1.Who are you and why are you running for US Senate in Michigan? My name is Marcia Squier, and I am running for US Senate in Michigan because I believe Michigan deserves a pro-peace, noncorporate option on the ballot. 2.What policies as a candidate will you support? I support Healthcare and Education for All, ending the endless wars, and ending the failed war on drugs. For more detail: 3.Who in your community supports you and why? People who aren't millionaires or billionaires support me, because I'm also not wealthy, and because I refuse all corporate money, PAC money and SuperPAC money. Conservatives, liberals and centrists- from all political affiliations, independents, veterans, indigenous people, and immigrants, all can see the value in my campaign for true representation in DC. 4.What have you done for your community and how can those people support you US Senator? I have traveled statewide, spreading awareness about my campaign, drawing attention to the issues that people care about, like healthcare, education and endless war vs peace. People can support my campaign by voting for me in Michigan, and encouraging others to vote as well. 5. What got you into politics? I was first inspired to run against Michigan superdelegates back in 2016, after they unanimously voted against the will of the people of Michigan, effectively deleting well over 150,000 votes. I continue to run against them (this is my 3rd race) because they continue to be controlled by their pro-war corporate overlords. 6. What are you doing for your community right now and how can others support you in helping their community? I am currently helping my community by drawing attention to issues that matter to people- things like healthcare and education, but also domestic violence and mental health awareness, just to name a few. Others can do the same by voting for me, encouraging others to do so, or even by running for office themselves. 7. Who are you missing or not getting your message to and what would that message be? Due to the fact that I'm purposely running on limited funds, I have been unable to reach as many people as my opponents, who have raised and spent millions. My message to them is I'm running to represent them too, and not just those who vote for me. 8. How can people volunteer for your ideas? People can volunteer by encouraging voters to research their candidates before they vote. My message has been consistent since my first race in 2016- pro-peace, noncorporate, working class oriented policies. 9. How can people support you presently? People can support my attempt at breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for the LEAST amount of money raised for a US Senate win- by NOT donating any money, and by simply encouraging others to vote for me.