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A Year In: A Tale of Minds

TheGarbageManSep 7, 2018, 10:51:24 PM

A year ago something magical happened: 

I got banned for a week from a site who shall not be named for writing the word “nigs” in the comment section of a news site.

Two nigs were arrested for the murder of a MMA fighter known as "The Matzoh Brawler", blaming a 16 year-old girl as being the mastermind behind the murder.  

So I wrote; “That’s what happens when you hang out with nigs!”

I chose "nigs" because I had previously been suspended because of the infamous Nigger Whipper 5000 meme. And that was on a closed, private group (R.I.P. “I’ve Got Your Safe Space Right Here”, 2016-2017).

It would have won the war.

Kicked for a week. That was it. But I was tired of IRL shitposting. I was tired of people calling my former employers just because of who I supported and who should be deported. I was tired of always having my shit locked or blocked just because of words. Fucking words.

The Garbage Man became.

Account created on: Sep 7, 2017, 3:51:29 PM

Silence the man and a beast you shall make.

I give Sargon of Akkad the credit for introducing me to Minds, back when he was top dog here, shilling the shit out of Minds during 2017. I had heard some rumblings of his, though his interaction with Anita Sarkeesian was an amazing thing. She also called Sargon “A garbage human”.

I thought that was such an amazing term. “A garbage human.” I heard Philly DeFranco, Joe Rogan, and other e-celebs sling the term around like it was the lowest title you could bequeath to anyone. “A garbage human being”. "“Human garbage.” 

“A garbage man.”

These uppity-motherfuckers are going around making judgements of people’s entire live based on words or statements. And most of the time it was over the most trivial of shit, like online comments or flubbed lines that were “insensitive”.

I am a true garbage human being.

I’ll tell you that it is all about me, it is what I want that’s best. I will hurt your feelings, not just because you’re dumber and can’t handle realities or fantasies, but so I can get into your head and get you to thinking of uncomfortable subjects and even horrible words. And that's fun for me.

But enough about that philosophical bullshit, let’s check in to see what’s been done on @TheGarbageMan, A.K.A. "Some dude fucking around on the internet”.


Slow down for #Saftey!

The first thing I recall going anywhere was the #Saftey campaign. A misspelling of Safety, #Saftey highlights the more goofy and idiotic instances of workplace and industrial non-safety through the use of gifs. It was also the first time I met @LlamaLlamaGames after selecting Rack-it! as the official game of the #Saftey campaign.

The Gaming Garbage Man

I had always wanted to cover video games. It’s a major reason why I write in general. So as I continued on my journey as the Garbage Man, I started to review the video games I would complete. 

Starting with Gone Home: Console Edition on my good ol’ Xbone, the Garbage Man was a Cheap-Ass, Big-Ballin, Sith Lord, and even VERIFIED Gaming Garbage Man.

List of games reviewed:

Lords of the Fallen

Warhammer: The End Times: Vermintide

PUBG: Xbox One Early Access

Doom (2016)


Flappy Bird

Sea of Thieves

Rise of the Tomb Raider

PUBG Mobile


Cluster Truck

World of Warcraft, Featuring @AaronGG

Call of Duty: WWII

DmC: Definitive Edition

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

State of Decay 2

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Arcade

Warhammer: Vermintide II

No Man's Sky: NEXT

There was #The12daysofChristmas countdown, listing the 12 channels that I wanted to recognize. It was fun, I look forward to thanking some of my favorite channels again soon.

2018 marked the beginning of a new year and a new attempt. It wasn’t really a resolution but more of a dare, a test to see if I could do a thing or two. Let's take a look at what has been so far.

Friday Fireplace Tales

Friday Fireplace Tales was that first ongoing test. Now on week 36, with nary a Friday missed, I am very proud of all my shitty little stories. Makes me feel like I’ve made something better than I should be able to make.

List of Tales written:

The 1st Fire: A Tale of Passion

The 2nd Fire: A Tale of Coveting

The 3rd Fire: A Tale of Expectations

The 4th Fire: A Tale of Deception

The 5th Fire: A Tale of Loyalty

The 6th Fire: A Tale of Love

The 7th Fire: A Tale of Return

The 8th Fire: A Tale of Faith

The 9th Fire: A Tale of Struggle

The 10th Fire: A Tale of Friends

The 11th Fire: A Tale of Talk

The 12th Fire: A Tale of Youth

The 13th Fire: A Tale of Change

The 14th Fire: A Tale of Life

The 15th Fire: A Tale of Work

The 16th Fire: A Tale of Dreams

The 17th Fire: A Tale of War

The 18th Fire: A Tale of Duty

The 19th Fire: A Tale of Resurrection 

The 20th Fire: A Tale of Desperation

The 21st Fire: A Tale of Gods

The 22nd Fire: A Tale of Dogs

The 23rd Fire: A Tale of Loss

The 24th Fire: A Tale of Fading

The 25th Fire: A Tale of Woe

The 26th Fire: A Tale of Ends

The 27th Fire: A Tale of Gold

The 28th Fire: A Tale of Worth

The 29th Fire: A Tale of Blame

The 30th Fire: A Tale of Existence

The 31st Fire: A Tale of Nightmares

The 32nd Fire: A Tale of Oaths

The 33rd Fire: A Tale of Promise

The 34th Fire: A Tale of Primates

The 35th Fire: A Tale of Judgement

The 36th Fire: A Tale of Space

Unscrewed Minds

Unscrewed Minds, the monthly digest also debuted in 2018, making January the first month we looked back on.

I wrote it mostly for myself to remember or what had stuck out in the covered month. It's a personal project, but one that I love to share and recognize the outstanding original content made by channels on Minds.

Months Covered:









MAGA: The Game

After @LlamaLlamaGames and I were met by Rack-It! and #Saftey, he invited me to write the introduction and back of the box for the greatest game of 2018. That’s right, I’m talking about MAGA: The Game!

MAGA: The Game was released on Jan. 21st, 2018, the first anniversary of the Trump ascension.

Then it was on to MAGA ME, a contest giving everyone a chance to comment directly to the President and be entered to win a copy of MAGA: The Game

The randomly-selected winner, @gregoryalanelliott, and the White House were both sent the same package containing a Copy of MAGA: The Game and all the comments printed out for the both to read.

If you look back at those comments, you’ll see that President Trump answered more than one of those concerns. 

It culminated into a thank you card from the President himself, thanking all of you for your hard work and dedication to Making America Great Again.

The greatest thank-you card I've ever received. 

Reviews of @LlamaLlamaGames:

Ariel Aces: Victory Over Europe


MAGA: The Game

Soon-To-Be-Popular Opinion

Original artwork by @Curator_Sarm

The Soon-To-Be-Popular Opinion, or STBPO for Zoomers, was one of the better things I’ve done here IMO, which stands for In My Onion. 

From Sargon and Andrew nearly making up, to the recently dollar charge that was quickly dropped, STBPO would probably be the one series I am most proud of the impact it’s had on me intellectuallalityalwise and the change that they've sometimes brought.


Sargon Vs Anglin

The Dying Gasps of the Mueller Investigation

Disinformation Information

Fuck Your Points System, Minds

You're Alt-Right With Me

Incentivezed Exit Migration

Stop Charging A Dollar, Minds

And A Shitload of Other Shit

Of course there was photos, streams, reminds, friends, fights, Starshatter, movie reviews, and meme cancer in between and ongoing forever!

I was going to go into the numbers, such as my subscriber count of which is mostly spambots and inactive accounts, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is what I’ve done and what I’ll continue to do.

Someone called me a concept channel once and I think that perfectly sums up what I’m trying to do: conceptualize and visualize the world in a way I can comprehend and respond to. 

Besides, “concept channel’ sounds so much more classier than “shitlord”.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is… I love you all. You have made me feel so welcome and really let me be myself in an online world full of people who’d rather just shut someone like me up. I’ve often been threatened for my words, both in IRL and in writing, but it’s never discouraged me from saying it if I thought it needed to be said. Even with a stupid word like nigger.

Well, I got to be getting back to writing short stories, reviewing movies and games, asking the JQ, and being currently uncensored in an age of increasing hostility towards free speech. 

Remember, there is no hate speech, there is only free speech.

Thank you to Minds, Gab.ai, and Steemit!  

Join the next step. 

Join the decentralized social media frontier.