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Interview with Dave Reda


Dave Reda, My readers will not know you. Please can you tell a story about how you got into acting and about yourself? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1484232/

Dave began his career at a young age in Northern California. His early professional credits include performing at the Gaslighter Theater, Comedy Sportz, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Angels in the Outfield, Cornuts National Commercial, and other national commercials… To compete for larger roles, he moved to Los Angeles where he appeared in Smash TV, Street Smartz, Senseless, Dirt Merchant and on HBO as body double to Luke Perry in Indiscreet. Dave soon began creating his own opportunities by forming the sketch comedy group Click This! where he took up producing and directing in addition to refining his craft, Dave took pitch meetings regarding the show with executive producers at MTV and at VH1. Click This! has won Best Comedy Short at Angel City Film Festival and Hollywood Underground Film Festival and Best New Show on Pasadena Cable Access.

Looking for a new challenge, Dave (a horror movie buff) was very excited at the opportunity to produce, direct, and act for Bit Parts. “It was incredibly hard but now I truly understand the phrase ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!!’ , says Dave.. ( BIT PARTS is available at Amazon, Netflix, & many other online locals)

Early 2010, Dave decided to try his hand at writing and wrote/directed/starred/produced the critically acclaimed, award winning, horror comedy short film/music video Horror of Our Love: a short film featuring the song by the same name by the band LUDO. “Cant thank LUDO enough for all their inspiration and support for the film, they are the best!!!”, says Dave (A Horror of Our Love: A Short Film went on to win 8 out of the 11 fests it competed in…quite an amazing run…The short is now available on YOUTUBE for YOU to see!! )

Dave has teamed up with horror novelist Fred Wiehe for the new feature horror film script FRIGHT HOUSE. Dave also teamed up with writer Craig Mcgee on the feature horror script Unholy Ground…These full feature scripts looking for the right financing and are dying to be filmed and out to you!!

2011 Dave has written/directed/produced/ and starred in MY UNDEADLY a NEW zombie horror film, starring lovely and talented Scream Queen Michelle Tomlinson !! This fresh take on the moldy zombie film took a huge bite out of the fests, winning 6 of the 11 festivals it attended across the world….

2012 Dave Reda along with awesome writer Craig McGee wrote the feature film SHADOW. This feature horror film is in the works along with short film LOVE POTION #8, written by Dave Reda with killer horror writer Jon Rosenberg…….

2013-2017 Dave Reda directed and scripted many projects including the music video GET BIT OR GET ATE, starring Wyzae Crankfield, & Captain Howdy herself Eilein Dietz. Dave wrote and directed YouTube videos and even featured his poetry skills with such titles as, THIS, THAT, THOSE, NO SPARK, DARK QUEEN, & NO SPARK! Dave also shot his latest short film ROTTING LOVE, starring the lovely BROOKE LEWIS, & is preparing it for another top notch festival run!

2018 Dave Reda finishes the killer short film ROTTING LOVE, staring the always amazing BROOKE LEWIS. Dave is VERY excited to announce ROTTING LOVE is an official selection to DANCES WITH FILMS 2018, & will finally hit a bucket list moment.. ” I have always wanted a film of mine to play on the BIG SCREEN at the Chinese Theater…amazing!” ROTTING LOVE & Brooke Lewis & Dave got their chance June 15th as part of the DANCES WITH FILMS film festival.. 

2021 Through the Pandemic Dave realized the world still needed to be entertained and laugh horribly well, so he wrote & directed the award winning music short horror film AS GOOD AS DEAD! Starring the awesome scream queen Ashley Mary Nunes, Dani Sciacca & Jeffrey Damnit. This film also got to premiere at the Chinese  Theatre for Dances With Films 2021 but then returned to the Chinese Theatre a month later for Screamfest 2021! With Zombies and 80's music, what's not to love about this film!! As Good as Dead continues to roll through the festivals in 2022, winning best musical short film at SHOCK A GOGO film festival in Long Beach

2022 and on..

The future holds many things with such titles as Love Potion #8, The Legend of the Chesterfield Witch, and The Morbid Mariachi films waiting in the bloody wings... 

What's next for Zombie Dave? 

Stay tuned with Grrrrr!

Can you tell us a story on how you got your start in the film industry and about your life as a film maker?


   My first experience on a real studio set was on the film I Married An Axe Murderer... I was so green, I didn't know you weren't supposed to talk to the talent... So the first chance I got, I asked Mike Meyers all about SNL... Luckily he was very kind, and was actually happy to answer and talk to me.... It worked out for me, but it's usually something that will get you booted from set, immediately... Hahaa... Mike Meyers is a great guy! 

Do you have a story you wish everyone knew about you as a film maker? Could you share it with us?

  Because I have done and had success with a lot of short films, sometimes people don't know I directed a feature horror film already... I directed and acted in the film Bit Parts, which we shot all on film... Even though it is my first full length film, it is a really fun horror film, I wish people saw more of....😁

Can you talk about your latest film you are involved in ? Also, what platforms can people view your film on? Please provide link

Yes!! Our MUSICAL horror short film 

AS GOOD AS DEAD, is stomping through the festivals right now, with GRRR!! 

I describe it as it has killer zombies and 80's music, what's not to love???... We were so blessed and lucky to get to premier it this year at the Dances With Films Festival, at the Chinese Theater, and then return to the Chinese Theater a month later for the prestigious ScreamFest! How horribly exciting!! 

What can you tell us about any upcoming production of your latest movie?

It's still a bit hush hush at the moment, but....

I do believe it will be a film I wrote called the Morbid Mariachi! With the help of writer Craig McGee, I think we really wrote something awesome and am very excited to bring the Mariachi to life... The Undeadly balladeer, & avenger.of broken hearts, should be manifesting very very soon!! 

Can you tell us who or what inspires you as a film maker?

80's horror always did  & does inspire what I do, along with classic SNL... Mix that together and you get a very unique and weird horror style, that.keeps you on your severed toes! 🧟‍♂️🤣

Can you tell a story about your other work?

In the 90's the first national commercial I ever did, was the one and only t.v. commercial for Corn Nuts... It was so cool, because they ALWAYS played it with Beavis and Butt-Head, which was really popular at that time....It was so much fun to get those calls, from my friends around the country, saying they saw it out of nowhere... Fun times 🤣

Who are some people in the film industry you have worked with to date?

I have been blessed to work with some really awesome and talented people... 

From Mike Meyers, Ted Danson, Joseph Gordon Levitt,  Jeffrey Damn it...  I was also lucky to have worked with some incredibly talented ladies as well. Eileen Dietz, Michelle Tomlinson, Brooke Lewis, Ashley Mary Nunes, Max Wasa and More! I do consider myself very lucky I have got to work with the casts & crew I have, they always make the film that much better... 

Dreams: what project or script or actor or actress would be a dream for you to get to work with?

 My version of  the classic Jimmy Stewart film, Harvey ... It would be a different take, but I think this modern world could use a little bit of the messages and fun of that film....