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Kris Felti, my one reader or readers depending on the day will not know you. Tell them about yourself.
Hello, I was not born alone. My sister was born twenty minutes after me. We have been inseparable ever since. We went to kindergarten and school together. We learned the same profession and studied engineering together at the technical college. Our children are the same age. I have loved writing since I was young. Now that my three children have grown up, I dedicate myself to this love again. So far I have written two children's books and a volume of poetry. 
My twin sister has been writing thrillers for about twenty years. 

Ms. Felti, what one story do you wish everyone knew about you. That makes you. Well, you?
I took a Nigerian student into my family three years ago. He was a math graduate and had no prospects in his home country. He lived with us for two years as my African son with my grown-up son and my seventeen-year-old daughter and studied for a master's degree at the Technical University in Dresden. He now lives in the state of Bavaria in Würzburg to do his doctorate at the University of Würzburg. I am proud of him as he is my own Child. His parents, who live in Nigeria, and I have a warm friendship.

Ms. Felti, as an author what was the funnest job you did in your writing? I do not have an answer

Ms. Felti, As an author what would you recommend authors or writers to do?
I don't know whether I am predestined to make a recommendation, as other authors can certainly look back on longer experiences. But if a young person asked me how to write books, I would say, "Write with your heart."
What have you been reading? What is your favorite book or series?
I haven't read any books in the past few years. In my job in information and communication management, I read so much every day that I just want to switch off in the evening. I have started writing again since last year, when the pandemic started. That is the balance to my work at the desk in the home office. In my childhood I loved Alexandre Dumas.

Ms. Felti, can you talk about your future project?
A few days ago I finished my book project: "Sing with me, beyond national borders". More than twenty poets from all over the world have submitted their poems. I am very proud to be able to inspire so many poets for this project. I am curious whether our joint book of poems will be successful.

What has made you happy in this life? 
I found a new family in Egypt two years ago. The warmth and love with which I was welcomed made me humble and happy. I haven't had parents for many years. All of a sudden I have a caring baba again. Even if the culture in Egypt differs from the German culture, I immediately felt at home in Egypt.

What are you writing about now? Along with what is your dream project or who you would like to work with? I have finished the children's book "Gerry Christmas - a ladybug at the North Pole" and am still waiting for an offer from a children's book publisher. The book is about a ladybug that lives at the North Pole. His parents and grandfather had to leave their homeland Egypt 60 years ago because there was no longer any livelihood for them. They were strangers at the North Pole. But they didn't feel like strangers, because despite their difference, the elves and gnomes in Christmas City recognized them as equal residents. The ladybug is now a teacher. https://www.krisfelti-buch-und-lyrik.com/

The classic question is what is your charity and please talk about it along with sharing a link to the charity. 
For many years I sponsored two girls from Nicaragua in World Vision

Ms. Felti, what question did you wish I had asked? And what is the answer to that question?
When you asked what I would like for the future, I would answer: I want the countries of this world (including the European Union) to finally stop thinking in terms of national borders and nationalities. Everyone must have the right to choose where they want to live. Especially people from poor countries, who see their lives threatened every day due to wars and natural disasters, should find a new home. Every child should have a happy childhood and a hopeful future.