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Despina Mirou: The Mediterranean goddess “Shine like a diamond “next to legendary Pink Floyd!!! She’s a unique type of beauty.Tremendous Actress, lovely, classy, super smart, speaking 4 languages."Scott Page from Pink Floyd Say for Mirou; Despina In Hollywood !

She’s a unique type of beauty.Tremendous Actress, lovely, classy, super smart, speaking 4 languages."Scott Page from Pink Floyd  Say for Despina Mirou In Hollywood !

I'm glad I finally saw an actress act like a woman“, Netfix Director said for her. She had a great personality,a unique individual extraordinary person.Her intelligence is impressive,from Stand up Comedy to Astronomy! She can be a mysterious scientist ,at the same time a wonderful magnetic attractive person, talented, intelligent,  probably the best actress of her generation. Despina Mirou has mesmerized not only directors but fans of all types. She began her career in acting from performing on the stage.


 Theatre has been the backbone of her talent which has captured the audiences in her spell. She has appeared in such plays like the The Odd Couple by Neil Simon, Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov, Oresteia by Aeschylus and Salome by Oscar Wilde. Even though so young she has received 44 awards till now! She is so remarkable in drama and comedy both,In 2 pandemic years she finished 7 films,received other 13 awards! Her  triumph is that she went form Ridley Scott to Pink Floyd,same time her film”Tango shalom”is going very well in box office and play the hall United States! Despina holds a degree in Planetary Astronomy and Film Comedy directors.


You just made the  opening The PINK 

D exhibition in Vogue theater in Hollywood.How is your collaboration with this thrilled band ?

I am thrilled to announce that I continue my collaboration with PINK FLOYD, the legendary  band invite me to do the opening , in their exhibition in Hollywood! Was there VIP members, and is a huge exhibition with everything Pink Floyd used in their career and in their concerts!! I feel sooo excited!!! is a huge exhibition with everything Pink Floyd used in their career and in their concerts!! Was there VIP members, and  I feel so excited. Few years ago I did  the mc ,for the Pink Floyd's concert !I had the honour to introduce on stage members of Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Toto, Janes' addiction ,Peter Gabriel ,Fishbone ,Dr.Dre, like Scott Page,StephenPerkins, Shankar! My excitement is soo high !It is by far the most amazing work of my life! They discovered me in Jonny Deep club “ viper room “ when I was doing Stand up.  After I dif mc for them , bring them on the stages these legendary musicians!!the audience screaming!!Plus the amazing psychedelic atmosphere from the leasers, really a dream!  Thank you to all who came in my life. What a gift.


Ms. Ms. Mirou you, co-direct & play in "Life in A Day " by Ridley Scott, which premiered in Sundance film festival 2/2/2021 and was nominated for BAFTA & Oscar 2022. Life In A Day 2020 called on millions of people around the world to film their lives on July 25, 2020. Can you talk about the film and working with Ridley Scott?

-I feel a huge honor working with such a legend. I was thrilled when Ridley Scott chose me, and I am participating in his new film, as an actress. It was my first directing debut! I am so incredibly excited to be included in this EPIC film ‘Life in a day”, directed by Kevin MacDonald, another Oscar-winner with “The last king of Scotland”. They chose me between 424.000 videos, from 196 countries. I spent 24 hours to shoot the lines, and I sent to them 45 videos that I played as Despina, and also, I impersonated Marilyn, Lucille Ball, Elton John, etc. On January 21 we had a private screening and a zoom meeting where I talked with them. The film seeks to be a time capsule mosaic during a pandemic distress. Our Premiere was at the “Sundance film Festival”! I wanna say a huge thank to Ridley Scott, an established drama director who valued me in comedy and directing.Also , he gave me a credit as co - Director!

In October 2020 Despina Mirou was called to play the iconic actress Sophia Loren, from London's Pinewood Studio.  So Long Marianne you walk on the Cannes film Festival,red carpet, is out now, can you talk about the movie?


That was my 2nd time at the Cannes film Festival!It was a big honor for me to play Sophia Loren!Especially when I went to Cannes to play the Loren Character!


The director for the Sophia Loren film was Paul Wiffen, and the scriptwriter Gabriel Murray. The title of the film is “So Long Marianne” which derives from a Leonard Cohen song. The British actor Joe Vetch plays the character of Leonard Cohen. We shot the film on the island of Hydra, and the film takes place in the 60s when Sophia Loren made the film “The Boy and the Dolphin” and her friendship with Leonard Cohen. I even sang the famous song that Sophia performed “What is this that They called Love”. The film’s cast included such British notables like Catherine O ‘Reilly and Tim Churchill. Julita Deka is the Director of Photography the producers are Robbie Moffat of the Pinewoods Studios in London, Olympic Films, the Scottish Palm Tree Entertainment, and Rachael 

Ms. Mirou please talk about the Cannes event with Tango Shalom which is playing  on AMC.

When I worked with Laine Kazan and Renee Taylor for the comedy film Tango Shalom, I had a great time on set. We shared a lot of laughter during filming. I am truly thankful; I learned a lot of new things about comedy. Renee and Laine play their roles so masterfully! Renee gave me valuable advice about life, and very often, I asked her opinion about things in my life. When I was in NY doing stand-up comedy, I saw Renee three times on Broadway in the play, My Life on a Diet; it was a true lesson in acting for young comedians. Working with such amazing actors and directors has helped me become not only a better actress, but also a better person!It was an unbelievable collaboration, one which took place in a highly enjoyable and inspiring atmosphere, not to mention the amount of laughter we all shared during filming! I had an incredible time, and furthermore learned so much about comedy by watching superb actors like Renee Taylor (The Nanny), Joseph Bologna (My Favorite Year) and Lainie Kazan (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), each playing their roles with such mastery. My character is Susan Shulman, a Hasidic Jewish girl that follows the lead character with a hilarious gossip-driven intent!

Ms. Mirou you met Peido Almodovar at Cannes, can you talk about the conversation on the red carpet there?

That was by far the most incredible meeting!! See, I am not only workaholic and passionate, but very lucky too. Almodovar is for me the epitome of one of the biggest directors in Europe.I told him”Thank you for making films about women,you are honoring us. From where are you so deeply inspired for women issues in all of your films?’ He answered to me very sweetly :“Is because I love so much my mother”!!After we walked on the red carpet to watch the film. For me Almodovar is a category by himself. He is unique.

Ms. Mirou, you inspired me to try making films for a few weeks.  Your four films with Despina Mirou have been selected for Nobel Internal Film Festival India, RanFilm Festival Germany, Lift Off Film festival England, And Lift off Online Session. Did you expect to be part of film festivals when you started to work with Clinton R. Siegle? Would you be willing to do a comedy with him?

That was an amazing experience,Mr,Siegle is a very talented director and we started shooting in the middle of the pandemic. He trusted me to play a very classy,kind “Pin -up” girl from the 60's, I had the opportunity to drive a car for the first time in my life in a film! The beautiful landscape of Bolivia, plus the antics of cars,was so nostalgic.We won many awards all around the world, from India to Japan, to London and Germany. I was very happy when the director inspired me,and in this case Mr.Siegle wrote this character for me. That means that he knows me well enough, and because I am an Actors studio method actress, I did a lot of preparation. That was just the beginning,we are gonna win more awards, and we will work again soon. He just sent me a new script!!!

Ms. Mirou, your work with NASA, SETI institute by the famous Carl Sagan ,where is that going? And what are you working on currently?

After my studies in “Planetary Astronomy with Laboratories”, I took a scholarship in SETI. First I became a surveyor member of National Space Society,based in Washington D.C. There I will participate in the “Artemis mission”, which is about a new mission to the moon by a man and a woman astronaut in 2024.The moon always keeps my attention. I am a lunar person. Same time, when I was finished the SETI class, after 8 years non-stop studies{first English, after Director, after Astronomy } I decided to write about exo-planet,or other flying objects like Umuamua, Klessier ,nano-planets, nebulas, and life in universe etc.My professor send my research to SETI and they asked me to become a member. Btw, the man behind the SETI is the genius Carl Sagan,whom I used to watch as a child his documentary “Cosmos”. When they invited me I became emotional about working now in his astronomy institute. Also, I start to write for space magazines, space news.gr e.t.c.


Ms Mirou  you received 44 awards ,you are  young, how do you feel for this global recognition and audience admiration for you?

I am a mentally and spiritual spirit~soul.Thanks for all these awards, the USA recognizes my talent and my abilities in this science. But for me it means a  big “Bravo”. I wanna leave behind me books, or some new theories, or the audience to remember me for my performance. At the same time I wanna inspire the audience as a human. Also,I feel very much love from the American audience, and for me the “Audience favorite actress”was my best award. Also, 2 more awards in the White House, which was not about my acting, but about my philanthropy work. At the end, all these are like items I'm gonna give to my nieces. I can't take the awards with me when I will be dead!! It shows the illusion, many people think,”more awards you have, the more value you have”. This is a big trip! Because my soul and my spirit are more valuable to me than many awards.

Ms. Mirou, what are you working on now?


I finish a film with a great directed! I can’t talk now Before the feeling is ready!Also, I finished the drama film “American Connection” by Jeff Espanol. The film features actors Faye Dunaway and Daryl Hannah. I play a nun-spy who has scenes with both legends. Also iI was in a dramatic scene with the diverse actors Michael Madsen and Robert Milano. It’s a great honour to have worked with these legendary actors in the drama film “American Connection”, I find this film to be the best dramatic role I’ve had in an American production. I’m on screen next to the living legend that is Faye Dunaway, as well as sharing scenes with the amazing Daryl Hannah. I play the role of a nun-spy (also named Despina, haha!), and it’s one of the most interesting things I’ve ever done, the style of which reminds me of Tarantino

received a proposal from a large American publisher to dress up as Hollywood’s “12 Iconic Hollywood stars Calendar 2022” in history, for an exclusive “Hollywood Star Calendar ” which will be released in 2022, and all of this is with the collaboration of a renowned photographer! So far, we have shot set pieces for Lucille Ball, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren. It demands long hours of photography sessions, and the team that is executing it with us, for instance, in the areas of makeup and costume design, are excellent artists in Hollywood. Also on the table is a film called “Duce of New York”, directed by Eric Rivas,with I play next to Salazar{he were in every Al Pacino film0 I played a femme fatale producer woman, who control a film.  At the end of 2022  is due to shoot for the film “Gleichschaltung”, a war drama with the famous Chinese actress Bai Ling, directed by Patrick Kilpatrick.Also,I m going to direct my first film with Hollywood stars too.!And I ready to appearance in a huge American channel ,I can’t same for about this,I have strict contract.But I m very happy !!