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Interview with Actress, Burlesque Dancer, and Singer Yasmine Vine.

Yasmine Vine for those that will be reading my blog. They probably do not know your work. Your dancing, singing, music, actress work, your history of your life. Could you summarize your life for my reader.

• I grew up in Tehran- Iran and was a devout Muslim. I moved to America for college and I started my career as a burlesque dancer then I went into Music and Acting

So,  I have known you for almost now six years. Time flies when you are with me. I notice some new music projects on imdb. What is it about? What is inspiring you to sing these days?

• My new song is titled “Social Distance” and I just completed the Music Video for it!

I had close to 900 people submit to be in sending homemade video clips of themselves in quarantine. Here is the youTube link for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edb8KEZmYVQ

The current conditions inspire me to sing daily to uplift my mood and keep myself happy during Quarantine.

I see that you were looking for a new home. Did you find one?

Not yet! I am hoping to by the end of the year.

On a personal note, what is your favorite book, movie, song? And why?

My favorite Movie is Clueless! It is what inspired me to move to America!

I don’t have a favorite book but I do like the books “Conversations with God” , “Bergdorff Blondes” and I am currently reading memoirs by Elizabeth Taylor and Mae West.

Your dancing has intrigues me. What got you started in that profession?

I really came here to be a singer. I was shy on stage when I first started so I went into Burlesque!

Not only did I find burlesque incredibly fascinating but I also knew that if I could master being a burlesque dancer I would lose all my inhibitions as a singer and master the stage! I thought if I, a former Muslim, could be a burlesque dancer then I could do ANYTHING!

What is your current project? What has got you moving these days?

My current project has been my song “Social Distance” which has received SO MUCH support from the community! After writing and recording the song and doing the Music Video we are now working on a Remix of the song as well as a new music video for the remix! So it is very exciting!

Life at this time in reality is alive for several reasons. What opinions would you be willing to share?

I think this is a great time for people to take a break of how their lives have been and to focus and contribute time to what they really love to do and to go inward.

What would be your dream job position or project or what is your goal that you want to achieve?

I am currently in my dream job as a music artist! I would just like to make a very good and substantial living at it so that I may continue to create and get people involved and inspire and entertain!

A final question. What question do you wish I had asked and did not? Could you ask it for me and answer it?

I think all of your questions were great and I enjoyed answering them! They were relevant to our current times and was focused on my current projects!

If I had to come up with an additional question it would be what were/are your favorite experiences as a performer thus far?

My answer would be:

I have several and they keep coming! I thoroughly enjoy ALL my live performances and the process of creating music and shows. I also enjoy the growth and process of my career and that it is always advancing and growing. It is very satisfying to see my growth throughout the years.

I would have to say my most exciting performances have been:

• Singing at Vancouver Gay Pride

• Singing back up for a very famous Perisan Singer named Andy at the famous Dolby Theater

• My Burlesque debut in Los Angeles

• My music artist debut in Hollywood

There are many regular venues here in Los Angeles I perform in and I LOVE them dearly and love being a part of the creative performers community.

I really love my career!

Thank you

Yasmine Vine