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Soon-To-Be-Popular Opinion: You’re Alt-Right With Me

TheGarbageManMar 22, 2018, 11:36:43 AM

God damn, there is just too many ways to do a cool title with “Alt-Right”. From “Alt-Righty Then” to “Alts-Right that Ends Right”, but I had to choose only one… Sad!

Any-whoodiley, this is a long overdue piece on my ties to the Alt-Right.

See, some people were confused as to my political status, because that means a whole lot to some people these days. I tend to judge a person by their character, but other people seem to worry about their politics.

We also have the dopest, dankest memes. 

I am Alt-Right. I am proud to be a part of the fastest growing and most politically awakened party of this current century. Tea Party was a good start, Libertarians helped slow-pill me, but it’s time to shed those childish, non-impactful politics.

I remember watching, as a star-struck youth, just two years ago, Hillary Cunton give her most passionate speech she gave her whole fucking campaign. The one where she identifies the Alt-Right. I thought, cool, now we have an awesome name, and not be tied to Garry "Fucktard" Johnson!

The Alt-Right is incredibly diverse and encompasses many groups you may not know it did. From libertarians, to Kekistanis, even “certain” socialists groups, the Alt-Right is the alternative right. That’s it.

We are one in the same.

No incredibly complex network. No one ideology trumps all. Nothing of that sort.

We are, simply put, “Not your grandfather's Republican party.”

We seek ideas and solutions that are alternative to unsuccessful policies that have been shoved down our throats for decades by RINOs and establishment Republicans.

Every single person here will be cursing and distancing themselves from the Alt-Right.

We have co-opted your party. 

All your delegates are now belong to us.

I bring this up because this will be a huge topic for this current 2018 election cycle and, maybe even more-so, for 2020. They will tie Alt-Right into just about anyone with alternative viewpoints to the established republican or government network. We need to embrace this title, not flinch away from MSM mudslinging and accusations.

For starters, just to get ya thinking, here are a few things the Alt-Right is not:

Not all Alt-Righters are driven by race identity. In fact, I’d say that the Alt-Right is the least racist party because we tend to judge men by their deeds and words, not by their skin tone. Maybe in fun or in jest, sure. But if you’re going for super-cereal racial politics, or hyper-identitarian, I think you should look across the political spectrum and see what groups like the ADL and SPLC are in support of. You’ll find the Alt-Right to be far less of a race dickhole in that regard.

Not all Alt-Righters are on the right. We have quite a few in the centrists and skeptic community that have been given the Alt-Right moniker by MSM and other left-leaning haters. I say welcome! If they are going to call you that, please wear it with pride. Don’t be a jewfag and not wear your gold star, you get me?

Not all Alt-Righters know they are alt-right. Right now, Mickycoy3020, among other reputable sources, say the Alt-Right encompasses about 13% of the political spectrum. I’d like to see that go up to 25% as soon as y’all motherfuckers admit that you’re Alt-Right. It’s okay, we’re here for you. I think you’ll find us a lot less judgemental and hit & runny, if ya know what I mean, lol. Heather Hyer died from a heart attack.

Not all Alt-Righters will ever accept that they are Alt-Right. Alex Jones, Sargon, Lauren Southern, Ben Shapiro, and many more such denialfags can’t even take the Alt-Right label  as a compliment and take it with pride. They are still very much scared of MSM and the opinions of angry “others” that already hate the Alt-Right, mainly because they were told to do so.

Consider the Alt-Lite absorbed into the Alt-Right. MSM will be saying that soon anyways.

MSM has tried so very fucking hard to poison the Alt-Right, to demonize this wonderful and impassioned movement.

They are in awe and the only thing they can do is scream “Alt-Rightist!” as the tide of public opinion crashes on them.

I’ve talked to some people that are a part of the Alt-Right and didn’t even know it. When I read what they've written and what they repost, all I think of is, “would the MSM consider this person Alt-Right?” Usually the answer is always yes. Congratulations, you are now apart of the Alt-Right!

Anytime you have to try and tell someone you are NOT something that they’ve claimed you to be, they're only distracting from your real points and who you really are.

Another disinformation tactic.

Instead of telling someone what you are, you suddenly have to tell them what you aren’t? Fuck that. They might as well be calling you a nigger bitch faggot, because that’s suddenly all they have: Name calling and forcing you into an ideological corner

What happened to political youtubers 1791L at a protest and their pathetically strawman retort to being called Alt-Right is a prime example of how they bait us into turning on ourselves and our own ideologies.

It's okay, 1791L. We know it can be hard to accept.

The same tactic we’ve seen over and fucking over again. Call someone some sort of “ists” or “isms” and they shrink back and revert to making pleas of denial and all the ways they aren't what some smirking idiot just called them.

Wear it with pride or stay stuck trying to disprove all the things that you aren’t.

Alt-Right is just the new term for Racist or “person with mean ideologies that I think are evil because my sociology professor told me they were” crowds. They, the democrats and leftists, really represent just a small fraction of sentiments in America and abroad. But God damn can they scream the loudest.

Don’t shy away from the moniker.

Don’t be ashamed to tell people you’re Alt-Right.

They can’t stop us all. When enough of us stand, the term Alt-Right won’t be so dirty and distanced anymore. 

In fact, it might just become another popular opinion.

What do you think? Do you or not consider yourself Alt-Right?  Let me know in the comments! We are the side that continues the dialogue!

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