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Interview with Phil Collins candidate for President Prohibition Party

Phil Collins as the head of the Prohibition party. Tell people about yourself.

I have a B.A. in political science, and I’m working on a Masters in Public Administration. I was in the navy for 21 years, including six months near Baghdad. I worked for a public relations company, as an account executive, for almost six years. In 2013, when I lived near Mundelein, Illinois, I ran for Libertyville Township trustee, in nonpartisan race. Six candidates ran for four seats. I spent about $10, on my campaign, and I defeated two incumbents. In 2019, when I lived in Las Vegas, I ran for mayor, in a nonpartisan race. The race had seven candidates, and I was in second place.

Mr. Collins, what made you go into politics?

When I was 13, in 1980, I watched the republican and democrat conventions and decided that I wanted to run for office to try to help people, if I get elected.

Mr. Collins, what story do you wish everyone would know about you?

I met my wife, Nicole, because I replied to her craigslist personals ad.

Mr. Collins, what are you happiest you have accomplished in your life?

I’m happy that I was able to win an election, without spending much money. I hope that will encourage many other candidates.

While you are the leader of the Prohibition political machine, the policies stated online are there. What policy outside those stated do you think will help the most people? And how would you do it? And how will you support say another president in doing that to help the United States?

I think it would help if we encourage the president and Congress to eliminate spending that isn’t mentioned in the Constitution. Since the federal government would need less money, Congress should cut tax rates. If another president proposes a similar bill, I’ll write to several senators and representatives and ask them to vote for that bill.

What one thing can you say you have done that has helped people?

While I was a township trustee, I voted on which charities would get township money.

What outside of politics are you doing during the lockdown?

I’m taking a college course, online. It’s the last class, for my master’s degree.

What long-term goal other than winning the presidency are you looking to accomplish? Earning my master’s degree.

What question do you wish I had to ask? And what is that answer?

I can’t think of any.