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Interview with Elena Crandall

Elena Crandall for my readers tell us about you. Where you are from and what you do or did?

I grew up all over the place, so to say where I am from is hard to pinpoint. I was born in Virginia but raised all over, so we will just say Virginia for argument's sake :) I am currently a I CNA, going back to get my medical assistant certificate here next month, and hopefully finish my degree after that.

Elena, what one story do you want people to know about you? You know the story that makes you. Well, you?

Where do I begin? LOL Well there was a hot wing challenge at a local restaurant that no body could win. I had a nickname of "Pepper" because of my tolerance of spicy food. The restaurant owner would come in to the place I worked at and tease me about it. He told me I should do the challenge to prove my name. So one night my friends and I went in and I took the challenge. 12 wings, no milk till they were all gone. Tommy the owner said he made them extra hot just for me. I ate all 12 in 5 minutes with the whole place cheering me on. I even got some drinks on the house, and the honor of being the first person to beat the challenge. Good Times!

Elena, when did you first experience the shift in reality?

Looking back, I have been experiencing changes (especially in people in life) since I was 13, but the most noticeable one was Febreeze. When it first came out, I thought it was a cool invention for musty furniture and things that couldn't be cleaned easily. Then one day in Colorado, at my parent's house, I noticed on a commercial that the name was changed. I thought that was weird. Why would they do that? I just took it as a marketing thing and forgot about it. Over the years, around 2016 I really started noticing things changing. It wasn't until 2019 that I actually looked into it and found it really was happening to others.

What was your first major surprise? Meaning mine was waking up to missing 1.2 billion people May 19, 2016. However, I know I was tripping as long as 2014 now due to re reading and seeing photos that I knew one way and did not think much of it being partially blind then. What surprises you most?

The Bible changes- Hands down! Growing up in a strict, Evangelical christian home, I was home schooled and attended private school till I got my G.E.D. and went on to college. It was required of me to know all the books of the Bible, remember verses, and have daily Bible study. Isaiah 11:6 was totally different, as well as Mark 2:22. It definitely said wine skins in the King James Version! The verse makes no sense now with bottles, since bottle don't burst!

How old was the earth you remember living on as a kid? Example I wrote in 2016, I was coming from Sagittarius where the earth was 6.5 billion years old, and the galaxy was 377,000 light years in diameter. What and where do you recall being from?

Being raised in a Christian home, we were taught that evolution was false and to follow what the Bible said. I was told by my parents that the Earth was around 6,000 years old. I had never heard of Sagittarius arm till I joined the Mandela Community and heard people talking about it. I just knew our galaxy was called the Milky Way.

So, in 2017 do you recall the stories of Hawaii actually being nuked by Bluebeard from Australia?

NO. Never.

Colorado? I see you live there. I worked there too. Did you work for the missile defence agency out of Colorado Springs or go near there?

I was raised in Woodland Park and lived in Colorado Springs most of my childhood. I did not work for the missile defense but I knew quite a few people that did. With many military bases in southern Colorado, most people know someone who is either military or works for the department of defense. I did have an interesting incident when I accidentally took a wrong turn on Cheyenne Mountain and wound up at the entrance way into NORAD. I was met with military police and questioned before I was allowed to turn around and leave.

            You ever work for Lockheed's Orion program?

No I did not. But sounds exciting.

What one question do you want me to ask? And what is the answer to it?

What do you think the Mandela Effect is? My answer would be- I think it's a glitch or spiritual intervention for mankind, to reveal the lie we have all been living in. In my opinion, the past seemed better because we couldn't see the world for what it really is. Now, we are. We are seeing that this whole system (our World) is not what we think it is. More and more changes will happen. More and more people are going to realize that we are in some kind of false reality, and the longer it goes on, the more it will reveal itself. It may seem bad but I feel it is great in the long run. I would rather know the hurtful truth than live blissfully in a lie.