes'. I don't know honestly, my life has been a good laugh. I've wound up in a flat drinking with a stranger in Aberdeen when I only went out for a lighter, I've been lucky enough to meet alot of my heroes and tour all over with bands. I've also been asked to join the freemasons and had a drink with Clem Burke from Blondie. I don't feel like I walk around with a bullseye on my chest like some mad adventurer but I've had an interesting life at least! What can I say? You might have to wait for the ;-) Rusty, can you tell and show if possible via Youtube some of your music and which song are you happiest you made? I'm working on a new album right now and I'm also working on a cover series with some friends perfoming some of my favourite songs. It's mainly a fun project for instagram and youtube and we've played songs by Deep Purple, UFO, Pink Floyd, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice In Chains and more. Just for fun really and in the spirit of the 'lockdown jams' but I have to say it has been very instrumental in keeping my pipes somewhat 'warmed up'. It's nice to be doing something that people actually seem to be enjoying, even in these fraught times. You can check those out on this updated playlist: And you can also check out my last solo tour video diary here: Otherwise keep an eye on my instagram @rustyapper and my facebook page for updates on the new album. What group or genre of music lovers would you say your music style or words speak to the most? That's a great question! I've always had a pretty broad taste in music and my parents were older than a other parents that I knew so growing up, rather than the usual pop of the time, although I was aware of it, I was in an enviroment that appreciated classic rock. And their tastes rubbed off on me. In the early days it was all vinyl's of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, AcDc The Who, Genesis, The Rolling stones etc. My best buddy and GECKO guitarist Stef Richfield got me into a lot of stuff when we were in college together and a lot of it stemmed from there. So I'd say when I write my own 'solo' material, if you want to call it that, I tend to lean towards an older, blusey rock-fan based audience who spychadelia and 70s style 'pub rock' as it's often called. But it also attracts a few AOR and more 'Americana' listeners who appreciate that, even being british, a lot of my influences are from american artists. But you never know who is going to be listening. I once got sent a video from a woman in Italy who's son was playing drums along with one of my songs in class as part of his music test. It was pretty cool that he picked my song to play. It shocks me sometimes. And I thought it was only my mum listening! Rusty, are you coming out with any new music? Where and how can people listen to it? I've got a couple of film scores in the works and I just finished the score for a film set in Chernobyl, which was fun to do and you can get that on spotify. Rock music wise, I am working on a brand new album that I HOPE will be out by January ish. It's coming along really nicely and I've had a LOT of help from some of my amazing friends who have contributed on guitar and so on. Stef Richfield, Nicky Cotter, Matt Pearce to name a few and also have a guest appearence from my mate Drew Stanstall from the Specials/Neville Staple on Sax. It's sounding pretty good so far and I can't wait to share it with everyone. With the last record it was a bit more chilled out and I wanted to experiment with cross genre's but this time around I have to admit i've been itching to just let it rip so the main thing for this album is fun. I just want it to be rocking, fun and catchy enough for people to get with it. Good guitar solos, rockin drums and hopefully I can match it on vocals. It will be out in all the usual places on streaming and some physical CD copies too, how old school! Retro fans might have to wait for the mini disc mind you. Sorry about that! ;-) Other plans include more film scores and hopefully a new GECKO record for 2021. Keep your ears and your eyes peeled. Whatever the world throws at us, I'm going to keep working on new music and projects and I'm actually really excited about what the future holds, despite the current situation. Hell if I'm locked least I'm locked in my studio! Rusty, are there any plans for tours soon? If so? When , where and how could my readers follow you? Sadly no tours set in stone yet cue to COVID 19. I had two tours with my Misfits tribute FAMOUS MONSTERS cancelled but I really hope we can pick that up again mid 2021. As for solo, gigging options are limited so I have been pondering an acoustic mini tour or maybe something similar following the new album for 2021. Getting back to FAMOUS MONSTERS, we are planning a couple of performance videos of some fan requests and you can watch them when they drop over at You can catch me on instagram @rustyapper and And also my music is on Spotify and Apple music and a bunch of other places. Check out RedMusicBCUK on youtube and my channel also @rustyapper where I upload regularly. Rusty, I am using the interview to find new books and films to read and watch. What have you been reading or watching with the lockdown? Someone very smart once said to me 'how can you ever be bored? there's always a film you haven't watched, a book you haven't read or a story you haven't written', and It's so true. During the lockdown, I didn't get a chance to watch as much as I ussually do film wise but I have enjoyed a few things on SHUDDER, as I have to say i'm a horror fanatic. The Kane Hodder documentary was very good and I found it quite emotional as there was a lot I could relate to in it. The Tom Savini story is well worth watching, a very impressive guy. Also the series CURSED FILMS was eerie and fun! Also I'd reccomend checking out Eli Roth's History of Horror and the new CREEPSHOW. All good fun! Book wise, I do love to read but again time is always against you. I've managed to read a couple of things but I can definately reccomend Bruce Dickinson's book and I'm just getting through Sebastian Bach and Francis Rossi's books. Both are brilliant and worth your time! If you're struggling in a lockdown and you're a musician, seriously some homework for you would be to get on Amazon Prime or Netflix and watch these important and brilliant music documentaries: Sonic Highways, Muscle Shoals, Hired Gun, Anvil, Sound City, Quincy, Sample This, Lonestar:Stevie Ray Vaughan, Some Kinda Monster, Lemmy The Movie and also the ZZ Top film is great. Hey, come got time! Can you talk about your favorite charity and please provide a link? I'm not actually going to say what charities I support as i find it can fall under that dangerous subject of 'polotics' but I can tell you, whoever you are and whatever you have, even if it isn't much, Give what you can to those less fortunate. It always comes back to you. Plus go and support your favourite artists because the way the world is going, we're all going to end up charity cases by 2022 ;-)
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