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Soon-To-Be-Popular Opinion: The Dying Gasps of the Mueller Investigation

TheGarbageManFeb 17, 2018, 1:14:54 PM

So as the indictment for 13 Russian citizens living abroad came down Friday morning, I couldn't help but remember what 'ol James Comey tweeted Feb. 2nd, the day #ReleaseTheMemo was out: "That's it?"

This is such a weak case made by many of the same agents that couldn't even get an indictment of Hillary Clinton and her many errors of so-called judgment during her tenure as a public servant.

Yet somehow these "special" agents are able to uncover these Russians that were putting money into both sides of the political spectrum, and even the middle on a couple of occasions (yes, your vote for Jill Stein or Jack-off Libertarian was truly a wasted vote) and pushing "fake" (((Facebook))) groups with ideological narratives already in plenty supply during this last presidential election,

“None of the defendants were arrested — Russia does not generally extradite its citizens to the United States. But prosecutors use such indictments to name and shame operatives, making it harder for them to work undetected in the future. If they travel abroad, they risk capture and extradition.” -The Jew York Times.

So  nothing is going to happen. These people will never set foot in the states. This is a grand jury gone mad with power and activism. The only true crime that happened was the stealing and impersonation of actual U.S. citizens' identities. 

PETA hates Grand Juries almost as much as they hate my average Sunday dinner.

Now if we are going to believe this narrative and that these Russians actually did influence the 2016 presidential election, are they next going to say that this null and voids Donald Trump's presidency? I think we all know what the answer to that will be in the coming weeks and months. Or even  the same day the indictments were announced.

So next we go after the non-profits funded from international sources that influence the electoral process? Anyone funding such organizations will be arrested and charged with sedition of the American people. I'm starting to like where this indictment is going.

But that won't happen and neither will any of 13 Russians be sentenced to anything of consequence, unless some of the stupid ones try to make a "deal". This would set a way too dangerous precedent, one that would damn the various international organizations trying to destroy the Trump presidency.

Without a globalist influence in our elections,then who would we have to make preposterous claims, leak false information, and try to tear and disintegrate the very fabric of America? 

Now I love this indictment!

Israel is fucked if we're going by Mueller standards for sedition.

Yet this indictment still reeks of putrid desperation. A year later, and this is it; Another limp-wristed slap of something that can't even stick. 

What else are you going to pull out of your ass, Mueller? Because we all know the last thing to come out of a body when it dies...