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Soon-to-Be-Popular Opinion: Fuck Your Point System, Minds

TheGarbageManMar 8, 2018, 10:19:51 AM

So we have recently lost a great.

@Curator_Sarm was one of the greatest things about Minds. I could always count on the Curator’s support, kindness, and daily updates on news that most people miss.

He’s gone now and Minds staff is to blame. They took his points, claimed that he had “gamed” them through upvoting, and refused to right this wrong.

Even now, they’re still sticking to this stupid fucking reason. “Gamed” points. What a stupid fucking term. I guess my whole existence on this fucking site has been “gamed” too?

For a company on the verge of irrelevance, y’all sure do know how to fuck yourselves even further. This is beyond stupid. This is greed and this is wrong.

We all know the actual “gaming” channels, such as Scientific Memo and their subs. But that’s fine because pictures and gifs of cats are what’s going to save Minds.com…

Maybe I should be thanking Minds administration for waking me the fuck up and helping me to realize how fucking shitty this fucking place really is.

The users are great, the content is great. The administration, however, is fucked.

This has really killed my enthusiasm for this platform. I really wanted Minds to succeed, but they want to sabotage themselves every step of the way, all in the name of money.

And that is what this is about: Money.

The crypto-curency they’re planning on is too dependent on an exploitable point system. They’ve fucked themselves on that, but they still think they can make it work.

And the only way to do that is muddy the definition of points-earning on their system. Now, if you upvote too much, you’re “gaming” their system.

Points should of been just an incentive to be active on this platform, to be able to help spread your messages, not to make money off of.

Oh, I’m really fucking sorry for being too active on your dying platform.

Taking points from channels that have too many, in the administration's opinion, is the best way to make everyone happy. Well everyone that has been given insider trading, prepping for the crypto launch.

But now that’ll never happen. The FTC will see this as another IPO, they can’t try and get around it. But they still think they can.

Let me tell you something:


It’s a matter of too little, too late. No one is going to buy it. I’m not. Not after what I’ve seen. Not after your muddied definitions of your own TOS.

You’ve really fucked yourselves this time. I could understand the whole loli thing and being overly cautious about it, but this, this is madness. This is wrong.

I cancelled my Minds plus. I cannot support a platform that would do that to anyone, especially Curator Sarm...

I will not be as active as I was on this platform. I will still publish my blogs here, but they will also be uploaded to other platforms.

I will only stay because there are so many great people still here, and we need to look out for each other.

The only way I could see this being put right is for @Curator_Sarm’s channel to be given back the 500k points they stole, plus another 500k on top of that for fucking up so badly. Make the Curator a Minds plus, no charge, verified, and featured at the top of trending and featured for the entirety of this platform.

And a big fucking sorry posted and pinned to the top of each of their pages.

But Minds’ administration won’t do that. And that wasn’t a threat, it was just a guide of how they could make this situation right again.

Until then, fuck this.