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Interview with Dan Hughes



Dan Hughes, What is your message in your music? 

I started the music project 'DHT' in 2016 and the message has always been to write song from the truth and from the heart. We love records that have have the feel of the room in them, modern records these days are over produced at times and have no soul doesnt matter if there is bum note in a record as long as you mean it. 

Dan Hughes, are you touring or planning to share more videos/music soon? 

Before the pandemic i had done tours to support  our debut album 'Neil' in  both Europe and Asia. We have a new EP coming out the end of the month with Taiwan based artist 'C Drop'. I am currently working on Dream Pop EP called 'Sunflowers'. Below is a link to my website where you can checkout new music and videos. 

Dan Hughes, everyone has that one story they wished everyone know obut. Can you tell my readers that story?

I dont know i have many stories i have been lucky enough to travel the world playing music, my favourtie part of the world is South Korea the people there are so loving and kind. 

Dan Hughes, do you feel that certain platforms that are using free content provided by their users are censoring people and why?

The Internet needs revamp so people can make proper livings from it with the increased involvment in AI.

Dan Hughes, from your perspective what ideology or ideas do you have that you feel are being hidden by the platforms? What have you started to do about it?

I think there is a alternative way to reach people outside the mainstream thought, its just about finding your own way to reach people. 

Dan Hughes, what are your political thoughts at present on free speech in America?
I have no comment on this tbh.