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Interview with Sparkle Soojian

 Thank you for the interview Sparkle Soojian. Ms. Soojian, you are an actress, writer, and producer, known for Dead Community Guild (2022), The Last Battleship and Fears


Sparkle Soojian has been acting and writing since she was a teen. Her first acting job when she was 16 years old for the Blink 182 music video “All the Small Things.” Her first published article was about that experience. By age 20 she had over a hundred articles published as well as had acted and performed on stage and on screen. By her 2nd TV appearance was for the Nickoleon show “Snick House” with Nick Cannon. On May 1 2021,The Castle Air Museum  named this F16 “Miss Sparkle” after her. Soojian is a noted model and actress and recently starred in in Strange Files, Prey by Night and the upcoming thriller Dealings,she also hosts the popular talk show Everything Sparkle & the new game show Make Em Laugh.

Ms Sparkle Soojian can you please talk about your acting.

I began acting 22 yrs ago. But I’ve only been hitting hard on the short film circuit since 2019… that includes the horror film circuit as well. 

What is your latest film?

The movie I’m currently shooting “Down the Rabbithole” is a strange and twisted take on “Alice in Wonderland” meets the “Donner family.” Without giving too much away and without being too graphic, I basically get to kill people and eat them. They did a good job on making the body parts I was to eat, very hard to chew as I imagine a real ear to be. 

What is your dream role or who would you like to work with?

My ultimate goal as a scream queen is to be cast in American Horror Story. I feel I can really bring it to their characters. So if you’re reading Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, please keep me in mind! 

What is your latest finsihed project?

I just finished producing a film with Eric Roberts and next month I will begin acting in a film with Tom Sizemore. I’m very thankful that I not only get to work on films with big names attached to them but I’ve been getting interviews with them for my weekly talk show “Everything Sparkle.” Eric Roberts gave a great interview as did Joseph Donofrio from Bronx Tale & Paul Rodriguez. 

What one story do you wish people knew about you?

Which brings me to, If there is anything I want people to know, it’s about my show. It’s my passion, it’s my baby. I really feel bad that through it I can help change lives. Not because I’m the greatest interviewer but because I have the greatest guests that tell the stories people need to hear. Stories about veterans, transgenders, politicians and writers. I care a lot about veterans and Sherry’s Ark is one of my favorite charities because they house homeless veterans. My show is Everything Sparkle on YouTube. 

The more subscribers the better because hopefully my passion can monetize in a way that pays for itself. It costs anywhere from $50-$125 an episode. Many people don’t realize I pay to do what I love and most people in the podcast/YouTube world do.

What advice would you give an future actor or actress?

 The advice I’d give any aspiring actor is do it for the fun of it. Fame & fortune is little if any. Hope for the best but keep your expectations low so you won’t be disappointed. Also don’t let people get inside your head about it. I had actually taken a few years off from acting for a few reasons but one was because I felt other people wanted it more than I did. I know that sounds really dumb. As the words are coming out of mouth now I realize that. But at the time I had these acting teachers that were saying “if you don’t want it bad enough or more than anything in the world, don’t do it.” I love acting but it’s more in my top 5 passion than my #1. My first love is writing… hence the over 100 articles published. I understand the seriousness of the craft and that’s probably where these teachers were going with it. But it’s ok for me to love writing and acting and do both or love one more than the other and still do both. No one should ever make you choose when it’s not a choice. I know there are some musicians who also act and sometimes they must make a choice between doing a movie or going on tour and because music is more important they choose the tour. But it’s not like they give up acting forever, they just redirect their focus. I also the feel the more experiences you have the better actor you become. Between 2015 and 2017 I had experiences very few people will ever have in their lifetime and that’s why when I started up acting again in 2019, I was getting cast a lot because I brought those life experiences out in my acting and started acting in a such a way as I never had before. You should never get down about not getting cast. There are roles that are made for you that no can do but you and when that role comes your way you’ll know it. Here’s “Dealings” the last short film I was in.

In this neo noir thriller a business owner hires help to keep tabs on his wife and perhaps an additional service after some unpleasant news is brought back to him. However plans change as a chain of unpredictable events begin to unfold and everyone is a suspect in some sort of DEALINGS.