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Leave it to someone in Chicago to screw up saying beetle juice three times in a row during Halloween

That Fermalab town-site Bavaria Illinois is running as fast as it can fail is in the direct proportion to the number of shooting deaths occurring each week.

Meaning?  The super collider hiding underground Chicago switches out souls each night with the residences above it.  That somehow one of the cERNs failed to respond and started the end of the time of tribulation is kind of relief for tired souls.

Each night they ask which is a kind of sad. Why is it people are killing each other? Imagine you were living in one reality with someone you hated so much and suddenly end up in another reality where that person has no clue why you hate them?

Soul transplanting is occurring and that the souls are getting tired and meaner as I go back in time, verifies my speculations made earlier in a future reality where that reality no longer exists. But you said future.  Yes. A matter of seconds earlier where a galaxy was sped up so fast that one second was billions of years here. And those souls caught in this transfer process are going home.

That they have warned me not to change things is a kind of sad. I see so much potential and yet I see the truth of what is going on and wonder. 

That this is the past. That this reality is reanimated for this day for my soul to transfer backwards in time is absurd in yet something that was straight in my world now is at an 88 to 89 percent angel to a straight line which I knew a long, long time a go or matter of moments depending on how one looks at a closed time curved loop reality I suppose.

The end of time. That I am not who I was is kind of sad. I wonder what I could have been?

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