Big Tech: Ban misinformation and offensive speech because it's dividing society Freedom Tech: Censorship is blocking society's ability to communicate, creating literal division and preventing any chance at unity...
If people just stopped lying, a significant % of our problems would disappear.
can someone do that thing where u take clips of someone talking over music and make a joe rogan cover of rockin in the free world
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has slammed 50,000 truckers protesting against vaccine mandates for holding “unacceptable views.”

#Serotonin is here :3


Youtube Bans Me For a Week For Being Right About COVID And Ridiculing Their Removal of the Malone Interview

The irony being half the video is about Youtubes' TOS and confusion regarding it. #Youtube #Censorship

It's getting more and more ridiculous by the day.
CNN is joining the Surgeon General, Neil Young and countless other ninny control freak gov boot lickers in an attempt to take Joe Rogan from us! FYI the people who think debate is "'absurd' and 'dangerous'" are not your friends!

Looks like she's tested positive for truth!

P.S. My music video campaign for I DID NOT CONSENT is LIVE here: I'm trying to make a hard-hitting video in defiance of these tyrannical mandates. Help me succeed and let's push the culture against the police state! Thank you for your support! ^^ #2a #gunrights #shallnotbeinfringed #libertarian #molonlabe

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