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The Big-Ballin Gaming Garbage Man Reviews: MAGA: The Game

TheGarbageManMar 15, 2018, 5:28:09 PM

Disclaimer: So even though I had something to do with the game, I had no part in the actual GAME portion. Just writing extremely witty and hilarious quips is what I do and did for MAGA: The Game. Catch my talent on the back of the box and the introduction on the instructions.

The review Minds needs, not the one it deserves.

MAGA: The Game was created and produced by @LlamaLlamaGames and illustrated by @MrMouth.

All talent, including yours truly, was sourced on Minds by LlamaLlamaGames.

All work was compensated with points, making this a true Minds original game.

As a thank you for my involvement, I was sent a review copy, of which this is the result. I'm sorry.

The order took a while. Each one is custom made and manufactured onsite at Gamecrafters' headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

But I am a patient man. Two weeks really isn’t that long anyways, not in the grand scheme. It’s only 1/208th of the entirety of Trump’s presidency, so only 30 things got done by his administration in that amount of time.

When it had finally arrived, I was like a child on Christmas morn again. I opened the package and smelt the rich American-made and cut cardboard escape the newly unsealed cellophane. I knew this would be magical.

Check out that spread.

107 beautiful, quality constructed cards awaited me as they slid out of the box with ease. I didn’t even need the bottle of lube! The were slick, but not overly. The cards still had the nice weight and thickness in both feel and shuffle.

The game is, at its base, Uno. You start with 8 cards. You try to play them all and call out MAGA! when you play your last one. My 9-year old can play, so I’m sure anyone reading this can handle those rules too.

Where it gets tricky and unique is in the leftist intervention cards hidden within the deck. A total of 9 different types of disruption can cause the balance of power to quickly tip in every game!

I’m not going to spoil all of them, because a few cards genuinely made me laugh when I read the intervention and the directions on the card, but I will share two of my favorites:

Left Intervention: Redistribute the Wealth. This card will make all the players’ hands combine and then shuffled, ready to be re-dealt equally. It’ll really piss off someone that has only one card left!

Left Intervention: Start a Riot. Everyone has to slam their fist on the table, last one doing so must draw two cards. Not recommended while drinking! Can cause broken glasses and fights over who’s fist was last.

This card is messy as fuck.

The rest of the deck is cards numbered 1 through 9 and in each of the three most important colors on the rainbow; the red, white, and blue. Each card is different promise made during the historic Trump campaign.

You got your Deport Illegal Immigrants, Strengthen The Military, and Simplify Taxes, among others. While it might not be the specific promise, I’m sure you can get it.

Looking good, Don.

Games can be quick, 5 minutes or less once everyone has the rules down. But they can also be upwards of 30 minutes if everyone gets their strategy on. Like any card game, it's all down to the draw.

I’ve enjoyed MAGA: The Game with both friends and family.

You don’t have to be on the left or right to appreciate the humor and the love that went into this game. Though it pokes some fun at our current president, it does so respectfully and tastefully, something I usually have no experience in.

If we could all make fun of “our guy” the way @LlamaLlamaGames did, we could be playing Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Primary Pie Face Showdown or Hillary Clinton’s Stumble Up The Stairs Jenga right now. No one would buy them, but it’s a nice idea.

Still, we should all take a moment and give thanks that we are still the ones that can take a joke without getting all butthurt.

Well, most of us anyways.

Just look at that stack!

Another great thing about this game is that it’s kind of like a checklist for all the accomplishments of the Trump administration. Each numbered card does represent something Trump actually promised he would do or fix during his presidency.

So far we already got 6 of the 9 card promises fulfilled or in action, a pretty damn good start. More than any other president has done in their first year, that’s for God-damn sure.

Also, I want to give the box for this game a big fucking shout-out. Most card game boxes are double flapped, meaning you can open it on either side. Not MAGA: The Game. This game’s box has a flap-less bottom, making it so your instructions or cards never get stuck or crammed inside.

Easy in, easy out, grab them by the deck! A well-built box makes all the right first and last impressions!

Box Rating: 6 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5. MAGA: The Game take the familiar and stirs it all the fuck up. Also a terrific analogy for our current president: Jumping head-first into an established behemoth, only to come out on top and in charge!

Parties, family-night, your MTG tournament crew, hell, even funerals are better with MAGA:The Game!

Get it for your liberal aunt, she’ll think it’s making fun of Trump!

Get a copy for your racist uncle, he’ll think it’s identifying the “brown” problem.

Hell, get one for yourself too, you’ve also Made America Great Again!

When we play together, we grow together, just like in the real world. Even here at Minds.

Pick up a copy or four at https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/maga:-the-game?dept_uri=&dept_name=

Get MAGA: The Game today, and don't forget to say MAGA!!!

Write to President Trump and be entered for a chance to win a copy of MAGA: The Game!

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