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Interview with Bonnie Klemm Author

Bonnie Klemm, thank you for this interview. My readers might not know much
about you.

Everyone’s life is unique, not everyone’s is interesting. Mine is the second. I grew
up enveloped in the world of extraordinary wealth at my mother’s summer home on
the coast of Geneva Lake, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin considered the “Hamptons of the
West.” I was fortunate, I escaped extreme physical, mental and psychological abuse
by multiple family members and even turned down the hot young billionaire to be
before heading west to Hollywood to spend some time at the infamous Celebrity
Center of Scientology. I started writing for pleasure at the age of eight, and now
that I’ve reached the age of fifty, I spend the vast majority of my free time reading
and researching a myriad of writing projects from ghost writing memoirs to
self-help books based on the Youth Serum Process, my complete approach to
removing mental, physical and psychological blocks. Professionally, I am also a RTT
(Rapid Transformational Therapy) Practitioner and Hypnotist based in the Jupiter,
Florida area. In my private life, I have a wonderfully supportive boyfriend, Evan, a
dog named Sassy and a cat named Chiquita. Most days you can find me poolside,
out on the boat at some point and during the evening “shelling” at a Kavasutra
Kava Bar or dining and dancing at one of the local hot spots if I don’t have freshly
caught fish ready to grill at home. You can find more out about the Youth Serum
Processes I developed at https://youthserum.app/. To purchase your own digital or
physical copy of It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash, and be alerted when
new books drop follow my author page on Amazon
here: https://www.amazon.com/Bonnie-Klemm/e/B079ZDK2TX%3Fref=dbs_a_mng

Your career is impressive and diversified. Can you tell us a story on how you got
your start in writing your book? Can you talk about your soon to be released book?
What can you tell us about any upcoming what about any other books that are soon
to be written?

Every book, like every superhero, has a separate origin story. Losing everything and
starting over at the age of 44 led me down a path of self discovery including studying RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) learning how to fly a helicopter,
training as a trapeze artist, moving to Jupiter, Florida and self-publishing on
Amazon.com my first novel It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash. A sex-filled
romp through a fantasy world where all the most eligible bachelors have the chance
to chase down the one that got away, Dominique Drake. My second novel,
Photographic Proof, is a psychological thriller based on a true story, where a young
woman accidentally opens a Pandora’s Box in her brain through hypnotherapy and
wonders which of the memories, or if any of it was real or, as her high school
psychologist suggested, she’s mad. Enlisting the help of her two closest friends, her
therapist Dr. Gina Green and Alexandra Sikorsky, an investigative journalist, JJ
Krueger returns to her small midwestern hometown in search of the truth and
Photographic Proof of the events as she remembered them.
My first nonfiction books That’s Not Me! and Proverbs for Procrastinators are
scheduled for release Winter 2022-2023. Both books, because they work with the
conscious mind, are supplements to my work as a RTT practitioner which addresses
the subconscious. Proverbs for Procrastinators takes you through an educational
and transformational journey from awareness of your procrastination, identifies the
reasons why you procrastinate and then transforms your thought process into a
newly transformed procrastination-free reincarnation. In That’s Not Me! I take you
through the basics of identifying the thought processes keeping you from reaching
your full potential, assisting you in removing the conscious mental blocks keeping
you from reaching your full potential. As an RTT practitioner and an Apprentice
Essentrics Stretch Instructor, I believe to reach peak performance, you must treat
the physical, mental and subconscious blocks keeping you locked in the past. To do
this, I’ve developed the Youth Serum Process which combines a RTT session with
reinforcing coaching exercises and customized Essentrics stretching to facilitate
physical detoxification and release of both physical and mental traumas and

Do you have a story you wish everyone knew? Could you share it with us?

The most important story I can tell right now is the one I’m working on in Photographic Proof. I
had been working on the follow-up to my first novel, It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash,
when the Epstein story finally broke but after rewriting the beginning several times, I admitted
couldn’t make fiction crazier than real life so I decided it was time to revisit the dark days of my
childhood. In Photographic Proof I roll-up all of the stories we whispered quietly to each other as children about what really happened as unwilling subjects of the MK Ultra/ Monarch subprogram
conducted at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Fortunately, because of my special and
highly sought after DNA (hint, I was born with a tail) I escaped with the least amount of damage.

Can you tell us who or what inspires you as an author?

I write fiction that I would like to read, but don't have time to read. My non-fiction is necessarily a
function of stories deep within me that need to be told. Keeping this information in “Bonnie’s
Brain” doesn’t help anyone understand the real way the world works. There are certain topics
that need to be addressed right now, especially because of the massive amounts of human
trafficking going on in plain sight. Going forward both my fiction and non-fiction will focus on
exposing the truth and ways to recover from trauma to allow healing of the human psyche as we
snap-back away from evil. The one mistake humans keep making is allowing the A.I. to take
over. We’re near the point where we can either use our full intelligence or choose to go to sleep
as sheep as the WEF would prefer.

You are working with people from MKUltra that are known. Can you please tell us
about who you worked with and what you have learned about the program?

The program affected all of its victims differently. As a control, all students in the small farm
school I attended were tested annually by the federal government for “funding” purposes. My
research shows the real purpose of the testing was to identify particular personality types. For
me it included agents from one of the alphabet agencies showing up to talk to the eight year old
and offer to take them into the program (I didn’t go.)

Can you tell a story about your other work?

Living through extreme abuse, and then losing everything at the age of 44 and having to start
over led me to RTT and set me on the path to use my hypnosis and Rapid Transformational
Therapy skills to help people with addictions as well as trauma including ancestral and past life
issues carried over to this interaction of self.

Who are some people in the writing industry you would love to work with one day?

As a member of the Hay House Writer’s community, I meet so many phenomenal authors it’s
hard for me to pick just a few. However, on the research end, I look forward to working with my
mentor Marisa Peer, the world famous hypnotist and developer of RTT. I would also love to
create a partnership with the Essentrics community to bring Miranda Esmonde-White’sscientifically validated approach to stretching and strengthening the body to a wider audience
beyond her PBS program.
Dreams: what book project or script or television script or book to movie would be
a dream for you or to get to work with?
High on my “want to do list” is a documentary profiling the changes RTT students experience, in
their personal and professional lives, as a direct impact of becoming Rapid Transformational
Therapy Practitioners.

Ms. Bonnie Klemm the classic question: what charity do you work with and can you
provide a link to it so others can see too please.

Whirly Girls, the International Woman Helicopters Pilots Association offers support and a host of
scholarships for both new pilots and continuing education. You can also support women in the
rotorcraft industry by choosing Whirly Girls in the Amazon Smile program.
A final question. What question do you wish I had asked? And what would the
answer be?
If time and money were not an issue, what would you choose to do?
They say, do what you would do for free, and the money will follow. In my case, that would be
writing. Bringing people’s life story to life through memoirs is something I’m passionate about
and traveling the world meeting and interviewing people with important stories to tell would be
how I would choose to spend the rest of my life, if money was not an issue.



Bonnie Klemm may not be Dominique Drake, but she is extraordinary. IRL she took
her first computer programming course at a local university in 1984...she was 12
and she’s done everything from database design, 3D printing, retail merchandising,
to global supply chain management. Along the way, she’s grown her rolodex and
her repertoire of “various and assorted” things. Therefore, many of the stories in
her novels have (like any good lie) at least a little bit of truth...Although the players
and the parts have been finessed to fit the story line.
Like the character Dominique Drake, Bonnie’s dated men as extraordinary as the
ones in the first book in the series, It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash
published in February 2018. In fact, the entire thing started not with a suitcase full
of cash but when her first boyfriend, (the wealthiest man she’d ever dated) and her
current (now former) lover, (the wealthiest man she’d ever slept with) went into
business together...What could possibly go wrong? As the character Milton would
say, “Indeed.”
As a former big “L” Libertarian, now a self-avowed anarcho-capitalist, Bonnie
Klemm highlights the virtues of free will and free association (without ignoring the
‘scary’ parts) through her works of fiction. She is also the creator of
YouthSerum.app, both an online collection of health and wellness resources gleaned
from both her personal experience and those extraordinary men in her rolodex who
prefer to remain anonymous and the processes I designed to remove mental,
physical and psychological blocks.
My entire life was burned to the ground my 44th year.
I spent my 45th rebuilding and writing this novel.
At 50, I’m just getting started.