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Unscrewed Minds: February

TheGarbageManMar 1, 2018, 12:03:22 AM

Unscrewed Minds is the monthly series where I look back at the month and some of the issues and happening here, at Minds. A short month with a shit-load of happenings is the definition of February, 2018. 

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Boots on the ground

Both General Bert and BombIslamDotcom hit up San Diego, Feb. 3rd, at Chicano park. Though tensions seemed high, it’s nice to see that we can still have a picnic, all without acting like a bunch of uncultured savages.

While the legal citizens seemed to be heavily outnumbered (This is fucking San Diego, after all) they all stood their ground and they all made sure the others felt their presence.

Check out the audio at 2:03 on General Bert’s video to understand why most of us here have “apprehensions” about Jewish control of culture and policy.

Just another sunny day in San Diego.

Soon-To-Be-Popular Garbage Man

For me, your @TheGarbageMan, I stumbled upon my most popular series so far, the aptly name Soon-To-Be-Popular Opinion series.

It all happened per chance. I was listening to the Anglin and Sargon go at it on @PartyOnWeimerica's channel, chatting back and forth. The next day, writing one of my usual short STBPOs (See, I even have a nifty abbreviation for it) I decided to turn it into blog format because it was getting too long and ranty.

Lo, it quickly picked up. I was blown the fuck away, not only by how much y'all seemed to like it, but also how we continued the dialogue in the comments, and how we continue to break down one of the greatest blood sports of 2018. So far.

I'll continue to put out these hit pieces, throwing my opinion out there, just so it can get popular. If you'd like your opinion to be popular, send $10,000 to @TheGarbageMan, and I'll make sure that everyone will love it.

What I'm trying to say is thank you, all of you who read, upvoted, downvoted, reminded, commented, and shared my Soon-To-Be-Popular Opinions. You're the real reason it's popular.

Just say no to gun control

So we had this conversation. Again… And will until the end of time. I always like how MSM and other tools of government want to ban things that had nothing to do with the actual incident. Like, no one has used a bump-stock in ANY spree, yet they really, really, really want that shit banned?

Why? Scapegoat? The guy who made them piss off somebody in Washington? I just don’t get it. 

And raising the legal age to 21? Do that and see that there is usually no difference in mental age, at least here in modern America.

I'm pretty sure we can have your gun now, Charles. But thanks for sharing the sentiments.

Tucker Breaks Bread With Ottman While They Discuss the Bloated Corpse of Mainstream Social Media.

Seeing @Ottman shill for Minds and give a good case to all alternative social media platforms brought a smile to my face.

The best part about it was the Tucker bump from his appearance. I noticed a big uptick in interaction and new users since his appearance, and it doesn’t seem to slowing down.

Thanks for sticking up for us and putting on a damn good show for Tucker, Bill. We here really appreciate you not acting a fool in front of the entire nation on the most-watched news program. Hope you enjoy my Daily Stormer-style headline I made there for ya.

Looking sharp, Bill.

Just a couple more things:

Mr_Bond got a huge shout-out on MurdochMurdoch and we all couldn't be prouder. Also, be sure to check out Zyklon Don to add some more beats to your fashy music drive.

The Curator continues to pump out The 7 every Saturday. Be sure to watch weeks two, three, four, and five, if you haven't already.

And, finally, Double A Cards and Games, formally Llama Llama Games, released a new game, expanding Chinese checkers. Interested? Check it out.

How was your month? Was there anything I missed? Let me know in the comments! Until next month, keep those Minds screwed in!