He's a character from much loved #starshatter series by @Aragmar "A lone human dismounted his strangely designed bike and stretched his long, muscular limbs. Compared to an average middle-aged human man he was very buff. All that mass though, it didn’t strike those who studied him as artificial, nor did the man seem to have any cybernetics. When those who fought off the fear of his rough exterior and went out to ask him how he got that big, he’d answer with one word – training. If the buggers persisted and actually went on his good side, like buying the man a beer or better yet feeding him meat, he would tell them the annoyingly dull secret of his buffness. Five mile run a day, every day, five hundred push-ups, five dozen pull-ups, a hundred squats for good measure, just so that your ass-cheeks won’t flap behind when you push hard on your bike’s accelerator pedal. Bending the old megasteel bar was just the cherry on top, but that was a secret the man always kept to himself, no matter how well they fed him or how many beers he was treated to. " Link to Starshatter books:

Big Tech: Ban misinformation and offensive speech because it's dividing society Freedom Tech: Censorship is blocking society's ability to communicate, creating literal division and preventing any chance at unity...

Kubrick warned us just before he was murdered that the world is run by satanic pedophiles. Every major network had knowledge of this. They all covered it up. Believe me, they were all in on this coverup.

Canadian truckers are trying to protect civil liberties Canadian politicians are trying to extinguish them

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Zelensky's office is also denying CNN's report.
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