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The Big-Ballin Gaming Garbage Man Reviews: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One

TheGarbageManDec 27, 2017, 10:22:11 PM

01/10/17 Update: First Person Perspective only mode was added to all game types a few days ago. Which day exactly, I don't fucking know. All I know is that I noticed it was up on Sunday.

For a FPS junkie such as myself, it completely changes the dynamics of the game. People are more apt to get tunnel vision and not pay attention to their surroundings in FPP mode, something that an 'ol ex-COD players such as your Garbage Man have readily exploited.

Also, I don't know if it's my old eyes but the game seems to have turned on the lighting effects button because the sunset/rises look absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. The lamps tossed about mostly in garages are on now too, so there's that.

'O wow.

The stability is ever improving as well. No kicks in the past few days, even pressing it with the cars and crowded landing areas, which seemed to be a major issue earlier.

As for chicken dinners, I've learned that I'll get close but will never fucking win again. The game might be getting better, but my win ratio sure as the hell hasn't. 

Seriously, what the fuck.

Until the next noticeable update that I care to write about, stay tuned!

12/31/17 Update: A new mode was added Friday: One-man Squad is live, taking place next to solo, duos, and squad. 

I played a few rounds of the one-man squad mode and it was fun. With no squad to back you up or slow you down, it gets interesting especially during a fire-fight against a four man squad. 

The stability of the game also seems to have been improved. I only got dropped once, and not from a vehicle! There is still some jump glitching, mostly when running into other players and the first minute or two after dropping onto a map.

This game is still being worked on. I think by the end of January, we'll see the greatest improvements. It'll continue through out the remaining winter months and into spring.

Original 12/23/17 review follows: 

Full Disclaimer: This game was a gift from my sister for Christmas. I did not pay for it. But because it is new and costs $30, I will be making this review a Big-Ballin edition.

I’ve waited by this tree for about three minutes now, staring out at the giant blue storm closing in while my peripheral scans for any movement in the distance.

I chug the last energy drink that I took from another player’s loot after he had been successfully ran over by my jeep, of which is parked next to my snipin’ tree.

The grass rustles to my left.

I spin around and switch to my shotgun, but it’s too late. I feel the aimed rounds of a SCAR tear into my helmet and through my skull.

As I bleed out, my spirit hovers above my dead body and I see the prick who killed me loot my corpse and then drive off in my jeep as the numbers #3/97 float above with me.

So close but no dinner

This is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the battle royale that pits you against up to 99 others on a massive map with only one goal: Survive.

First things first. This is an early access title. If you don’t know what that means, fuck off and quit playing modern video games. Stick with your mobile phone. 

For the rest of you, y’all know that this means this game is not complete. A work in progress. A train wreck. An absolute fucking mess at times.

The glitches can range from stuttered jumping around, slow loading environments, and getting kicked mid-round.

The mid-round kicks are by far the most infuriating thing I’ve ever experienced in a multi-player. It wouldn’t be so bad if you just get kicked and that’s that, time to start a new game. 

But no, not in this motherfucker. It asks you if you want to join your round in progress when you load back up you PUBG. 

Of course I always say yes, wait for about two minutes for it to try and load, and then jump back in just in time for some asshole to shoot me in the head point-blank and gank all my shit.

Driving increases your odds of getting kicked by about 6000%

I haven't broken my controller yet, but those moment bring me pretty fucking close.

But this is a not a complete product. You just payed, (or your sister paid), $30 for the privilege of beta-testing the biggest multi-player experience since World of Warcraft. 

So it does have a strong “Buyer Beware” disclaimer that should be paid attention to. Like I said, if you don’t already know this shit, you have no right playing this game. I hear COD;WW2 is pretty good, go give that your money if you want a polished gaming experience.

I like the raw, unfinished look and feel to it. It feels like a game that came out in the mid 00’s, but with a concept that would of blow everyone the fuck away back then. We had our Halos and Quakes at the time, but a 100 person, last man standing, deathmatch would of made us go fucking ape shit.

Still better looking than Mass Effect: Andromeda

The gameplay and concept make this game what it is. It is not a technical marvel, GTA V and COD handle the FPS Multiplayer and open-world snadbox with much more finesse and graphical polish. 

However, this is an Unreal engine 4 powered game, so that means something. Mostly that you'll have an obscene amount of pop-in and texture blur. But it does have its pretty moments.

The thrill of dropping onto a 5km open map with different sorts of guns, gear, and vehicles to scrounge and survive with 99 other people doing the same is just such an awesome idea for a game.

The fact that it somewhat functions is good enough for me.

Catch me hiding behind that rock.

Rating: 4 out 5. This is a generous score because I have had an absolute fucking blast playing this game.

When it plays right, there is nothing compared to the thrill of shooting a fool that was trying to snipe you after driving up on him and jumping out the car with a shotgun.

As it stands now, it needs work on this console. But it has so many great self-made moments that keep it above Fortnite and other multiplayer experiences.

This game will get better. All these hours and rounds will make this game function with peak efficiency by the end of 2018.

As I play and this game changes, I will update this review.

Comment below of what you think of the Xbox One version of PUBG or even to tell me to fuck off on my opinion of it!

This was the Gaming Garbage Man. I'm going back to work.

Just a reminder that I've won a round. Have you?