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Interview with Jasmine Anderson



Jasmine V. Anderson, thanks for taking this interview. Bio: Jasmine V. Anderson is an actress, known for Christmas Slasher.




Most of my readers will not know you. Can you please tell the story of how you got into acting and where you are currently at?


I've been acting since early middle school/High School. I was a huge theater nerd and have always had a love for the theatrics. It was a natural and fun transition into film acting from theater!


Ms.Anderson, can you tell us that one story you wish everyone knew about yourself? You know the one that if you had to introduce yourself to people that story? 


I would tell everyone the story of how I moved to Texas to take a real shot on my dreams of being an actor. I was living in Flagstaff, Arizona at the time and hated my living situation and felt like I wasn’t doing anything passionate with my life. I did a very short google search on the best places to move to for acting and got Austin, Texas as an answer and fell in love. I had x-box friends that i had been playing with for years, living in San Antonio and Austin, so i knew i wouldn’t be starting over completely alone!

I took new chances in life, a career, friendships, love, and happiness! Now, I’ll never stop striving to be happy and work at my dreams. 


Ms.Anderson, you are filming of Christms Slasher. Can you talk about what you are doing and share any trailors or teasers for my readers?


I am playing one of the leads in the film Christmas Slasher! I’ll be one of the college campers that ends up having the thrill of a lifetime. Unfortunately, there isn't much I can share other than it will be bloody hilarious and the cast has been amazing to work with. 



Ms.Anderson, you are in the entertai.  What part of the business do you like the most?


So far I'd say I'm enjoying the people and the connections. For a very competitive industry people are very kind and always looking out for each other. 


Ms.Anderson, what genre of movies are you into or would you say you want to be a part of? What scripts or movies do you have a desire to read or produce or perform in you?  


I would say I'm mostly into horror! There’s so many different ways horror can be played out that it's one of the most creative genres. I've always had a desire to be in a production like A Haunting on Hill House/ Bly Manor. There are so many complicated emotions and different ways to connect to the stories. I also adore strong female leads in movies and tv shows. Alien is a wonderful example of a film I would have loved to read the screenplay for. 



Ms.Anderson, during this time of lockdown these interviews are to help people find new books, movies, etc to look into. What has been your entertainment or what books/movies would you suggest


There is so much to recommend! I recently watched Jennifer’s Body for the first time and I would recommend that movie to anyone and everyone! Mamma mia is a feel good classic along with La La Land. I also watched all of the Conjuring universe films and they were definitely fun watches to play board games with!


Ms.Anderson, please tell my reader about each of your movies and provide links to the movies you are in.


So far I have only been in Christmas Slasher! The pandemic has taken a big hit on me auditioning for films but I'm slowly getting more and more auditions! Hopefully, next time i'm asked that question I'll have more for you! I did however do voiceover for a podcast called “The Day Everything Changed” and had a blast doing that! It comes out this spring 2021. 





Ms.Anderson, the classic question: what charity do you support? Can you provide a link to it and explain your reason for supporting that charity?


I will always support planned parenthood. Planned parenthood is affordable and offers services to men and women to help protect themselves and get the care they need. 





Ms.Anderson, what is your dream project? With whom do you want to work with or if you start to direct what genre of work or film project would your future projects be or what type of movies?


My dream project would have to be playing a strong female lead in a horror,drama, or comedy. I would love to be in all types of films and expand on every acting skill I have! I don’t want to be boxed into one category. Someone I would dream of working with would have to be Sigourney Weaver, Ryan Gosling, Kurt Russel, and Victoria Pedretti. There are so many names on that list but these actors' performances are always 100%.



Ms.Anderson, what question do you wish I had asked? And what is the answer to that question?


I would have loved to be asked about other interests I have outside of the industry! I love my pets(a cat and a dog) and tending to a little garden I have on my patio! It helps to stay busy and motivated with everything going on in the world right now.