>  > > Kaiti Wallen an award winning actress know for her roles in Betrayed opposites John Savage (The Dear Hunter),Richard Tyson (Something About Mary), and Billy Wirth (Lost Boys),Abstruse opposites Tom Sizemore (Black Hawk Down),Bennett’s Song opposites Tara Reid (America Pie), and Dennis Haskins (Saved By The Bell),Eternal Code opposites Scout Taylor Compton (Rob Zombies Halloween),Richard Tyson (Something About Mary),Billy Wirth (The Lost Boys), and Mel Novak ( Bruce Lee’s Game Of Death),thank you for this opportunity to get to know you.Can you please tell us about you. Actress, Producer, Writer, meaning tell us about you. > > > > Ms. Wallen, everyone has a story. To get to know you. What story do you wish everyone knew about you? Meaning. Someone close either knows about this story or everyone knows that knows about you but my readers would not know it. I think I would like people to know that I have always been in to the arts in one way shape or another. It almost feels cyclical between drawing and painting modeling and acting. Not only has it been an outlet for me but it has been a place I can go to with my thoughts and feelings. In all truth painting at one time was almost therapeutic and now with acting I keep finding myself learning so much about myself when I take on a role. > > > > Ms. Wallen, lock down has slowed a lot of work down at times. However looking at imdb you have it hasn’t slowed you down you have several films like A Bennett’s Song Holiday opposite Corbin Bernsen ( Psych), and Dennis Haskins (Saved By The Bell), Ash and Bone opposites Jame Bernadette ( I Spit On Your Grace: Deja Vu), and Mel Novak ( Bruce Lee’s Game Of Death), and a tv series Tales Of Tails coming out. Can you talk about them. Provide posters, or links, teasers about what you will be releasing. Also where one can see them? Well “A Bennett Song Holiday” and “Ash and Bone” we’re both filmed before lockdowns and before coronavirus changed all kinds of things. It is an interesting thing to think about the process of filmmaking and how the longest process is post production. The TV series “Tale of Tails” on the other hand we shot 1/3 of before lockdowns began then went through an extended period of time locked down and then picked filming back up again in the summer. In “A Bennett Song Holiday” I had the pleasure of working directly across from Corbin as I play a very fun role as an opportunistic young lady. It was a lot of fun and a very different role for me. In “Ash and Bone” I finally get to play my real husbands wife haha but that’s where the fun stops, this is such a fantastic story and script we brought to life. I have very high hopes as all I saw were electric performances. I’m really excited for both of these films coming out soon! The TV series was one of my favorite roles yet and we have 8 episodes and I truly can’t wait for season 2!! > > > > > > Ms. Wallen, what book or movies have you been reading or watching. Meaning I am using this interview to find new books or films to watch. What have you been doing? We have been watching “Cobra Kai” and “Better Call Saul” and funny enough it has made us even more excited about our own TV show “Tale of Tails” from seeing those two shows. I also have started taking a greater interest in screen writing so I read Geoffrey Calhoun’s best seller “The Guide for Every Screenwriter”. > > > > > > > Ms. Wallen, you have several achievements in the entertainment industry. This is a several part question. Which was the most fun? Talk about yourself as a professional life. Which part was or is the funnest? Acting is for sure the most fun and it’s creatively some thing I absolutely love to do but being a producer on the TV series “Tale of Tails” not only opened my eyes to another part of filmmaking but it is some thing I truly feel I bring something to the table. It was stressful and hard but it was so worth it and a step up for me stepping up being one of the main producers. > > > > Ms. Wallen, outside the films on imdb link is there a current project or film you can talk about? Any teaser of a future works? I am super excited about another horror film we are in the late funding stage just with.. “Beneath Us All” is a Viking/Vampire reboot written by Bret Miller who wrote “Ash and Bone” and it’s an amazing script! Another huge project in the works is the true life story “Finding Nicole” a domestic violence case that happened right here in Michigan. This is one of the best scripts I’ve ever read and it shatters my heart to think how common this still is in our country and I’m hoping this film can shed light on stories like Nicole’s and further help so that people aren’t victimized in their own homes. The statistics are staggering and I feel it’s something we must work diligently on fixing! > > > > Ms. Wallen, what are you doing to relieve stress during this time of home lockdown? Spending quality time with family and we have a jacuzzi that melts most troubles away, but I feel blessed that we all became closer as a family during this and made me realize even more how important it is to slow down and spend time with our loved ones. > > > > Dreams: what project or script or actor or actress would be a dream for you to get to work with? As far as a dream role would be something like “Salt”, to play an action star as a woman is still something I have a craving for. As far as an actor I would love to work across from I would have to say one that’s definitely up there would be Edward Norton, after seeing his performances in films such as Primal Fear, Fight Club and American History X. I also would love to get an opportunity to work with Jodie Foster, she’s always incredible. I mean “Silence of the Lambs”, “Nell” and “Contact” to name a few she is simply amazing. > > > > Ms. Wallen, the classic question: what charity do you work with and can you provide a link to it so others can see too please. First and foremost my husband and I try to be active with our church Kensington Church, they find ways to help people who needs it all around the world. Preparing for “Finding Nicole” getting involved with “The Enough Initiative” is something that speaks loudly to me as well. > > > > A final question. What question do you wish I had asked? And what would the answer be? This is probably somewhat of a nerd answer to that question but it’s the truth. I would love to have been asked about my process and my influences as an actress and that would make for an awfully long interview but to at least touch on it, I am I guess a cross between Strasberg and Meisner, I use emotional recall and music in my prep but not really in the scene, perhaps music before scenes. I love the craft of acting and the work that goes into “becoming”. I would like to thank you for taking the time to do the interview, I don’t think any of these things for granted and appreciate your time!
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