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Damon King Actor 

David Webb - Actor, Producer, Personal Trainer, Playgirl model

Harley Wallen Actor, and Producer

Interview with James Atkins

Joel D Wynkoop actor director

Michael Joy Actor, and Producer

Landyn Banx Actor

Lee Turner Actor, and Host

Michael S. Rodriguez Actor, and Producer

Owen Mulligan Actor, and Director

Dr. Pandey Pt Kartikeya Actor, Chemist, and Lawyer

Raj Jawa Actor, and Producer 

Richard Rossi actor director

Sean Foster Actor, Director, Editor, and Writer


Angelina Danielle Cama Actress

Anne Stradler Actress, and Theater 

Augie Duke Actress

Bebita Ndongo Macías actress author

Bessy Adut Actress, Director, and Writer

Dawna Lee Heising Actress and Beauty Queen 

Destiny Soria Actress, and Producer

Greta Blackburn Actress,  Health Expert and Business Founder

Ines Segura aspiring Actress and Model

Jenifer Yeuroukis Director, Dancer, and Actress

Judy Cerda Actress, Dancer and Singer

Kaiti Wallen Actress, Producer,and Writer

Kimberly Cole Zemke Actress, Business Woman, Producer, Model, and Writer

Kristna Saikia Actress, Dancer, and  Model

 Jasmine Anderson Actress

Liisa Evastina Actress, Writer, and Producer

Lydia Mason Actress and Model

Nicole Butler  Actress Producer

Nicole Holt Actress

Marchella Renee and Jonni Sandor actresses, director, writer.

Mindy Dougherty Actress and Author

Interview with Ms. Mirou Actress, Comedian

Actress Producer Nicole Butler Vegas

Renee Gelinas Actess, Interviewer, and director

Sammie Lei actress director and writer

Sharon Rose Gabet Actress, actor, a registered nurse and certified yoga teacher

Sparkle Soojin Actress

Tess Broussard Actress and Model

Yasmine Vine Actress, Dancer and Singer

Yvette Fintland Actress, Producer, and Writer


Bessy Adult on  Women's Agency for Writers, Directors and etc


Gary Raisor Author Actor

Kris Felti Author 

Leslie K. Siegel Author Producer

Mark Knight author

Marina von Neumann Whitman Author first lady GM vice President.

Rosemary Tantra Bensko author and singer 

Block chain / Technologist:

Alex Norta

Professor Alex Norta on healt


Blogger / Producer:

Catherine Corella(Catherine) Blogger and Producer


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Joe Walter




Catherine Corella Town Clerk 

Howie Hawkins on 2020 run for Presidency

Phil Collins on his run for council



Don Blankenship Candidate for President Constitution Party Candidate

Phil Collins - Candidate for President Prohibition Party

Part 2 Phil Collins - Candidate for President Prohibition Party

Prohibition Statement Release on protest

John Richard Myers Candidate for President Alaska Constitution Party.

Vice President

Interview with Billy Joe Parker  Prohibition candidate for Vice President

Interview with  Eric Bodenstab Unity Party candidate for Vice President

Interview with William Mohr  Constitution Party candidate for Vice President

Running for Senate

Marcia Squier Candidate for Senator of Michigan Green Party

Follow up with Marcia Squier for Senator of Michigan Green Party Candidate

Ran for Congress

David Giles about his run for congress

Closing 2020 campaign statements

Campaign 2020 Closing Statement from Don Blackenship

Campaign 2020 Closing Statement from J.R.Myers

Campaign 2020 Closing Statement from Phil Collins





Billy Pon 

Christ Sanders

Christan van Slyke

Katherine Wilson actress, Author, casting director, producer, writer

Rob Ceus

Director Rob Ceus on Sector 9 film festivals

Director Harley Wallen on Tale of Tails and Ash and Bone



Elana Crandall


Film Festivals:


DESPINA MIROU:a genius actress nominated for an Oscar with RIDLEY SCOTT

Despina Mirou on her latest news

Dawna Lee Heising lastest news.

Tale of Tails nominated for Globe award.

Tale of Tails and Ash and Bones


Rosie Andlauer

Touring Musician / Musician

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Yasmine  Vine on her new songs.

Zsa Zsa Delacroix

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https://1lib.us/ (library) free books 5 free downloads a day 

http://radio.garden/search (radio) listen to radio stations around the world https://www.courtlistener.com/ (court doc) US Court Documents

 https://archive.org/index.php (internet archive) Internet archive of lost or censored information https://www.westonaprice.org/category/our-blogs/recipe-of-the-week/ Weston Price recipes and food that gives you life 

http://www.rexresearch.com/invnindx.htm#subject Patents tell you a lot about what tech already exists 

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Performing artists are breathing a dream of imagination daily when upon their stage in life. The audience filters through the performance, sometimes understanding what is going on, other times interpreting something totally different, and then there is the audience that needs someone to explain to them what their senses are feeling. This is but a flash of insight. The whole galaxy is a performance. The viewer, whether celestial or mortal, watches from sleeping children to singing birds to the wind, making music within the tree tops. The more colorful the scenes, the more attune the performance becomes until a story of the performance comes out and tells a story. A story of a little baby sleeping with a warm wing of a mother bird gently chirping, telling the little chick to sleep. The momentary bird snoozes. Did the brain dream while napping carrying out even a greater appearance for those that can read dreams? This goes to the question of if all life is but a stage to act upon to show what life is about. Does that signify that performances are the gist or significant part of life? That life, the living of life and how that life is played out had been meaning, and that meaning is the gist of life is a potential answer to the question. What is the purpose of life? This gives meaning to a specific ideology or theology and goes to the point of saying, “do not be afraid.” For life, being meaningful art means that all life is performing as Shakespeare says, “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player. That struts and frets his hour upon the stage. And then is heard no more. It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” Thus, to the experience of life. Does all ideology and theology then point to the way to live life to go boldly into the shadows and fear not? Epitomized for the watchers of the performance, may they choose to see a different take one with fear, or not one with love and hope or not? History does prove the thought of going boldly forth. Churchill, Patton, Theodore Roosevelt, all legends of our near pastime who feared little and changed the course of history. World War II an evil genius an artist to be told with a wicked plan unfolded 12 years of a different tale. Then Churchill Patton went after saying evil a gallant tale. However, if you are a great player or performer, one forgets even past participates where both Churchill and Patton played in World War I, secretary of the navy, and American cavalry officers. Odds were against them and yet a miracle happened in Africa throughout Europe. The same for Teddy, who lost all went west, remade himself boldly, formed an army and conquered the tired empire of Spain. What if Shakespeare had life significance right all those years ago that we are all poor players upon the stage of life and yet if we are bold we could go where no man has gone before? Humor what if life’s performance is reviewed life the Nelson’s ratings? Our watchers all happily watching our performance against pain or misery or happiness to a point. The ratings being a granted miracle or sudden dismiss of the show. Performance key points all then already know. Be kind to people like affection in shows. Be polite for rating’s sake of the show. Be bold, for the majority of the world knows that few key players break these odds to continue to the next show. This goes back to the question about the performance of life. To be great, to make the next scene to change history, one must be bold. As if life is within an artist’s dream. Maybe Robert Frost is right “Freedom lies in being bold.” The global audience's sudden viewing odds of the performance changing from sweet happy life to a dreary ending. What is art but the performance of a bold act to change the present to something within a performance? Thus, the impression that is imagined within an artist since we are all artists performing is such different at each stage of life. Maybe up until a person realizes they are on their own stage walking up to that moment where destiny calls for boldness and yet what shows either will make the next scene or the performer is cut. Is that liberty called freedom? For boldness can be taught the Spartan of history has shown that. Is Shakespeare something that is forgotten when people question their meaning in life? Without the realization that their meaning in life comes from what their actions are doing in that present life. Behold performers of life be bold, for the audience of the universe is the critic. I am a reader, writer, dancer, rum-drinker, memorize (who has lost his mind or memory), book-collector, pink alien, and optimist. I love to read fantasy, memoir, and sci-fi... and I am awkward at small talk. Nowadays, I am also a priest of sorts. https://dudeism.com/ordcertificate/?ordname=Clinton%20Robert%20Siegle&orddate=07/02/2020 and an avid time traveler https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1235346620230565888 I write about what I see, mostly. My fiction and fantasy shorts got me into thinking of changing reality. In June through mid July, I directed produced wrote 30 plus very short films because I had taken on an interview requiring my use of YouTube. From June 25 to date I got 6 into a film festival. Some people forget my poetry and autograph collection, which changes too. https://www.poemhunter.com/clinton-siegle/ My dream? ‘Tis similar to Mark Twain’s quote “Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.” A bit of my writing can be found here. https://blog.reedsy.com/creative.../author/clinton-siegle/ While a bit more can be found here. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blogs