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Ms. Corella Town Clerk's Officer Candidate Interview

Ms. Catherine Corella, Thank you for your introduction interview.  https://endertalon.blogspot.com/2020/09/interview-with-catherine-corella.html

Ms. Corella, as Town Clerk's Office candidate. Tell people about yourself

I’m originally from Southern California, moved to Long Island in 2006 and settled in Deer Park, NY

I have 5 children and 2 grandkids. I love Long Island and its where I chose to make my home. 

Ms. Corella, what made you go into politics?

I see so many layers of government and things are not getting done, mostly photo ops, and there needs to be more diversity. 

Ms. Corella, what distinctions your campaign or policies verses your opponent? 

I love to accommodate people. I am a people pleaser by nature, so I will work my best to become more accessible to the public for their needs. 

Ms. Corella, what are you happiest you have accomplished in politics so far and how will that influence you? 

I created some organizations that work with local politicians, change and updating our communities are important. 

 Ms. Corella, while you are a candidate for Babylon Town Clerk, what would change about the policies with the current Town Clerk's Office?  Accessibility and transparency

What have you done for the city or county that would make people think of you as a County Clerk for your town?  

I am extremely organized, dedicated, and very efficient. I love hearing fresh ideas and see if its something that can be done. 

What policy outside those stated do you think will help the most people? 

Time. Everyone is pressed for time. We need to be extended and have easier access for the public.

How would you do it? And how will you support another elected official in doing so?

I would only be able to recommend my ideas, as far as to implement them, town council would work together to achieve such a goal.

What one thing can you say you have done that has helped people? 

My advocacy for children who are sex trafficked, Domestic violence survivors.

What outside of politics are you doing during the lockdown? 

I work on my podcasts, I just created a new one, The Latinas Voice

What long-term goal other than winning the Babylon Town Clerk are you looking to accomplish?

Watching my beautiful youngest daughter bloom into adulthood.  

What question do you wish I had to ask? And what is that answer