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Interview with Feena Bonoan candidate for state senate of Hawaii.

Ms. Feena Bonoan, Thank you for this interview. My readers do not know you. Could you tell us about yourself? And specifically your run for Libertarian candidate at Hawai'i State Senate

I ran against Tulsi Gabbard’s dad in 2020, I received 30% vote in a two-way race as a non-local and non-democrat my first time up, which isn’t too bad for Hawaii. I will be running against him again in 2022.

Ms. Bonoan, as Hawaii State Senate candidate. Tell people about yourself. 

I am a veteran, I serve on the executive committee of the Libertarian Party of Hawaii, a lifetime member of the national Libertarian Party, and I am the Chief of Operations for a 501.c19 non-profit, the Hawaii Veteran Cannabis Alliance. I am a Class of Corona graduate from Hawaii Pacific University, and I am running for Hawaii Senate District 20.

Ms. Bonoan, what made you go into politics? 

The short answer: honor, courage, and commitment. I have been preparing my whole life for this. I grew up very poor, I have a brother in jail, and I served 10 years in the military, I have seen first-hand how government can be dysfunctional, wasteful, and unfair. I want to be part of the solution, I want to see plea bargains abolished, everyone fed, and a ready well-armed and equipped military at home.

Ms. Bonoan, what distinctions your campaign or policies versus your opponent? 

Well first of I am new, I haven’t been part of the problem with government for 30+ years, why give the other guy another 4 years, he has had his chances. An issue that has recently come into light is the war on drugs. My opponent is very supportive of industrial grade hemp, that’s all good but that’s not exactly what the people have been asking for. I’m not just pro drugs for big farms and corporations to make money, I am a card-carrying state approved user. I have a local caregiver that grows my dank Hawaiian cannabis buds in the warm breezes and sunshine of Oahu’s North Shore.  If my opponent wanted to help the cannabis industry, we would not have gone from one of the first states to legalize medicinal to one of the last ones with it to get a dispensary. We went from being the leading pioneers in cannabis to left in the dust by states with recreational. We can thank our local politicians that have been in office the longest for that.


Ms. Bonoan, what are you happiest you have accomplished in politics so far and how will that influence you? If you count my time in the military as politicking too,

 I have had several monumental accomplishments. I shook hands and listened to the stories of a holocaust survivor, that gives me strength to draw upon everyday. I cradled orphan babies in Georgia after Russia invaded with tanks that fills my heart with compassion. I spilled tea on the President of Panama, and that gives me a chuckle of humility. More recently, last year when I ran for the same position it was a little girl waving out her mom’s car window my favorite mailer we sent out. The mailer was my favorite because it was a high concept piece, one side was dark and had a lot of negative words and the other side there was a light and all positive words. My thoughts and intentions behind all the positive words were completely meant for the little girl, some of them I know kids were going to have to look up, some of the words you see on the SAT/GRE/LSAT.

Ms. Bonoan, while you are a candidate for Hawaii State Senate, what would change about the current policies from the current representative?  

I would revoke the mandates currently in place. Our governor has gone completely unchecked on emergency orders; those emergency orders have a time limit. Time limits on emergencies are important and I think we have forgot that we cannot live under emergency conditions for years on end because it’s no longer an emergency its quotidian.

Ms. Bonoan, what have you done for Hawaiins?
I have done nothing for Hawaiians other than generate fresh conversations about bringing the gaming industry to the islands. I have a show on the local community access TV channel that highlights local artist I guess that could count a little. The most important message I hope to bring to the Hawaiians is family forever. Always count your cousins, do not keep or allow blood quantifications determine the might of the Hawaiian people. If nothing else, I will have taught my interviewer how to correctly spell Hawaiians lol…

Ms. Bonoan, have you talked to other third party candidates to help each other coordinate both rallies, and potential voters? 

Sure one of my BFF’s is a long time Libertarian candidate for Hawaii, and she will be running on the Big Island this year again. A dear friend of mine is a prominent member in the Green Party, and I have countless friends that don’t feel like they have a political home and proudly call themselves independent.

What policy outside those stated above do you think will help the most people? 

End plea bargaining. How many times have you gotten angry when you heard about a rapist getting probation? Or the wrong person imprisoned? Or someone spending years in prison for a minor drug offense? We have the plea bargain system to thank for it. The criminal justice system is due for a major overhaul, it is unfair, over budget, and not serving the people well.


How would you do it? And how will you support another elected official in doing so? 

Ending the plea-bargaining system is a tall order, the first step is to stop the death penalties and executions. Knowing that innocent people are in jail without a trial should be enough to stop killing people. I know there are many people that are behind this mission already and it is a team effort. Each person has a role, I run for office, and I share my story. As a voting member of Hawaii’s congress, I am prepared to give testimony, approve, and disapprove bills. As for my story I am ready with a complete screenplay package for a feature length film for ease of consumption.

What one thing can you say you have done that has helped people the most? I volunteer, I show up, I do the work, and I give feedback.

What outside of politics are you doing during the lockdown? 

Making a TV show, running for office, winning film awards, running a non-profit, keeping up websites, making graphics and media, LSAT, GRE, making Christmas merry and bright, and stirring the pot of Libertarian soup.

What long-term goal other than winning the Hawaii State Senate are you looking to accomplish? 

Ending plea bargaining and seeing my brother as a free man one day.

What question do you wish I had to ask? And what is that answer. 

Are you high right now? Yes. I don’t know if this is a good way to end the interview dude, but add me as a friend, read my blogs, check out my website, watch my videos, and share my shit.