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Interview with filmmaker Billy Pon.

Billy Pon Filmmaker, hauntrepreneur & guitar slayer. Films: Circus of the Dead, Doll Boy & Cowboys from Hell. However, to me you have a wild past couple of years and your story reached me. Could you share your experience of the past few years? And summarizing your career for my one reader or readers depends on the day.

Life took a crazy turn for me in the Summer of 2018. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Large B Cell Lymphoma. I started feeling run down but brushed it off as just part of getting older. Then I started having labored breathing because my lungs were filling up with some unknown liquid. After getting that liquid tested is when I was diagnosed. I would spend the next year going through aggressive chemotherapy. When I say there were days I couldn’t get out of bed and I really thought I was dying. For some reason I’m still here and that experience taught me to really quit taking things so serious and making problems when I didn’t need to be. At the end of the day all that really matters is my health and the love I give and love I receive from others. It’s also made me realize everyday is a blessing not to take for granted. You aren’t promised tomorrows and you’re always a day closer to dying… So what are you waiting for? Get busy and make the world a better place while you have the chance!

What one story do you want everyone to know about you or wished everyone knew about you?

It’s just not “about me” but for most horror fans. We are really sweet people and make good friends, husbands, wifes, business associates, etc… Just because we like darker entertainment don’t judge the book by it’s cover. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people in my life in the horror world.

Your last project, please talk about it.

I’m writing Cowboys from Hell now and hope to be filming soon. Hoping the COVID starts to get better. Coming out soon is “Cryptids” an anthology film from Zane Hershberger and Justin Seaman. It stars Icon Joe Bob Brigs and brings in some crazy cool directors from the indie scene including myself who Directed the segment “Chupacabra Death Machines”... I’m excited and can’t wait for it to come out!

Where do you see movie theaters going after this lockdown?

I hope no where... But it definitely isn’t looking good for them. Before the lockdown the wife and I would go at least every other week. I don’t want to think of a world w/o movie theaters.

I know you were working or rewriting your script. Can you disclose some of what you are currently doing?

Yes! It’s “Cowboys from Hell” starring Brad Potts. It truly is a passion project that I want to make good on a bet with a friend. That bet being I could write and direct one of the best horror/westerns ever made. I know, big talk for an indie guy… I’m not worried one bit. It’s the best script I’ve written so far and it has everything a western lover and the horror lover would want in a movie. It will not disappoint.

What is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?

It’s a soon to be released book called “Sally” by Donzell Lee Ankrum II. It’s the most original and dark material I’ve ever read. It’s going to be considered a masterpiece someday.

Besides film, what have you been doing during the lockdown?

I’ve been filling orders for my film stuff. Selling lots of shirts and stuff. I’ve also been playing lots of guitar too. Playing guitar is relaxing and a great escape from all the craziness in the world these days.

What is your dream future project working with what people, what type of script?

If it was a remake or sequel of course I’d like to take over the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise and put the “Texas” back into it. But I’ve always wanted to direct a “Friday” or “Cheech and Chong” sequel would be great. Now as far as original my dream project and best idea I’m sitting on is “Charlie and the Monster Factory”. Without giving anything away I think it could have an Oscar win in it. It’s something special that came to me while under the influence of chemotherapy.

Can you talk about your favorite charity and please provide a link?

This is the Phoenix Stone Foundation named for a little boy that inspires me to fight everyday. He may not be with us in the physical sense but he lives inside my heart and keeps me driven!


What one question do you wish I had asked? What is the answer?

What advice would you give a first time filmmaker on how to get started?

I would say write and make a fake movie trailer first. It’s a great way to get your feet wet and see how good you are at all the aspects of making a film w/o spending and arm and a leg on a short or a feature.