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The 14th Fire: A Tale of Life

TheGarbageManJun 29, 2018, 6:37:31 AM

I love Spring. Everything is so green and life blossoms open and shows you its strength. The seasons do more than turn the weather, they also rotate our emotions, our outlooks. I'm always cautiously optimistic during the spring, as if there is a chance and that everything will turn out all right. Then I remember the grass and the flowers, and that no matter how good the times are, they must turn and rotate again.

Live for These

I look up into the dark blue sky, the aimless cloud passing by overhead. I often do. It's what makes life worth living.

Here in this meadow, swaying to and fro, the occasional breeze allowing me to pretend I am an aimless cloud too, if only for a minute or two.

I awoke one day, the morning sun greeting my light green backside as I struggled to breach the earth. How long I was under, I cannot say. I know only that it was that day when the sun both warmed and sparked me into existence.

From there I stayed, my feet firmly planted in the ground and my face up, turned towards to the sun, so long as the wind doesn’t blow the sun side to side. 

I used to try and turn in the breeze. As soon as I had fixed myself to my liking, the wind would stop and I’d have to turn again. I stopped fighting it and found how to live with it. Maybe even enjoy it now.

The trees and bushes are whispering, always whispering, carried by the wind from the outskirts of the field:

“You will all die soon!”

“You’re days are short, enjoy the sun while you can!”

“Us trees and bushes will continue, you will not!”

Most of us take no notice. We are far too busy spraying the air with our gamete and creating the seeds of a new generation. We all know that is far more important than enjoying the sun, no matter how wondrous and plentiful it may be.

Some of us listen to the trees and wait to copulate. The gluttonous ones want to get bigger, taller, soaking in all the sun and using all its energy for themselves.

Sometimes they get so big they choke out the ones trying to do the real work.

Still, the sun is nice and these days are not for long. Change will come and my existence will be naught but nutrients and spawn.

I enjoy what I can and I do what I must. Life is but the spark that carries us towards our own goal. 

Whether it is of survival, continuance, or gluttony, our ends are our own.

My ends? 

This sun and this breeze.

I live for these.