Admitting you're wrong is a sign of intelligence, not ignorance.
capitalism was too successful we have fat homeless people
Anybody who puts pronouns in their bio, is mentally retarded & should be treated as such.

Snuggle the wounded

Stop calling people 'the unvaccinated'. Everybody was 'the unvaccinated' a mere 12 months ago. It's not some new, dangerous species. 🤣 It's a rhetorical weapon to divide, demonise, and dehumanise normal people. Stop falling for every trick. In analyzing the timeline of events after the sexual revolution, the sexualization of children has been accepted because we've been groomed for decades.
All innovation is preceded by dissent on the status quo.
Going live with Libby Emmons and Christian Toto
"Are They Censoring Terrorists or Pedophiles?" - Aaron Rodgers Drops The Mic on Covid Censorship; Takes Shot At Biden's Legitimacy As President - "I Guess He Got 81 Million Votes"

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