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Interview with Dennis Misigoy - US Senate candidate for Florida


Dennis Misigoy, my readers won’t know you. On a personal level? Can you tell my readers who you are?

On a personal level, I’m a husband and a father of three, the youngest son of two immigrants, a man of faith, a working man, and someone who cannot sit still on the sidelines amidst all the problems we are facing as a nation, rooted in the political system and dominant political ideologies of our time.


Mr. Misigoy, you are running for senator in Florida as a libertarian. My readers don’t know you.  So this is an open ended question. What makes you a libertarian, where can people in Florida help you, how are you personally building a community / the United States into a better place?

    What makes me a Libertarian is my recognition that upholding individual natural rights (life, liberty, and property) is the highest political principle and the best way to bring peace and prosperity to the greatest number of people possible. 

People in Florida and anywhere in the US can help by connecting with me through my website (https://www.misigoy.com/get-involved), to volunteer or donate.

In my current capacity, the most personal thing I am doing to make my community and the nation a better place is raising my kids. Family is the core building block of society because it serves in an indispensable role – to prepare the next generation. Our communities are made up of people, and what we teach younger generations will have an impact that far outlasts us as individuals.


Mr. Misigoy, what libertarian’s policies that you would represent to people to think about that would make them consider you for as a senator?

    A foreign policy of peace with a significant reduction in military spending, in stark contrast to bipartisan interventionism and their support for ever increasing spending. Fiscal responsibility overall. Transparency in government – taxpayers have an inherent right to know how the government is spending their money and voters need to know what they’re doing in order to hold elected officials accountable. A return to adherence to the US Constitution, specifically the limits it places on the federal government, especially as defined in the Bill of Rights, and the 10th Amendment in particular.


Mr. Misigoy, what have you done for Florida?  Meaning what group of people outside of the libertarian party are supporting your run for senate?

    In the November 2016 General Election, I was elected to a seat on the board of supervisors in the special taxing district in which I used to live. I served my community there up until Jan of 2021, and during my time I was able to succeed in halting a number of unpopular building projects, saving a significant amount of the district’s modest funds, as well as increasing transparency by making board meetings more accessible for residents. At this early stage, I think it’s fair to say that my support comes primarily from Libertarians and those who know me outside of politics.


Mr. Misigoy, who would benefit from you being a senator. Meaning the meme’s joking aside of senators should wear advertisements from their campaign donors. Who specifically do you see your policies helping and how?

    Really anyone being adversely affected by government policies. This includes everyone from peaceful citizens targeted by law enforcement over victimless crimes, military service men and women who are being sent overseas to fight in conflicts which have nothing to do with our nation’s security, would be entrepreneurs whose ability to innovate is stifled by needless regulations, and the average American worker just trying to save up for retirement who has the value of their savings being stolen away by inflation. My policies would help all of these people by eliminating the government forces which are harming each of them in different ways.


Mr. Misigoy, campaign donors.  What five ideas / policies would make a Democrat donate to you?  What five ideas / policies would make a Republican vote donate to you?


  1. Ending Qualified Immunity
  2. Cutting Military Spending
  3. Ending the War on Drugs
  4. Ending Civil Asset Forfeiture
  5. Bring All American Troops Home


  1. Opposition to all COVID related restrictions imposed or incentivized by government
  2. Cutting Overall Spending (fiscal responsibility)
  3. Opposition to Socialism and Support for Free Markets
  4. Upholding the Second Amendment, especially opposing Red Flag Laws like those sponsored by incumbent Senator Marco Rubio.
  5. Upholding the Bill of Rights and defunding any agency or program that subverts it, especially by exerting undue influence on the sovereign states. 


Mr. Misigoy, libertarian party itself how will you demonstrate your parties responsibility to the community of Florida? And since you could be a US senator to the United States as a whole?

    As an elected official and as a Libertarian, my responsibility is to uphold the individual rights of every American to their Life, Liberty, and Property as well as uphold the Constitution of the United States. If elected, I will demonstrate this with a solemn commitment to vote against any bill which contains unconstitutional measures, violate the basic rights of Americans, or increase spending. I will offer legislation or amendments to defund or eliminate any agencies that engage in unconstitutional behavior, halt any programs that do likewise, and reassert the proper, limited role that the federal government should play.


Mr. Misigoy, what one bill would you think most of Florida would appreciate being passed by you as a senator?

    I believe that most Floridians and most Americans in general would appreciate a bill I would like to pass that would involve the release of unredacted versions of all classified documents pertaining to the actions of the federal government five years after their creation. American taxpayers have a right to know everything the federal government is doing with their money and the knowledge of what the government is doing is essential for every American voter who wishes to make an informed choice in each election. A lag time of five years is given to allow for any potential safety concerns for specific personnel, but redacted versions of documents within that time frame can still be released if needed. The need for greater transparency in government is recognized almost universally across all political divisions. 


Ms. Misigoy, what charity do you work with? Please provide a link to it.

    Most of my charitable giving and service has been through my Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (lds.org). In addition to that, I am a sponsor with ChildFund International & have been a recurring donor with some other charities in the past.


Mr. Misigoy, what question do you wish I had asked and what is the answer to that question?


Why is it important for you to run this race given the odds against any third party candidate?

    For starters, I believe that it is essential for every voter in Florida to have a serious alternative to Republicans and Democrats on the ballot, and I believe it is doubly so in this particular race. The likely nominees from those parties, Senator Rubio & Congresswoman Demings, are simply unacceptable. They have consistent track records of expanding government power and increasing government spending in the absolute worst of ways, undermining the rights of Americans and irresponsibly managing the nation’s resources. They epitomize the establishment that has created so many of the biggest problems Americans face today. While I believe that the current conflict over mandates and other COVID related policies will be resolved positively through mass non-compliance across most of the nation, I fear that if we keep the same two party establishment in power after this passes that it will only be a matter of time until they leverage the next crisis into another power grab at the expense of everyday Americans, including us here in Florida.