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Phil Collins on running for Oshkosh common council.

Phil Collins, Thank you for the prior interviews.  Phil Collins - Candidate for President Prohibition Party Part 2 Phil Collins - Candidate for President Prohibition Party

Prohibition Statement Release on protest .  You recently ran for an office.  Can you tell my readers about that experience?  I ran for Oshkosh common council.  I was in a candidate forum, on zoom.  I answered questions, via email, for a newspaper.  I was interviewed by a radio talk show host.  I bought yard signs and a newspaper ad.  I took my flyers to about 150 homes.  I emailed about 600 people.  My race had nine candidates for three seats.  The nonpartisan election was on Feb. 16.  The top six candidates will advance to the April 6 general election.  I was 7th, with 791 votes, which was 7%.  The last-place candidate lived in Oshkosh about 40 years longer than I’ve lived here, and I received about 140 more votes than he received.

What policies did you offer your voters that were different from the person that won?  6 candidates won.  I was the only candidate who, during the candidate forum, promised to not increase anyone’s property tax bill.  I was the only candidate who said that, if I win, I’d inform the voters, better, by giving a summary of each council meeting, on my facebook page, the day of that meeting.

What will you do to help whomever won succeed in building a better community?  I chose which candidates I’ll support, in the general election.  I’ll get some of their campaign literature and distribute it before the general election.

What would you suggest as a suitable alternative to the policies being put forth by the winner?  None of them promised to keep tax rates or spending low.  I’ll send them suggestions about that.

Is the Prohibition party backing you in any of your office campaigns?  Do you have a link to donate or share your policies with others?  The party gave me a $250 contribution.  Here’s the website that I used for this race:   https://philcollins4oshkoshwi.weebly.com/

Are you running for something in 2022?  I might run for office, then.  I haven’t decided.

How has running for President as the Prohibition candidate for 2020 helped your understanding of the political process?  No, I already had a good understanding of the political process, since I ran for a few offices, before 2020.

Phil Collins, are you thinking about the state or federal level of policies for your next campaign?  I might run for county board or state house.

Mr. Collins, do you have an opening speech ready for your next campaign? Care to share the speech with my readers?  No, I don’t have one.  It will be determined by the race and the issues that are important, at that time.