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Soon-To-Be-Popular Opinion: Sargon Vs. Anglin

TheGarbageManFeb 11, 2018, 12:18:50 PM

Soon-to-be-popular opinion: Okay, so this one will probably not be popular, but I think it's important to hear out:

Yesterday's debate, (or conversation, depending on who you ask), between Sargon and Andrew Anglin could have, and very nearly did, signaled one of the greatest unifying factor in all of the Nationalist movements.

If we adopt policies that encourage exit migration of less integral peoples, close borders, and end current migration policies, the problem would simmer down to an inconvenience, a mere bump and not the goal-blocking obstacle it is now.

Andrew talked about tazing and shooting those who resist. Sargon said he would, as would any true Nationalist would as well, shoot back at anyone trying to remove him. Andrew agreed. So how do you remove racial populations?

By adopting incentivized deportation and exit migration, a far cheaper fix to housing and integrating foreigners, that little over 50% white population growth we currently have in the US would explode towards 70% to 80% within 20 years.

Most Civic Nationalist love their race just as much as Ethno-Nationalist, we are just more real about the current situation and seeking active solutions other than, "round them up and shoot them all".

We are white, we aren't monsters. We are the good in the world. We can seek solutions that don't require us to murder groups of people. As Sargon and Andrew talked, both agreed that as little bloodshed in achieving the goals of the movement would be prime. A change in current migration and rescindentment policies is that path.

No, not everyone is going to go. And we shouldn't force them, (legal citizens), either. But how many can resist if we tell them, "hey, we moved out of our Army base in Shithole Sudan, all y'all in South Central L.A. can move in"? Include some free plane tickets, move a few of their corner markets there, some watermelon trees, and the problem will get rapidly closer to being solved.

We can solve this as Nationalist working together, both Ethno and Civic. I think you'll find that all your Nationalists brothers will stand up and defend your right to exist, too.

If Rockwell can do it, why the fuck can't you?

Or we could, as they did in the livestream, spiral ever closer towards our doom because we argue amongst ourselves about the stupidest shit. Little spats and disagreements in policy are good, we need to iron that stuff out. But let's try not make it personal. Sorry that Sargon is well-spoken douche, sorry that Andrew loves and equates his race to his nation. Those are individual qualms, however.

Focus on the progress, focus on the nations furthering Nationalist causes across the globe. Look to Austria, Poland, the US as places that can change the course, that can reverse the demographic decline. We are so close to such a great awakening, folks. The world we leave for our Grandchildren will be three times brighter than the one left for us, but only if we work as Unified Nationalist.