Sean Foster, thanks for accepting this interview. My reader or readers depending on the day will not know you. Can you tell us about yourself? Were you an actor, editor, producer, writer, for your short film? I'm pictured on the left during our final day of production. I'm the writer / director / editor / gaffer / sound guy and dress for comfort. I'm a computer nerd that loves movies. At 30 I started producing my own short films. I'm 37 now and it took me two years to produce my latest 10 minute short film. It's a special film for one big reason. I could sit down right now and watch it twenty times in a row and no part of me would want to change a single frame anywhere in the entire film. This is possible only because I spent an entire year in post production, I have seen this 10 minute movie over a thousand times and I've spent so many hundreds upon hundreds of hours editing it just to take out a half second here or frame over there. It's only a ten minute film but I wanted to learn and grow as an editor and I think the result is something that audiences will appreciate. Sean, everyone has a story to tell about themselves that they wished everyone would know. What is that story for you? I had a beloved pitbull and I treated him with respect and dignity his whole life. Born Thanksgiving November 26, 2009 and died August 31st 2020 He loved people so much and I'd rather tell his story but if you want to know about me I was in a documentary that aired on spike tv in 2011. It was a great honor to be in it, some very talented and successful people produced that film. Here is a clip that introduces me: I'm like 25 pounds heavier now but everytime I try to get into shape I hurt myself. Sean, Please if you have links or teaser tell us about your work.. Please tell me about some of your current films? Criminal Descent - Trailer is 30 seconds long Full Movie - Criminal Descent - 10 minutes long My next film is an action movie like Punisher / John Wick but with a 10 year old that her family killed at christmas. Production will finish on january 10th 2021. This was just a brief wig test with the actress, I'm making the costume now. I got a bunch of new gear like a steadicam type stabilizer, dolly, crane, better camera that can rack focus, etc my next movie is going to be an order of magnitude more impressive from a visual standpoint. I will be the cinematographer for the first time too, so that is a big game changer. Sean, what drew you into the entertainment industry? I've always loved movies and I was really inspired by the creators of the Last Cup documentary. Meeting those guys got me on the path of making my own short films. Sean, when you are reading a script. How many formal edits do you demand your scripts to have before going forward with a movie? Meaning first edits, professional edits, etc? I don't know what a professional edit is - is that something you pay for? I write my own scripts and it's all indie and quite unprofessional. But it takes a lot of time to get things right. A lot of rewrites and editing. There is no special number you just keep working at the clay until your art takes its best shape. Sean, the lockdown has everyone reading, writing, and watching movies. Can you provide a list of what you have been doing? Meaning I tend to find new books or movies from suggestions given and well seems like I might be stuck for another few months inside. One time I watched 500 movies in a year. and I watched most of those movies a second time with the director's commentary. I've definitely seen a lot of stuff but there is no accounting for taste. Everyone likes different things, here's what I like. Best Movie about Making a Movie: Living in Oblivion Best Comedy Series Available on Netflix: Episodes (Originally from showtime) Best Crime Drama: The Drop (James Gandolfini's final film) Best Foreign Thriller: The Man From Nowhere (2010 Korea) Best Original Netflix Show: Frontier (starring Jason Momoa) Best Film of All Time: Schindler's List Special Mention: The Man Who Knew Too Little (Starring Bill Murray) Best Book: The Count of Monte Cristo Here is a great 8-second clip from Living in Oblivion In dreaming can you describe what your dream movie, or role or who you would like to work with would be? I would love to make an epic sci-fi fantasy film. Star Wars, Alien, The Matrix, The Avengers, these sci-fi fantasy epics are so much fun. I would say the best idea i've ever had as a writer is a sci-fi fantasy plot but I've never even tried to write it because they cost too much money. I stick to things that all take place in normal people's houses and on streets, that's all I can afford. That is the life of an indie filmmaker.