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Unscrewed Minds: May

TheGarbageManMay 31, 2018, 9:32:53 PM

Holy fuck! It’s been another month! Unscrewed Minds is the monthly series where I look back on the month and write down what I thought stood out on Minds.com and beyond. Let us gaze at the offerings of May.

Garbage Reviews

Lately, your ol’ Garbage Man has been focusing on reviewing video games and movies, like some sort of fucking Buzzfeed twat. Why? Because I fucking want to, that’s why.

I’m tired of reading reviews that play safe and suck dick, instead of focusing on what is actually entertaining and insightful. Sure, Avengers is pure Hollywood diarrhea, but even diarrhea can be visually and emotionally engrossing if done at the right angle and proper tension.

I don’t know, I kind of have this plan in my head, which will probably go all to shit before Summer is over. I just feel like there isn’t enough reviewers like your Garbage Man out there, so I will fill that void in society's heart. You're welcome.

If you don’t like my reviews, I have two suggestions: Don’t read them and go fuck yourself. In either order.

Not bad for one month *Pats self on back.

Curated News

If you haven’t checked out Curator Sarms’ Youtube channel and smashed that subscribe button, then we can’t be friends anymore. In fact, please leave the internet, no one wants you here.

But really guys, you need to check out Curator Sarms’ Jewtube channel. He’s been putting up new stories every other day for about two weeks now, and I don’t think he’s going to stop. If you liked his stories before, you’re going to love them with his silky-smooth Slavic voice reading them and saying what we’re all thinking.

As Curator Sarm’s self-proclaimed biggest fanboi, I’m glad to get more laughs and information in any form from the Curator. Though The 7 may have been put to rest for a while, the constant uploads keep me clicking back every two days.


Celeb Shit

Do we really give a fuck about Roseanne? Stormy Daniels? Anyone?

They are all distractions, all something for the MSM to eat up and give us a spectacular diarrhea display of “news”.

The lessons here are:

1. Never pay to fuck a porn slut

2. Never apologize to the left or to apes.

They will always fuck you over harder, both of them.

They all look the same after a while.


Token Madness seems to have spread over to Gab.ai, with Torba revomiting the “future” of social media platforms, just like Minds and Steemit!

I know, I know, never be loyal to a single platform. Make friends, make connections, and then make them on other networks, other social medias. Everything will become a Myspace, there will never be a singular platform.

While crypto-currency might be making these “free-speech” platform providers seeing green, the rest of us have work to do, making their very platforms filled with shitposts and cat pictures!

We're on our way to sell some Tokens to Torba.


Speaking of platforms, be sure to check out Fashbook.biz, put up by the Rebels of the Round, still killing it every Wednesday!

Tommy Robinson: Hero Journalist  or MOSSAD agent? The world may never know…

The National Right is rising. 

Oh, and I got a thank you card from the President for his copy of MAGA: The Game and all your comments, no biggie. I’m framing it along with my copy of MAGA: The Game, and to be donated to the Smithsonian in 20 years. You’re welcome. Again.

What do you think of May? Was it good, bad, somewhere in between? Let me know in the comments! Until the end of June, keep those minds screwed in.