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Interview with Landyn Banx

1. Most of my readers will not know you. Can you please tell the story of how you got into acting and where you are currently at?

I fell in love with acting in the first grade when I played a frog in “The Little Red Hen.” That was followed by playing Bob Cratchit in “A Christmas Carol’ in sixth grade. Flash forward to 2006 when I went on a blind audition for a feature anthology horror film called Tales of the Dead by Haunted Autumn Productions. I was amazed when I found out that I won a leading role in that film. From there I started auditioning on a regular basis and that led to one film offer after another. Before I knew it I was appearing in feature/short/student films, commercials, infomercials and music videos. The past fifteen years have flown by and I’m amazed that I have accumulated over 125 acting projects on my resume. Currently I am working on several projects. I play a dad/doctor for the first time in the film Confessions of a High School Troublemaker, filming later this year. I also have a small part in the feature film Through Eyes of Grace filming this fall. Aside from that I am working on my first children’s book, “Dinah’s Birthday,” and am hoping to have that finished before the year is over. In addition to acting I am also a singer/songwriter. I released my holiday album, Christmas, in 2020 and am getting ready to go back into the recording studio this year to record a cover version of the song “Sissy Boys” by all around entertainer Donny West. I look forward to working on more fun and exciting projects in the years ahead and enjoy every minute of pursuing my dream of being an artist!! 

2. Mr. Banx, can you tell us that one story you wish everyone knew about yourself? You know the one that if you had to introduce yourself to people that story? 

The story I wish everyone knew about me would be that I am a simple person at heart and all I want to do is make people laugh and bring joy and smiles into their lives through the art that I have been fortunate enough to create with others. I would also tell people that I am an example that hard work and determination to follow their dreams can pay off in the end. They just have to stay focused and keep the end goal in sight and work everyday on achieving that goal!! Stay positive and good things will come their way!! 

3. Mr. Banx, you are filming Christmas Slasher. Can you talk about what you are doing and share any trailers or teasers for my readers? 

I’d be delighted to talk about Christmas Slasher. I met the director Destiny Soria several years ago on the set of a music video. We hit it off and stayed in touch. In May of 2017 she asked me to be a part of her short film “Wolf Trap.” Awhile after that she got in touch with me for a role in her feature film Christmas Slasher. In that movie I play the role of Landyn, who is a Hunter in northern MN. I add some comic relief to the horror film in my portrayal of a know-it-all guy on a hunting trip with his college buddy Devon. We filmed my scenes in Duluth, MN in near freezing temperatures. Aside from the chilly temps, I was able to cross off an item on my bucket list by shooting a real gun filled with blanks during the filming. It was quite an adrenaline rush!! Stay tuned for Christmas Slasher slashing your way by year’s end!! Check out the teaser for Christmas Slasher below:

4. Mr. Banx, you are in the entertainment industry. What part of the business do you like the most? 

The thing I like the most about being in the entertainment industry is the creative process itself when I am on a film set or in the recording studio. I love being in the moment and letting the artistic process play out. I love working with other entertainers and bouncing ideas off of each other. This can lead to some great organic art, which oftentimes can be exactly what is needed. I also love seeing how something that I’ve helped to create can help move others and make them feel something. 

5. Mr. Banx, what genre of movies are you into or would you say you want to be a part of? What scripts or movies do you have a desire to read or produce or perform in?

I love all sorts of movies and genres!! My favorite genres to watch are classic movies, LGBT movies and horror movies. My favorite genres to act in are

comedy and horror movies!! I have a desire to read scripts that are original and unique with characters in them that are realistic and believable. I’m always interested in reading scripts from up and coming directors as well as established directors. I would love to produce my own life story one day and recall my life’s experiences during the process!!

6. Mr. Banx, during this time of lockdown these interviews are to help people find new books, movies, etc to look into. What has been your entertainment or what books/movies would you suggest?

During this time of lockdown I have been able to binge several shows!! I watched Glee for the first time, albeit a bit late!! Loved it!! I also got into RuPaul’s Drag Race for the first time. I also love watching true crime shows as well. I’ve only been to the theater a few times as of late but I loved Wonder Woman 1984 and enjoyed the action of Godzilla Vs. Kong. For books I read Through Eyes of Grace by Dave Payton. I also film scenes for the movie version being made from the book this fall. 

7. Mr. Banx, please tell my readers about each of your movies and provide links to the movies you are in. 

I have been fortunate to appear in over 100 movies between feature/short/student films. I have acted in all sorts of movie genres such as comedy, drama, horror, and action/adventure. Several of the films I appear in can be viewed on Amazon Prime:


For a complete list of my films check out my IMDb page or search for Landyn Banx on YouTube. 


8. Mr. Banx, the Classic question, what charity do you support? Can you provide a link to it and explain your reason for supporting that charity?

I love being able to give back!! A few of the local charities I have supported recently are the Lift Garage in South Minneapolis. The Lift Garage is a non-profit that serves low income families who need affordable car repair. I support this charity because it helps families get back on the road and get to work in order to make an income to support their loved ones:


I also support Lutheran Campus Ministry at the U of M. This is a non-profit organization that serves young adult Christians to help them grow in their faith. I support this charity because I believe that by learning good values and morals and instilling them in our young adults we will be able to help make society better in the long run.


I also help to promote LGBTQIA+ issues via my social media pages in order to help create awareness that can bring about positive change in the community. In the future I also want to support HIV/AIDS research in order to help find a cure for this dreadful disease. 

9. Mr. Banx, what is your dream project? With whom do you want to work with or if you start to direct what genre of work or film project would your future projects be or what type of movies?

My dream film project would be a leading role in a superhero movie. I’ve always loved superheroes and having a secret identity. I would love to be on a harness and fly in this dream project as well. I would like this to be a big budget movie with lots of special effects. Another dream project I would want to be involved with would be playing a victim in a Friday the 13th film. For a singing dream project I would love to collaborate and sing a duet with my favorite singer Amy Grant. I would also love to duet with Cyndi Lauper as well. If I were to direct I would love to direct a documentary of some sort and also direct my life story to ensure it would be told accurately. I would also want to direct a psychological thriller too!!

10. Mr. Banx, what question do you wish I had asked? And what is the answer to that question?

The question I wished that you would have asked me is this: What inspires you to create art and why do you do it? The answer to that question is simple. I am inspired to create art, be it films, songs, etc., because I love to move people and get them to look inward at themselves and feel something. If I am able to move someone to laughter or tears due to something that I have created my job as an artist is done. Thanks so much for interviewing me Clinton!! I appreciate it!! 


Landyn Banx