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Interview with Yeena Fisher

Yeena Fisher, thank you for this interview. My readers might not know much about you.
Your career is impressive with Disney. Can you tell us a story on how you got your start in entertainment, and what got you into producing?



No story. I am just a talented, aspiring actress who works very hard to make her dreams come true. 

The only one thing I have noticed that If I work with someone once they keep on casting me in 

Their new projects. I consider myself very fortunate for that. People like to work with me and I have

Always been respected as a talent on the set. 

Can you talk about your project currently in pre-poduction Sir Morien the Black Knight movie 

(pre-production) and which platform or television channel will show it?


Sure. This project is still in pre-production and I have been casted as Queen of Mob mistress of

Magic. It is based on the book “Lancelot-Grail”. A story of romance between Aglovale and beautiful princess.

Their son Morien who and his mother were disinherited from possessions of Moorish lands because

His father had left the country without marrying his mother even though they were engaged. 

Later one he finds his father through his uncles and regains his possessions and ultimately becomes 

The first black Lancelot in thirteen centuries. I will play queen of mob and mistress of magic. 

She possesses far superior magical skills to heal and benefit others and she is extremely beautiful.


Can you talk about any current movie being released Planet 9 from MeOuwter Space?


Plant 9 from MeOuwter Space has been completed and producers are working on releasing it on 

Amazon Prime as their other films have been released on Amazon prime. It was a comedy and

My character was very comedic as a female pilot. I played the role of female pilot Lucy. 

What can you tell us about which project you had the most fun on and a story about that project?


Sure. The most fun I had on the film set of Just Like Heaven. I enjoyed working with Reese 

Whitherspoon & Mark Ruffalo. I felt very lucky to get that part and working with A list actors alone. 

There were only 4 characters in that scene. Mark Ruffalo & director Mark Waters communicated with

me several times. I had a fantastic time. I got all media attention. Camera men were following me.

They were keeping track of my hair style and when I was taking breaks etc. I had to wear same 

Outfit everyday and same hair style etc. After working 4 days on the set, I received my SAG card.

I think God answered my prayers that day. 




Can you tell us who or what inspires you as an entertainer?


I am truly inspired by Julia Roberts I, Reese Whitherspoon, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Meryl Streep, 

Leonardo DiCaprio & Matthew Mcconaughey. 

Can you tell a story about your other works Mob Humor 2022 (filming) what is next? 


Mob Humor is a dark comedy film about two brothers who are trying to escape big city of New York 

And moving to North Carolina. It’s a North meets South dark comedy starring Tom Sizemore and 

Dennyann. The story of film takes place when the Giambrone family moved to south & on July 4th 

Family finds about sudden murder of two brothers by gangsters then family decides to take decisive 

Action in revenge. It will be a very interesting movie as its based on a true story. 


Can you tell us about your current and future projects? 


Sure. I have 5 Films in development. The scripts are being finalized and soon they will be a reality. 

I shot, acted, directed and produced short film “Guest House of The Dead” and plan to make a 

Feature film after changing the script. I have other films in development also. 

Who are some people in entertainment that you have worked with?


I have worked with some celebrities such as Reese Whitherspoon, Mark Ruffalo, Sean Penn, 

Will Smith, Sally Kirkland, Kathryn Morris & Jeffrey R. Daniels etc. 

Dreams: what are your dreams? Meaning who or what project would you hope to work with or be a 

part of in the future?


I am a big dreamer and I want to work with A & B list actors in the Hollywood. I want to work in Studio

Feature films and films that receive theatrical distribution. 

Ms. Fisher the classic question: what charity do you work with and can you provide a link to it so 

others can see too please.


I support Salvation Army, Habitat LA and DonateDav.


Home (donatedav.org)


Online Donation - St. Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles (svdpla.org)


Donate Building Materials, Appliances, & More - Habitat for Humanity Greater LA (habitatla.org)


What advice would you give aspiring actors/actresses?


Never give up your dreams. Adversities are the stepping-stones of success. 

Be consistent and persistent. 

A final question. What question do you wish I had asked? And what would the
answer be?

Question - What is the definition of success in your words? My definition of success is making this 

World a better place, share wisdom and uplift others. 


Yeena grew up in Northern California with great looks of movie star with beautiful smile on her face. Yeena has an intense passion for art since her childhood. Yeena started dancing at the age of three and has been acting since she was five. Her staggering childhood performances amazed the audience and her teachers alike. She has exhibited her talent on stage performances throughout her life and has received numerous awards for her roles in schools and colleges. Yeena's natural talent of acting and dancing and professional training in acting has helped her in landing television and film roles. Yeena received her first break through & SAG card after working with Oscar Academy award winner Reese Whitherspoon in the film "Just Like Heaven." Yeena is known for her starring roles in film, "The American Dream", "The Extendables" " American Style, "Milk", "The Predatory Lender", "Table for Six", "The Gold Bracelet", "The Wife Master" to name a few. Yeena has also worked broadly in television drama and comedy. She starred on TLC's , "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," and on ABC's, "Women's Murder Club", Duo Creative's "The World's Astonishing News", Digital Ranch's, "Solved", a web series. She has guest appearances on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy', NBC's "Parenthood" and "Trauma", and CBS's, "Cold Case." Yeena is not only a versatile actress and an amazing dancer, she is an Entrepreneur and an executive producer of FilmsLargerThanLife LLC, a film production company. She plans to produce five motion pictures in next five years.