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Interview with Don Blankenship head of the Constitution party candidate for President.

Don Blankenship

Don Blankenship as head of the Constitution party. Tell people about yourself.

I am a relative newcomer to the Party. I chose to join the CP when the Republican Party left me and my views. The CP best fit my views of what the country needed to do to get back on track.

Don, what made you go into politics?

Mostly frustration with the condition of West Virginia. Last in education, health, opportunity and jobs, and first in drug abuse deaths, cancer, obesity, etc. I felt I could make a difference and I believe that I did.

Don, what story do you wish everyone would know about you?

Basically that I am a down to earth loyal concerned American with a strong desire to make the country and Americans lives better

Don, what are you happiest you have accomplished in your life?

I have done and stood for what I believe in even when I knew it would hurt me to do so. Being honest and doing the right thing even it meant I would be shot at, lose a job, be defamed, or likely lose the battle. Being different.

While you are the leader of the constitution political machine, the policies stated online are there. What policy outside those stated do you think will help the most people? And how would you do it? And how will you support say another president in doing that to help the United States?

The thing that will help people is honesty and truth and commitment to country. The Constitution is essentially that and so the Party is pretty much in line with what I believe to be most important.

What one thing can you say you have done that has helped people?

The biggest thing I have done is rid West Virginia of far left corrupt Democrat control of West Virginia including destroying the United Mine Workers.

What outside of politics are you doing during the lockdown?

Mostly personal things. Also pursuing the lawsuit for defamation against most all major media outlets which if I win could lessen the lies which are so unfair to the American people. Lies that result in bad policy and a declining America.

What long-term goal other than winning the presidency are you looking to accomplish?

Stay healthy and alive so that I can continue to contribute in a positive way to the well-being of America and Americans and my posterity.

What question do you wish I had to ask? And what is that answer?

Question. What could you do to help put America back on track?

Answer: Report the truth as best you know it and set an example for others to follow.

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