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Interview with Natalie Peri


Natalie Peri, thank you for this interview. My readers will not know you. Can you please provide details about yourself? 

I’m an actress ,Singer, Writer, Producer, Director, Casting, Model 






Sound cloud 



Ms. Peri, most recently been part of hosting a program (please add the movie you're promoting). Can you talk about the program? Also, what platforms can people view your program online? 

I’m promoting the script I wrote Pysch ruins it’s a supernatural horror.

It’s on fb but I will be starting Kick starter soon. I wrote the script tand shot and directed the trailer. 

Ms. Peri,everyone has a story to tell. What one story do you wish everyone knew about you?

That I work very hard, I grew up poor with a mom who drank so I was abused physically and mentally I grew up with no father both of my grandparents raised me, so I moved around a lot. I’m a strong person things never came and still doesn’t come easy. I worked very hard to get where I am today and I don’t know what the future holds but I feel and I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing and that God brought me back for a reason ,long story short I flatlined from a staphylococcus infection in my stomach that I didn’t even know I had. This happened in 2020 and because of it my stomach will never be the same. But I’m doing what I have to do.

Ms. Peri, what is the latest movie you are in? Where can my readers find it? 

Amityville Thanksgiving I’m the lead female but it’s not out yet it’s coming out soon though. 

Ms. Peri, what book or movies have you been reading or watching? Meaning I am using this interview to find new books or films to watch. What have you been doing? I don’t read books but I read scripts like everyday. 


Ms. Peri, can you talk about your other work in production as a writer or actress ? (please add your location to where people can see that is in production and where to promote its release, ie Amazon, Netflix)

All my movies are on Amazon prime, imdb, and tubi. If you Google my name it comes up with my movies and links.


Ms. Peri, what are you doing to relieve stress during this time?

Reading a lot of scripts and focusing on my career.

Dreams: what project or script or actor or actress would be a dream for you to get to work with? I want to work with Ben Barnes so bad, he’s an amazing actor and singer. I think we would be great in a movie together, plus I want to sing with him so bad. I’m on a book cover and the character is about a singer who thinks that her life is jinxed because in her lufe is one tragedy after another so she goes in hiding for years until another famous singer who is a male singer wants her to collaborate with her ,but she is so scared she doesn’t know if she can ever sing again. It’s called Voice Of An Angel written by Roger Grubbs 

It will be on Amazon $2.99 Paper back $9.99 I gave him ideas of a musical movie I want and he wrote it. So for the leading male character I would love Ben Barnes. I also like James McAvoy, James Marsden, and a lot more . I have a list. But please when the book comes out buy it. The story is really great.


Ms. Peri, the classic question: what charity do you work with and can you provide a link to it so others can see too please. I used to sing at nursing homes but since covid I haven’t done it. 

Ms. Peri, what one question do you wish I had asked? And what is the answer? What obstacles stood in your way? The answer is my health in 2009 I lost my voice that they never found out exactly what happened I think my stomach sought of exploded because bile was coming up in my throat and caused polyps in my vocal chords and I lost my singing voice.

But I did my research and started doing apple cider vinegar with the mother brand. Because of the bile I lost all my muscle mass and took several years to get it back I was 90 pounds. So basically my health has caused my obstacles. 


Natalie's Early Background, Early Acting and Singing Experience, and Special Skills and Talents:

From early childhood, Natalie Peri had an innate love and passion for all facets of entertainment, including music, novels, television, movies, plays and the glamour, fashion, modeling, premieres, and excitement that accompanied all those things. Natalie was fortunate to gain a mountain of experience from the many opportunities given to her to act and sing in school plays beginning at the young age of thirteen. Natalie Peri has always wanted to be an actress, model, and singer, and now she's all of those things and much more. Natalie's an actress/singer/writer/producer who's also directed her own film projects and also has written and rewritten scenes that she was hired to perform in.

Natalie had much more in her favor than just a love and passion for the entertainment industry, she also has an abounding talent that only a few are given, such as a photographic memory which allows her to read, for the first time, a screenplay just 30 minutes to an hour before filming and deliver her lines perfectly. She can read a screenplay overnight and memorize her scenes so well that she not only knows all her lines but can help other actors with their lines as well. In addition to knowing her lines to perfection, Natalie also puts her whole heart, soul, and passion into every scene she films, and has begun to establish herself as a "one-take" talent. Her directors are blown away by her acting talent, and they call her back for new projects over and over again.

As if having a love and passion for music, film, and stage and having abounding talent were not enough, Natalie also was born with what filmmakers have grown to know as "the look" as in the nickname of "it girl" first given to the actress Clara Bow in 1927 and followed over the years with such notables as Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Liegh, and Marilyn Monroe From her early youth, Natalie has always had "the look" that draws people to her, but it has begun to show its effects more prominently within recent years. One example of this, is that her social media following has begun to grow by leaps and bounds and she's become more recognizable than ever before.

Another effect that hints that Natalie may be becoming the "it girl" of 2021 is the following. Five years ago, Natalie was receiving only an occasional uninitiated contact (perhaps maybe one such contact every three months) from a producer or director inquiring about possibly using Natalie in one of their film or TV projects. However, recently in current months, she has appeared on 10 or more interviews on internet radio talk shows. Also, more and more uninitiated producer/director contacts seem to be taking place, "completely out of the blue," weekly and sometimes daily with no effort at all on Natalie's part to initiate the contacts except for her increasing numbers of radio interviews and her posts and conversations on her social media pages with her many fans who absolutely love her.

Every one of these uninitiated contacts has the same types of responses from producers and directors who were contacting Natalie and saying that they were quite impressed with "her look" and "screen presence," saying that they have seen Natalie's photos and project announcements, her posts and responses on her social media accounts.

Natalie's Formal Preparatory Schools and Skills Training and Experience in the Performing Arts:

Natalie attended the Performing Arts High School in New York and then later attended New York's HB Studios where she received professional training in the performing arts. Natalie progressed to Community Theater and began to perfect her skills by working in Off-Broadway plays, Movies, and Television.

Natalie's Modeling and Music Career Goals:

Natalie continued to fulfill her modeling and music career goals by becoming a professional model where she was chosen to be a billboard model for Crunch Fitness and she was chosen to be a Cover Girl in Style Magazine. Natalie's music career took off when she began working professionally for five years performing for large parties and major events over Long Island, New York as part of the highly-popular duo-team called Rockin' Robin, where she gained experience singing favorites of 50s, 60s, 70s, and later periods. Beginning in 2010, Natalie has performed in over 5000 shows with Rockin' Robin, and she began posting some of her recorded shows on her social media accounts.

Some of Natalie's singing performances were before large military audiences, who were quite taken by Natalie's original song "Waiting," which tells a story of a young girl waiting for her boyfriend to come home from his deployment overseas. Her song "Waiting" touched the hearts of her military audiences, much like songs sung by famous artists did during World War 2 on USO tours in wartime areas for men who were stationed there far from home and families. Another one of the songs on Natalie's first CD was a romantic one with a salsa touch titled "True Love" that was used in Natalie's first music video filmed on a beautiful beach with Natalie strolling in the ocean surf with a handsome model.

Natalie gained tremendous acting and singing experience when she began touring with an acting company that toured all over Manhattan doing performances in stage plays. Soon after that, Natalie began to get small roles in movies and television. The songs and movie clips that Natalie posted for her social media fans had a much greater effect that Natalie anticipated, affecting fans so much that Natalie cannot even get on her media accounts without being flooded with love from her fans and praises of her work and her beauty. Natalie had no idea that she was going to have this much effect on fans, and she's constantly being told by every producer and director that she makes contact with that she's is what filmmakers say is "a natural" and she is a "natural-born star," and she has "a charisma" that cannot be learned or duplicated.

Directors see the value in putting Natalie in a starring role in their productions, and they often listen to her ideas and allow Natalie to rewrite and improve her scenes and the scenes of others. Natalie has appeared in over 30 films and she was given the lead role of a "car-jacking" character she created named "Pink" who carried a pink gun in 'StreetZ 1' and "StreetZ 2"

Natalie will never be typecast because she is so versatile. She performed a touching dramatic scene of a mother committing suicide because her child was abused. Her director praised the magnificence of Natalie's performance. On the other hand, Natalie can also provide a comedic performance that will have audiences laughing weeks and months later or she can also portray a blood-thirsty villain or assassin. Natalie recently wrote and composed the music for a song titled "Taken" for an epic four-film Sci Fi series titled "Alien Park" that deals with people abducted by Aliens from National Parks.

Natalie recently finished a film titled "Nuns 2" playing a demon hunter in a movie trilogy directed by Will Collazo and produced by Mark C. Fullhardt. She will also be working on four more film projects with Will and Mark, one of which is titled "Camp Murder 2, where Natalie will play a paranormal investigator. Natalie will soon be working in a film titled "BEG 2" with Kevin McDonald and Tony Todd, known for his highly popular horror film character "Candyman."

Natalie will play bad-girl villain Janessa Sims in an action/drama/crime TV series titled "Vice Squad," that will play all around the world. There will be different flavors of "Vice Squad" and the Janessa Sims character will appear in all of them, such as "Vice Squad N.Y." and "Vice Squad Atlanta," and "Vice Squad L.A., etc.

Natalie is in total disbelief of what's happening as she is being pursued almost daily now by directors, producers, talent agencies wanting to sign her up for project after project. Natalie has been represented for the past eight years by Manager Charles C. Brooks at Prime Film Ventures, Inc. Charles is also a co-writer along with Natalie on two upcoming film projects, "Jessica Lives," an action revenge thriller, and "Psych Ruins," a supernatural reincarnation horror film that Natalie recently started an Indiegogo campaign site for with Malaki Entertainment LLC. Natalie is also represented by Manager Kevin Cornell Kellum at Ascendant Talent Management that recently merged with Ubiquity Entertainment Corporation.

Natalie's Personal Life And Goals:

In Natalie's brief career, she has faced so many monumental and uncertain obstacles including health issues, and she has never let them stop her from moving ahead with her life and her career. She has always been one that follows to the letter the time-worn adage, "The Show Must Go On." Like everyone else, she likes to get her rest, but if a film is shooting at 3 AM, she will be there on-time, with her scenes and lines firmly fixed in her mind, and ready to film, come rain, storm, hell, and high-water.

Some people have compared Natalie Peri to Marilyn Monroe, probably because of her seemingly overnight popularity and fandom that has appeared almost magically. Natalie has always believed in "giving back" and has entertained at charity events and sung her heart out for those in need. In the first two days of 2021, Natalie was contacted "out of the blue" by one of her dedicated followers and fans asking Natalie if she would sing at their wedding. Her fan was ready to pay any cost for Natalie's travel and expenses to have Natalie be at her wedding, a film star that this woman has only known from afar virtually on a social media site. When you see fans like that appearing on your doorstep time and time again, that's when you will know that "You've Arrived" or that your "Hollywood Arrival" will be occurring in the very near future.

Some people may see Natalie as "a diva," but they are very much mistaken. In fact, Natalie is the exactly the opposite of being "a diva." She's not rich, and never was, she drives a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder, which isn't working right now. If she ever becomes wealthy, she would be happy to live not in a mansion but in a small beach house in Florida with her family, her dogs, and the dolphins. She just wants to show the world her talents and show them the love she has to offer them in her career. Natalie's talent is limitless and no one knows were that talent will lead her. She has "The Chops," as they say in the business, to entertain her audiences and fans and bring them emotions that will live on in their hearts and minds forever.

Attention Producers and Directors! In your next big film project, let your film credits begin with the words: "INTRODUCING: NATALIE PERI"