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Interview with Sherry Nelson



Sherry Nelson, thank you for this interview. My readers might not know much about you but your career is impressive. Can you tell us a story on how you got your start in entertainment? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11390986/ https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11390986/?ref_=tt_cl_t_9

My start in Entertainment began in 2020 when I took a leap of faith and entered the Maxim Magazine Covergirl Contest. Never in my wildest dreams did I think anything would come of it, but after placing in the top four I have been living a fantasy life ever since, attending an Oscar party, walked the red carpet at Movie Premieres, been cast in movies and music videos, appeared in various magazines and talk shows, and connected with some of the most illustrious personalities in entertainment.

This new career path over the last couple of years has offered me so many amazing experiences I never dreamed possible, and for this I absolutely owe all of my good fortune to Eileen Shapiro and Jimmy Starr of World Star PR. They took a big gamble on an absolute unknown from Canada, and for that I will forever be grateful to them. 



Can you talk about your movie Warrior of Eight Flags and which platform or television channel will show it?

Warrior of Eight Flags is an action movie written by the incomparable Actor and Producer Stephen Chang (First Blood, Beast Mode, Arrow), where I will be playing an FBI Agent. The film is in Pre-Production and is scheduled to film in California, Finland, and Hong Kong. 


Can you talk about any current movie or projects you are doing, or your current acting that you are willing to share?

I have just completed voicing the character of Victoria Rand in writer Doug Shiloh’s “Dead Exit,” a wild dystopian 2-hour audio drama and comic book that combines the elements of Politics, Hollywood, and Murder. The project has gained so much interest there is talk of it becoming a full length movie, as well as the creation of NFT’s and Trading Cards of some of the characters including mine!


I also continue to Co-Host on various platforms, including Brain Sebastian’s Movie Reviews and More, Cedric The Entertainer’s Fan Room Live and, SohoJohnny Presents. Having guested on so many amazing shows over the past year I have also been invited to sit in as Co-Host from time to time on several of these shows including fellow Canadian Anthony Boese’s The Freaking Awesome Podcast, and Debbie Perkins Hollywood Red Carpet Radio Show

I am also a contributing writer for Media and Entertainment Mogul Michael Neely’s XS10 Magazine, and Nashville’s Women in Film & Television REEL LUMIERE Magazine

I was just approached to collaborate with Restoracell Skincare, a premiere line of products that encompasses all of the best ingredients that make your skin look and feel amazing – Copper Peptides and Stem Cells, and the bonus, is that the products are organic and cruelty free! 



Healthy skin is beautiful skin. All natural, clean Restoracell. – Restoracell Skincare


Can you tell us who or what inspires you as an entertainer?

The audience for sure! My goal will always be to respect the intelligence of the viewer and to offer what I believe to be quality entertainment and perhaps leave them hoping to see more of what I may have to offer. 


Who are some people in entertainment that you have worked with?

There are so many, legendary musicians Kenny Aronoff, Leland Sklar, Randy Edleman, Scott Page, CJ Ramone, Michael Des Barres, Testament’s Chuck Billy and Alex Skolnick, and Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna. As well as AEW wrestling great Paul Wight, the First Lady of Boxing Jackie Kallen, Business Entrepreneurs Marc Jacobson, Ivor Davis, Howard Bloom, Johnny Pasquale, and John Valesco-Mills.


Dreams: what are your dreams? Meaning who or what project would you hope to work with or be a part of in the future?


There are so many avenues to be pursed in the entertainment world that I hope I may get the opportunity to do as much as possible in front of or behind the camera. Steven Soderbergh, Robert Rodriquez, Taylor Sheridan, Mathew Weiner, and Marty Callner are dream collaborations for me.


Sherry Nelson, the classic question: what charity do you work with and can you provide a link to it so others can see too please.

I am not working with any charities at the moment per se, but I will always support animal rescues and animal shelters, and I greatly respect Military Veterans so if given the opportunity to give back to them for their Service in some capacity I do my best.


What advice would you give aspiring actors/actresses?

I am too new in this business to offer any advice except to suggest going after your dreams, … nothing will come to you, and life is too short to not try to achieve as much as you can and follow your heart – you have great instincts for what is best for you so give it your best!




Sherry Nelson is a model, actress, producer and writer. Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, she is proud 4th generation within the Canadian Forest Industry.