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Interview with Epping N.H. / LA Hollywood Derek Webb

Epping N.H. /LA Hollywood Derek Webb Former Playgirl Magazine star & Fitness star had and as of on the date of 10/15/2020 signed on with Acid Bath Productions out of LA & Hollywood to a new film Production cameo Film Tiled Hollywood Werewolf’s featuring comedian Actor Andy Dick Directed by James Balsamo. Derek Webb is a former playgirl magazine star & Fitness star from New Hampshire who after speaking to the director of the film James Balsamo Derek Webb agreed to be a part and take part in the movie role as a Werewolf role in the film for spoiler reasoning Derek Webb & The cast crew of the film & its Production agency would not release too many details of the film however Derek Webb said the movie titled Hollywood werewolf’s fits the crew set theme format for the film its self Derek Webb says he’s happy, pleased very excited to be offered his very 1st Hollywood premiere Film role in Hollywood film featuring Hollywood comedian & Actor Andy Dick Derek Webb says he will be working very closely with his fellow cast, team film director on his role and helping produce bring his role as a Werewolf character alive in the film for the audience fans to get great taste fell for the film the film staring Derek Webb & Comedian Actor Andy Dick is in pre-production format and is set already begin filming as for a release date no set official release date has been set for film however Derek Webb is pleased very Happy to be a part of something so great he says & very thankful to be working alongside such amazing Cast and crew & director & can not wait to take his Werewolf like feature to the fans screen & Audience. Film is currently in pre production stage in filming is has just begin as far as official time release date for the film staring both Derek Webb & Comedian Actor Andy Dick there has been no set release date in place but cast crew are had at work working on this film & its features for its audience The film Hollywood werewolves one of Derek Webb very first featured films for the fitness star and former playgirl magazine entertainer Webb is also working on major projects such as his own fitness workout DVD production began to start filming in early December.. also his very own supplement brand nutrition line along with that Derek Webb has sign on a deal with LA Hollywood talk radio network to have his own fitness health segment on LA Hollywood talk radio network Derek Webb is also signed on most recently to 2 Andy Dick Hollywood feature films 1 being Hollywood Werewol’s, the other alien vampire busters I also have been cast in 14 ghost staring several major celebrities besides my self I will be working alongside all these Hollywood film roles also am a playgirl magazine model star fitness star now Hollywood movie film star was hoping with my 3 major film roles I’m working on coming soon with all that said I was hoping we could get me on air booked for interview to discuss upcoming Hollywood film projects in currently working in and on including my fitness DVD production and current Hollywood film I’m working on.

 Derek Webb, thank you for this interview. My readers will not know you. Can you please provide details about yourself? https://www.imdb.com/nHame/nm12000357/ 

Yes you are very welcome my name is Derek Webb I am a Hollywood Film star actor playgirl magazine star/ celebrity fitness trainer, I have stared in many Hollywood features including 14 ghost, Hollywood Werewolf, Staycation, Halloween slasher, project Valentina, most recently featured on the front cover of Spotlight entertainment magazine 2 this year once featuring on the cover I was on the cover with icon Hollywood film star sandy Johnson who’s best know for her major roles in John Carpenter original 1978 Halloween film she played the iconic role of Judith Myers Michael Myers sister in John Carpenter original Halloween series we did the front cover of Spotlight entertainment magazine together in dedication also to the new Halloween kills witch just debuted October 15th sandy also is know for ironic playboy cover from 1978 including her role in Hollywood film gas pump girls most recently I have stared alongside Sandy Johnson aka Judith Myers in our newest upcoming horror Vulpes. I’m also a family man with 4 beautiful children and workout and body build as health & fitness is one of my Maine passions, 

Mr. Webb, most recently been part of VULPES. Can you talk about the story in the movie? Also, what platforms can people view your film online? And are they in any film festivals? 

Vulpes is a horror film starring myself HOLLYWOOD FILM STAR ACTOR Derek Webb, & HOLLYWOOD FILM star Sandy Johnson. I can’t release too many details of the film that’s directed by amazing film DICTATOR Benjamin Helmeczi the film.is horror based on the founding of animal death cruelty committed to animals with very deadly animal abuse cruelty by evil people who then must be stopped it’s definitely a film that as the fans and audiences get to see hear I’m sure they will be able to relate to it as it is a horror but same sense it’s got a twist and passion on today’s society with the horror of true life nature of what evil people do in reality and the real Harm and death dangers of animal cruel abuse. The platforms it can be found are on Vulpes movie film on the internet on Facebook, including YouTube as the official trailer w festivals as most recently released on social media and the Internet we expect more released as the film is set to be release middle to end of this coming year & yes the film is will be submitted too many it is my understanding I believe. 

Mr. Webb, everyone has a story to tell. What one story do you wish everyone knew about you? 

Besides working with major celebrities & working in the entertainment industry I wish people had more of a better understanding that behind the scenes of working in film radio and entertainment I’m everyday guy like the rest of people I just wish that everyone took the world of health & fitness & got a bigger better understanding of what achievement you can make goals you can accomplish with body building & health & fitness in my case particularly health & fitness & BODYBUILDING all began for me at a very young age at the age of 15 and that’s what opened so many dream goals and or achievement in my career matter fact health & fitness and body building is what got me deep into my career with acting & in the Hollywood film and entertainment industries such as almost scary similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger whom ironically I grew up idolized. I Seem to have embedded into same foot steps in scary much similarity besides being hardworking, career focused, thrive seeker as I am. 

Mr. Webb, what book or movies have you been reading or watching? Meaning I am using this interview to find new books or films to watch. What have you been doing? 

I honestly would have to say I am not doing much for books at the moment because I find myself on my spare time I believe in myself both mentally and physically in the aspect a bodybuilding and health and fitness which is always been a dream passion of mine which is what got me into the Hollywood film and entertainment industry to begin with however for films currently I find it being that I am a horror film kind of guy and kind of action thriller Seeker I would strongly recommend or prefer anyone who hasn’t seen it to watch or catch up on a lot of the Terminator films directed by the famous James Cameron and I strongly recommend that a lot of the horror movie Halloween series directed by the famous John Carpenter 

Mr. Webb, can you talk about your other work in production Hollywood Werewolf? Are you planning to try any film festivals or are they going to be directly released? 

Hollywood Werewolf is going to be a thriller film for a lot of people especially co-starring myself and comedian-actor Andy Dick and directed by famous Hollywood film director James Bálsamo working along together on crew and behind the scenes and on set with these guys have been a beautiful phenomenal experience and James whom is an amazing expert and well creative film director has been a phenomenal man to work with in this process I find it that the fans are going to be very excited and thrilled by this film not only from the comical and comedian aspect but on a slight Touch of horror and Thriller aspect I think a lot of fans are going to appreciate the film for what it is and what it’s worth and appreciate all the dedication and hard work are cast and crew has put in to make each one of their characters come alive and enjoy every moment and aspect of especially involving major film actors such as myself and Andy Dick along with James Bálsamo as the Director when you get us three together in the same film you’re in for a surprise that’s for sure and that’s all I can really say for now attending to the soon-to-be-released major production but it’s definitely been a pleasure working alongside these folks in this beautiful cast and crew including Andy Dick himself and being a part of this film as far as festivals go I could not for sure answer that. That would be up to the amazing director of this film who has put so much work and dedication into it and I cannot speak for him on his behalf I would have to refer you to him for any further questions obtaining to festivities of any kind or nature 

Mr. Webb, what are you doing to relieve stress during this time of home lockdown? 

During this time of lockdown I found that what’s help me relieve a lot of stress has been focusing on Healthy nutrition dieting working out and spending much bonding and family time as I can with my loved ones my beautiful wife and children working out and fitness and bodybuilding have been a major life-altering achieving aspect of my life and once again it is what has got me involved so deeply with the entertainment in Hollywood film industry I would honestly have to say working keeping my mind busy as a workaholic in the entertainment industry on so many entertainment projects Plus on the sideline working out and going to the gym I’m keeping my body in Tip-Top shape and are working out from home with my Fitness training ways and celebrity Fitness training techniques I find that is what’s kept me going alongside my beautiful wife and kids during these stressful hard times Dreams: what project or script or actor or actress would be a dream for you to get to work with? As far as what project or script or actor actress that I would like to work with I would say my dream script would have to be including working alongside the actor involved would be the man I idolized growing up and watched all of his films as a kid and up to this day still do and is the same man whom ironically I just so happen to Embark in embrace the same footsteps of through bodybuilding which then got me into the Hollywood entertainment industry would have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger and or possibly Harrison Ford as far as actress goes I think you would be phenomenal to work alongside someone such as Jennifer Carpenter from the Dexter TV series or potentially Hilary Duff as far as a dream script because I would have to say something on the lines of high action-packed thrilling seeking would be a way of acting for me in a way to go 

Mr. Webb, the classic question: what charity do you work with and can you provide a link to it so others can see too please. 

I would have to say right now I’m in the process of developing an agreement with a few different charity routes in option but the main charity that do in currently and in the process of supporting would have to be St Jude’s Children’s Hospital for the chronically ill and very sick children who are daily fighting and struggling for their lives and are always looking for a second chance at a new way of living and a beautiful Healthy Living lifestyle that is one charity I am in very strong belief in support of and currently in the process of working in the future with 

Mr. Webb, what question do you wish I had asked? And what is the answer to that question? 

I would have to honestly say the question I wish that could have been asked is what future projects do you have in the making and my answer to that is many however I cannot really go into detail on too many of them special one of them which is a very big announcement I have plan coming up for my fans and my audiences it’s go to be a blockbuster announcement and I’m sure a lot of people are going to look forward to it all I can say is its something that is very iconic and very rarely people he had a chance to experience in a lifetime and I’m very proud that coming up this New Year I’m going to have to chance to experience that alongside my loving supporting fans friends family in audience.