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Unscrewed Minds: March

TheGarbageManApr 6, 2018, 1:52:03 PM

Oh, well hello there! Another month come and gone, another Unscrewed Minds to take it all in. Big breath! We had a lot of Admin drama this month, big changes, and shit spilling over from February. Let's take another look and move the fuck on, shall we?

Token Sacrifice

As we now have a new Token-driven click society here on Minds now, let us not forget the sacrifice a few channels gave for this crypto-blasphemy.

The Curator left. LucasEW left. I was left stunned and more than a little angry.And a big shout out for sticking with Minds, Tanawetee! You are a real trooper and a place like Minds truly doesn’t deserve someone of your grace and forgiveness.

Those three channels accounted for nearly 2 million “returned” points on the accusation of “gaming” the Minds system. All three were very active and incredibly supportive of many channels, so it was understandable that other channels had gifted them large sums of points.

For a Token system that mimicked the points system in most ways, the whole damn fiasco seemed unnecessary. Minds Admins didn’t have to “return” points from these channels. We all know they were playing favorites, as the TokenTracker shows that there was a few people that got a large of amount of Tokens during the switch. I’m pretty sure they “Gamed” those points as well.

And no, @Ottman, this situation was not “Debunked”. It was laid wide the fuck open for everyone to see and judge for themselves. And we have judged the situation as a major fuck-up that could of been handled better. 

In the future, if you feel unsure about who is a bot and who is truly gaming your system, maybe check with us first? We really didn’t give a fuck about the points. It’s principles that matter to us.

You can judge for yourself based on these Curated (lol) Minds posts regarding the ordeal. Be sure to read the comments!

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My STBPO and star appearance on @PoxToxic's  SSFUHFTFJ.

Diogenesbeautiful summary

@KekistaniConsulate's article, The Great Points Heist of 2018.

Smar83's #1    #2    #3 spicy Minds memes

Live and learn, right Minds?

It Illegal.

Hogg Tied

I am honestly fascinated by this David Hogg kid. Gonzalez can go fuck herself, but Hogg, man, that kid is going places. It truly is like he couldn’t escape his calling to be famous.

Now the motherfucker is headlining rallies and giving solidarity fists (or a good-time handshake, as Gonzalez likes to call them) up in the air and being the face of a completely indoctrinated and whored-out generation.

It seems Comrade Obama’s conference he held in Chiraq was a success in finding new tools, as he recently said that he wants to see a million Obamas in America. I suggest he start his search in the prison population. Stay the fuck out of our schools.

Be sure to check in on the Hogg’s Minds Channel. No, it’s not the real David Hogg, but he self-identifies as David Hogg, so that’s good enough for me to take him and his posts seriously. Very seriously.

Don't ever forget.

Alpha Minds

Now I know that I rag on Minds just a little itty-bitty tiny bit, and I know that I can be a bit harsh. Maybe not harsh enough, but enough to upset certain people. So I want to give credit where credit is due.

The new layout is amazing. Minds' coders have done an amazingly smooth and cohesive menu system that streamlines the Minds experience. A top toolbar makes finding the different sections and menus a breeze and the subscription specific images and blogs selections is a long requested and much appreciated feature.

There are kinks and questions still lingering about the whole thing, but honestly, I like it. I hope it continues to get better.

Beta BTFO.

A few Quickies:

Be sure to check out @HeHeSillyComics comics for some trendy political comical commentary that ain’t stale like the newspaper's!

The Curator can be found at Gab, and don’t forget to check his newest Youtube video. If you’re on Steemit, Lucas can be found here!

Two of my favorite podcasts, Chaos120 and Rebels at the Round Table, continue to pump it out weekly. Tune in, comment, and join in on the passionate discussions and debates on the issues that actually matter!

Was there anything I missed? Did you have a good month? Let me know in the comments! Share your content for the month there, too!

Here’s to a green spring and new beginnings. Until April, keep them on fucking notice!