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Jesse Morton Memorial

@jesse_morton was a passionate member of the Minds community and tragically passed away recently. He knew more about how to change your mind than most. Here @ottman, @daryldavis, @msmelchen @naamakates and a number of others speak about their experiences with Jesse, a former Islamist who transformed into free speech and deradicalization expert. We'll miss you Jesse!

Too many people have forgotten how to mind their own business and it's creating infinite problems for everybody else.
Exploring some interesting connections in terms of who owns Neil Young’s music. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.
Remember when 'Made in China' was something you saw on the label of cheap knock-off products, and not on the lapel of the President of the USA?

That’s a 10-4 for freedom, good buddy! #canadiantruckers #freedomconvoy

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