Comedian Adam Carolla slammed the media over their demand that Joe Rogan be censored for pushing “misinformation,” asking them, “What have you guys been right about?”
Millions of people in the West have replaced God with Pfizer and they don't even know it... It is safer to question, criticise, attack, and mock God, than the Pfizer shot. Tell me I'm wrong.
The same people who worshipped rich white kids burning down the areas where the highest density of blacks lived for BLM are pretending like the Canadian Truck Convoy is no big deal. Like you can FEEEEL them trying to ignore the largest convey in history and pretend it's not there
A major revolt is underway in Canada as the government and corporate media downplay, smear the movement...
Big Tech: Ban misinformation and offensive speech because it's dividing society Freedom Tech: Censorship is blocking society's ability to communicate, creating literal division and preventing any chance at unity...
Until you acknowledge what you are dancing around, you can't refute it.

Italy joins the fun! Truckers activated!!🦺 Would be great if this beomes now a worldwide movement....just sayin.

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