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“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

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Links to Free eBook Resources

These eBooks are all free, so you can download as many as you want.

  • Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg was the first to supply free ebooks, and today they have almost 30,000 free titles in stock.
  • Free-eBooks.net: Besides browsing topics such as biography, fan fiction, games, history, or tutorials, you can submit your own ebook, too.
  • ManyBooks.net: You can conduct an advanced search, type in a title or author, browse categories or select books by language, from Finnish to Bulgarian to Catalan to Swedish.
  • DailyLit: Get free downloads sent to your email by RSS feed.
  • iBiblio: Find archives, ebooks, tutorials, language books, and more from iBiblio.
  • Authorama: This public domain book site has a wide variety of ebooks for free, by Lewis Carroll, Emerson, Kafka, and more.
  • Bartleby: While Bartleby charges for some titles, it has a free ebook store here.
  • bibliomania: You will find over 2,000 classic texts from bibliomania, plus study guides, reference material and more.
  • Baen Free Library: You can download ebooks for HTML, RTF, Microsoft Reader and for Palm, Psion, and Window CE.
  • eReader.com: eReader.com has many classic lit selections for free.
  • Read Print Library: These novels and poems are all free.
  • ebook Directory: From children's books to IT books to literature to reference, you'll find lots of free titles and book packages here.
  • Planet PDF: Planet PDF has made available classic titles like Anna Karenina and Frankenstein for free.
  • Get Free Ebooks: This website has free ebooks in categories from writing to environment to fiction to business, plus features and reviews.
  • Globusz: There are no limits on the number of free books you can download on this online publishing site.
  • eBookLobby: You'll find lost of self-help, hobby and reference books here, plus children's fiction and more.
  • Bookyards: This online "library to the world" has over 17,000 ebooks, plus links to other digital libraries.
  • The Online Books Page: You'll be able to access over 35,000 free ebooks from this site, powered by the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Starry.com: These novels and anthologies were last updated in 2006, but you'll still find an interesting selection of online and virtual novels.

eBook Readers

Get reviews and product information for all kinds of ebook readers, including the Kindle.

About eBooks

These links will connect you to ebook news, new title releases, and ereader information.

  • TeleRead: This blog shares news stories about ebooks and digital libraries.
  • MobileRead Forums: Learn about new ebook releases, clubs, and readers.
  • E-book News: Technology Today has made room for a whole section on ebook news.
  • Ebook2u.com: Get the latest headlines about readers, troubleshooting, titles, and more.
  • The eBook coach: Learn how to write a successful ebook.

Audio and Mobile

Get ebooks on your iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Palm, or other mobile device.

  • Feedbooks: You can download books for any mobile device here.
  • Books in My Phone: Read ebooks on a java-enabled phone when you download them here. You can also manage a reading list.
  • Barnes & Noble eBooks: Get NYT titles, new releases and more for your iPhone, BlackBerry, or computer.
  • MemoWare: Get literature, poetry, and reference books for your PDA.
  • Audible.com: Here you can download books to your iPod or mp3 player.
  • iTunes: iTunes has audiobooks for iPhones and iPods.
  • LibriVox: Get free audio book files on this site, or volunteer to record your narration for other books.
  • eReader.comMobile: Get the mobile-friendly version of eReader.com here.

Business and Education

Turn to these ebook lists and resources for help with classes and your career.


Keep up with ebook news, new titles, ereaders, and more by following these Twitter feeds.

  • @AnEbookReader: Get tech reviews, accessories news, and more for ereaders and ebooks.
  • LibreDigital: This company helps people find what they want to read and watch, on any medium.
  • @e_reading: This feed comments on Kindle news and more.
  • @RogerSPress: Roger publishes ebooks and has been reading them for 10 years already.
  • @DigiBookWorld: Read about the latest trends in digital publishing.
  • @ebooksstore: Follow @ebooksstore for interesting ebook news and releases.
  • @ebookvine: This feed is all about Kindle.
  • @vooktv: Now you can watch books on high-quality video online.
  • @ebooklibrary: This is a feed for anyone who wants to learn more about free ebooks.
  • @ericrumsey: Eric is a librarian who loves ebooks, his iPhone, and the Internet.
  • @namenick: Nick Name is an ebook addict and mobile fiction writer.
  • @KindleZen: Get the latest in Kindle news and hacks.

Tech eBooks

Get programming, design, and other tech assistance when you head to these ebook resources.

  • FreeComputerBooks.com: Find magazines and IT books for reference and general interest.
  • OnlineComputerBooks.com: Find free computer ebooks on networking, MySQL, Python, PHP, C++, and more.
  • KnowFree.net: KnowFree has mostly tech books for download, plus some business titles.
  • FreeTechBooks.com: This site has downloads in categories such as artificial intelligence, functional programming, and parallel computing.
  • Tech Books for Free: From the web to computer programming to science, you'll find all sorts of tech ebooks here.


Find poetry ebooks and collections here.


Share these interactive ebook resources with young readers.


From social networking and ebooks to bundles of books, turn here.

  • Scribd: This ebook finder and social network shares what people are currently reading, and lets you upload your own book.
  • Diesel: Diesel has 500,000 ebook store downloads, including custom bundles, mobile downloads, and some free titles.
  • eBooks.com: Get NYT bestsellers for $9.99 each, plus all kinds of academic ebooks, non-fiction,



Harley Wallen Actor, and Producer

Interview with James Atkins

Joel D Wynkoop actor director

Michael Joy Actor, and Producer

Landyn Banx Actor

Lee Turner Actor, and Host

Michael S. Rodriguez Actor, and Producer

Owen Mulligan Actor, and Director

Dr. Pandey Pt Kartikeya Actor, Chemist, and Lawyer

Raj Jawa Actor, and Producer 

Richard Rossi actor director

Sean Foster Actor, Director, Editor, and Writer


Angelina Danielle Cama Actress

Anne Stradler Actress, and Theater 

Bebita Ndongo Macías actress author

Bessy Adut Actress, Director, and Writer

Dawna Lee Heising Actress and Beauty Queen 

Destiny Soria Actress, and Producer

Greta Blackburn Actress,  Health Expert and Business Founder

Ines Segura aspiring Actress and Model

Jenifer Yeuroukis Director, Dancer, and Actress

Judy Cerda Actress, Dancer and Singer

Kaiti Wallen Actress, Producer,and Writer

Kimberly Cole Zemke Actress, Business Woman, Producer, Model, and Writer

Kristna Saikia Actress, Dancer, and  Model

 Jasmine Anderson Actress

Liisa Evastina Actress, Writer, and Producer

Lydia Mason Actress and Model

Nicole Butler  Actress Producer

Nicole Holt Actress

Marchella Renee and Jonni Sandor actresses, director, writer.

Mindy Dougherty Actress and Author

Interview with Ms. Mirou Actress, Comedian

Actress Producer Nicole Butler Vegas

Renee Gelinas Actess, Interviewer, and director

Sammie Lei actress director and writer

Sharon Rose Gabet Actress, actor, a registered nurse and certified yoga teacher

Tess Broussard Actress and Model

Yasmine Vine Actress, Dancer and Singer

Yvette Fintland Actress, Producer, and Writer


Bessy Adult on  Women's Agency for Writers, Directors and etc


Gary Raisor Author Actor

Kris Felti Author 

Leslie K. Siegel Author Producer

Mark Knight author

Marina von Neumann Whitman Author first lady GM vice President.

Rosemary Tantra Bensko author and singer 

Block chain / Technologist:

Alex Norta

Professor Alex Norta on healt


Blogger / Producer:

Catherine Corella(Catherine) Blogger and Producer


Book Reviewer:


Joe Walter




Catherine Corella Town Clerk 

Phil Collins on his run for council



Don Blankenship Candidate for President Constitution Party Candidate

Phil Collins - Candidate for President Prohibition Party

Part 2 Phil Collins - Candidate for President Prohibition Party

Prohibition Statement Release on protest

John Richard Myers Candidate for President Alaska Constitution Party.

Vice President

Interview with Billy Joe Parker  Prohibition candidate for Vice President

Interview with  Eric Bodenstab Unity Party candidate for Vice President

Interview with William Mohr  Constitution Party candidate for Vice President

Running for Senate

Marcia Squier Candidate for Senator of Michigan Green Party

Follow up with Marcia Squier for Senator of Michigan Green Party Candidate

Ran for Congress

David Giles about his run for congress

Closing 2020 campaign statements

Campaign 2020 Closing Statement from Don Blackenship

Campaign 2020 Closing Statement from J.R.Myers

Campaign 2020 Closing Statement from Phil Collins





Billy Pon 

Christ Sanders

Christan van Slyke

Katherine Wilson actress, Author, casting director, producer, writer

Rob Ceus

Director Rob Ceus on Sector 9 film festivals

Director Harley Wallen on Tale of Tails and Ash and Bone



Elana Crandall


Film Festivals:


DESPINA MIROU:a genius actress nominated for an Oscar with RIDLEY SCOTT

Despina Mirou on her latest news

Dawna Lee Heising lastest news.

Tale of Tails nominated for Globe award.

Tale of Tails and Ash and Bones


Rosie Andlauer

Touring Musician / Musician

Dan Hughes

Hop Donki

Rusty Apper

Yasmine  Vine on her new songs.

Zsa Zsa Delacroix