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Don't be this guy

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In a video originally posted to her Instagram that went viral on Twitter over a year later, Canadian actress Jennifer Gibson revealed that she was suffering from Bell鈥檚 palsy two weeks after taking the vaccine, before going on to say she would take the shot again. https://summit.news/2022/09/30/canadian-actress-reveals-she-has-bells-palsy-two-weeks-after-vax-says-she-would-take-it-again/

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What is happening in Florida is terrible which is why its so important to support a president who is taking the initiative and sending billions of dollars to Ukraine

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Timo Burnham
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kinda want this shirt

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Global Thermonuclear War incoming

neutronboar 馃
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Scifi helmet H

Some practice drawing #neutronboar #scifi #humanmadeart #art

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being dissatisfied is their entire life

Bill Ottman
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Bidden runs away after get asked about northstream 2.....

James Lindsay
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ESG is a scam and corporations know it. Their behavior is only explainable by recognizing they're under the grip of a cartel. The cartel just doesn't want you to own a car at all. They want perfectly predictable and nudgeable consumers and perfectly controllable populations.