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Interview with Angelina Danielle Cama

Angelina Danielle Cama, thanks for taking this interview.  Bio: Angelina Danielle Cama is an actress and producer, known for Ash and Bone, Eternal Code (2019) and Betrayed (2018). See full bio » 

Angelina Danielle Cama,, Most of my readers will not know you. https://www.imdb.com/media/rm3880150784/nm7349310 Can you please tell the story of how you got into acting and where you are currently at?

My mom saw I was super serious about acting growing up. My dream of becoming an actress never changed, the ambition only grew stronger. I attended a Catholic School and was bullied, teased and ostracized for everything I was passionate about. What people don’t really know is that the bullying experiences actually empowered me to become stronger. I won’t get in depth of how bad it really was, but it did affect me mentally for years. Although, it never changed the crazy little ambitious girl, hahhaha! Acting and making music was my escape from reality. When I was 12, I participated in acting competitions in LA. Even though I received a lot of great feedback, I had to move to LA in order to even be signed. And as a 12-year-old you can’t really do anything on your own, so my mom told me to be patient and to keep auditioning, because the right things will come. And they did! I met great people and I learned tons! Even if I got small roles or one liners, those experiences just helped me become a stronger actor, and it would prepare me for greater things! Then, when I got my first lead role I couldn’t stop jumping up and down! I also earned my associates degree in film at 18 years old and currently, I am almost finished with my bachelors in Integrative Studies with a minor in Japanese.

Currently, I have a few exciting films coming out! “Ash and Bone” is a thriller/horror type of film so keep an eye out for! And “An Intrusion” is another type of thriller film that will be coming soon as well! 

I am preparing to film “Beneath Us All” which I’m super excited for! A vampire type of film! The people on that project are amazing and very talented. 

I also have some music out! I write and compose pretty much everything. Check out “So Far” and “Puzzle Piece”! And my latest song called “Dime” , which was made in Kosovo with a great friend of mine, Leonard Destani. 

Even though Covid messed some things for me, I am working on some more music covers and another original. So, keep an eye out for that! Hopefully I can make you feel a good way with my music like with acting! 

Ms. Cama, can you tell us that one story you wish everyone knew about yourself? You know the one that if you had to introduce yourself to people that story?

 Since I was a little girl, I would make up little skits and perform songs during commercial breaks for the family. I grew up on a farm so I also love animals! I was such a troublemaker! When I was little, I would always have a book in my hand. There was this time my mom told me she would take me to the library and I was so excited, but something came up so she couldn’t take me. My little self got so angry! I packed my little bag with my books and ran away. I didn’t go far. I just hid in the back of my mom’s car trunk, haha! She got so worried she went to go look for me in that exact car, and I was giggling in the back. When my mom heard me, she got so angry she took my books away and I was grounded, well you can say I learned my lesson! Books like acting were another escape for me when I was little. I was always super passionate about acting. Acting lets me explore life. It lets me paint the emotional colors I see of the world through the eyes of every character. When someone watches one of my movies, I really want them to enjoy the character or the story. I want to touch them. Whatever movie it is, I like to entertain them. I want my performances to be memorable, to matter as much to the audience as the character meant to me. Someone that you enjoy to watch or talk too! 

Ms. Cama, you are a producer, actress, etc.  What part of the business do you like the most?

The part of the business I like the most is acting. Even though I love seeing the work and process behind the camera, I do love the in front of the camera art. I want the audience to experience what my character is going through. To express a story like that I think is beautiful.

Ms. Cama, what genre of movies are you into or would you say you want to be a part of? What scripts or movies do you have a desire to read or produce or perform in?  

Oh gosh, my number one dream film to be in is an ACTION freaking film, haha! If my brother was watching an action movie that was too much for my little 8-year-old eyes, I would crawl and sneak my way to hide and watch it behind a couch. My little me would tell myself “I gotta be a badass!!” And attempt to do crazy karate moves like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee, haha! I do have MMA training so hopefully one day that will come in handy. 

Ms. Cama, during this time of lockdown these interviews are to help people find new books, movies, etc to look into. What has been your entertainment or what books/movies would you suggest

During this lockdown I actually have been studying my Japanese a lot, believe it or not. I really enjoy the language and plan a call every week with my Japanese friend to practice! I have been watching tons of anime, don’t even get me started because I could have a year long conversation about anime, haha! A few to name I am watching recently, Jujutsu Kaisen and Tensura. 

Some non-anime shows I do like: Ozarks and Elite. Really good shows if you are looking for something to watch! 

I also really enjoy games and lately I have been streaming on Twitch. I really like to connect with people so if people ever want to hang, swing by my Twitch @Diivvaa . 

Ms. Cama, please tell my reader about few of your movies and provide links to the movies you are in.

The one I am filming right now, “Beneath Us All”- A thriller. I play a foster kid named Julie. You will have to watch the movie when it comes out to find out more! 


“Ash and Bone”- A horror/thriller. I play Cassie, a troubled rebellious teen that ends up getting involved with the McKinley’s urban legend. The worst mistake she could’ve done. 


“An Intrusion” - Another thriller. I play Rebecca. Rebecca and her family are terrorized by a malicious stalker. So, then an investigation starts...


Ms. Cama, the classic question: what charity do you support? Can you provide a link to it and explain your reason for supporting that charity?

I support the “Stomp Out Bullying” organization. Experiencing what it felt like to be bullied for many years and the way it affected me really tore my entire being. Things like: Being pushed around in the halls, mocked for the things I liked, calling me ugly, telling me I should die, writing nasty notes in my locker, and throwing my books in the hall…etc. I could write a whole list. I was scared to read manga at school. I was scared to put a flower in my hair to feel pretty. Everyday I cried and wanted to end my life, but I fought my way through it. There was a bullying program at my Catholic school, but it never helped. I would ask for help from teachers and staff members but they didn’t do anything. They would tell me to stand up for myself, but when I did, I would get in trouble for it. When I started modeling and acting at 12, I left the school the bullying continued online. I was being harassed because of my pictures, music, and films. You would be surprised how many students every year face bullying. Bullying is serious. It has short-term and long-term effects; including, mental health and self-harm. So, I think educating children and good support from friends and family is important. 


Ms. Cama, what is your dream project? With whom do you want to work with or if you start to direct what genre of work or film project would your future projects be or what type of movies?

My dream project is an action film with a really good story to it. I feel like most action films are a whole lot of kickass and not enough story. But if there is too much story and not enough kickass, it gets kind of boring. So, it has to fit in the middle, you know? 

I would love to work with Charlize Theron. I love her work and I am inspired by her films! I also would love to work with Kevin Hart, he is such a funny guy!