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Corporations paying for women to kill their babies to save money is not something I ever expected to be a left wing position

"I ain't going nowhere like I'm Tim Pool's beanie." ✌🏾 Hat by @Timcast Lyrics by @LegendaryEnergy

The Biden Administration is undermining our democracy by weaponizing law enforcement to go after political opponents, believing the “end justifies the means.” These are characteristics of a dictatorship/banana republic—not a democracy.
Ghislane Maxwell didn't kill herself!
I think the reason internet women use the word Incel so much, even towards married men or guys in relationships, is because they go through so many metres of dick a day that compared to them everyone is practically the virgin Mary.
Once again, we’re subjected to an onslaught of sanctimonious moral grandstanding. …from the most morally vacuous political movement in modern history.