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Soon-To-Be-Popular Opinion: Disinformation Information

TheGarbageManFeb 25, 2018, 4:58:18 PM

Not that this is anything new, but it seems to be getting heavier and more frequent, this handy little tool that every political spectrum uses. 

It’s called Disinformation.

What is Disinformation, you might ask? 

Disinformation is falsified information, made knowingly false. It discredits people and news organizations who are duped by it.

This is done so that other medias and journalist can “debunk” false flag theories and other strange circumstances and coincidences surrounding recent events. Yeah, okay, that one faggot with the commie party t-shirt looked kinda like Nikolas Cruz,  but the fact that he was an el goblino has been more damning.

I made that one girl Jewish, just so she can fit in with her friends. See, we're not all monsters.

But because of the earlier memes where he is joining an ADL hyped white supremacist group (you do know that most of these “white-nationalists” groups are funded and overseen by (((individuals))) to keep track of you, right?) or wearing a stupid fucking communist t-shirt giving the solidarity fist, both overshadowed the facts in this case.

A long history of threatening and mental instability. Bullied by his classmates.  No witnesses. No explanation as to why this happened on the same day a “active-shooter” drill occurred, explaining why the deputy on duty at that school thought it was just part of the drill for 15 fucking minutes while he sat in his car.

Shit like this, why aren't they giving real answers to?

All of that is far more damaging than just wearing a fucking red t-shirt that had dead Communists drinking.

It's all the same fucking formula we've seen before. From the Vegas shooting, Sandy Hook, Aurora, and countless others. It works like this:

1. Conflicting eyewitness accounts is the first step of Disinformation. Make it so confusing, no one knows what the fuck is going on for at least the first 72 hours.

2. During that time-frame, scour social media sites, posts, anything that looks, sounds, or sorta is relateable to the suspect and blast everywhere, encouraging others to share it.

3. Wait for the ensuing shitstorm of sides being made and lines being drawn over which side is more responsible for the recent “tragedy”.

4. Finally, slowly release the real information to a public already weary of the Disinformation that they’ve been assaulted constantly with. This is a long process, it can take a year or decades for all the information to be made official.

By the time the actual account is released, everyone has thirty different fucking versions of the same event. 

Disinformation, baby, it’s a powerful tool. Almost as powerful as humor. Almost.

I hate seeing all of us get duped and then told our opinion doesn’t matter because we got duped. We all know that both sides want to believe the other is more evil, but we all know the Democrats are the ones who are really evil. Them and some others that can’t be named right now, too.

'Ol Songbird McCain, selling his country out since the Korean War.

I got to this point in  my article when a reliable Minds poster and a good friend,   @MasatoFujigasakimessaged me about being tricked by a @LagunaBeachAntifa9 twitter post stating that Hogg went to their High school in 2015. Lifted from his actual yearbook, this spread like wildfire, all so MSM could point at it and say, “See, this is false, so they all are.” While at the same time ignoring the very real CBS clip from California featuring Mr. Hogg, with no explanation given other than he was on vacation at the time. 

He just can't escape his calling to be famous!

One was falsefied, but now they're both considered "debunked". That's one way Disinformation works.

Just be careful out there. Let the first two or three days be set aside for grief and questions, and then let the answers come after that. We can wait for the truth. We can outlast the lies.

Whelp, that’s my opinion this week. A little topical, a little tasteless, and a lot of ranting, that’s how your Garbage Man does it. See y'all again soon.