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Unscrewed Minds: April

TheGarbageManApr 30, 2018, 11:35:27 PM

Unscrewed Minds is a monthly series written by and for @TheGarbageMan. It’s kind of like my secret Minds diary that you are all sneaking a look inside. I’m going to tell mom! 

Back to April, it was, honestly, not too bad this month. The world grows better at the prospects of peace in the Korean peninsula, Minds and us creators keep creating, and I had a pretty damn good and interesting month myself. How about you? Well, let’s find out after this…

Tokens Taking Time

A full month on the Token system has given a taste of what Minds will be. It is… about the same as points, really. There’s still ways to game the system, reminds have become much more common and desperate, and things are still chugging along.

There has been much more clarification as to what actions and how to game this all-new system, just like we gamed the last one. You can catch your contributions and what you can expect on your own, personalized ticker here.

I did my own little, super-clever #TokenMadness and others seem to be joining in the spirit. Minds has always been great because it offers the platform for creators to be themselves without fear of censorship. Though we might not agree on everything, at least we can agree that no one’s voice should be silenced.

Midgets are the most wise of all God's creatures.

North and South Korea: 

Ultimate Friendship or Ultimate Betrayal?

So North and South Korea are meeting up after Trump called Kim out and made him go to the table. That and the collapse of the nuclear testing facilities, but we don’t need to talk about that.

While the MSM seems to have Q chalked up as conspiratory-propaganda-russian-bot-scary-machine 3.0, most of what he is pointing to shows a lot of progress.

Epstein’s Island burns to the motherfucking ground. 

Alwaleed is selling everything, that is, when he is allowed to leave his house.

Sex traffickers in Hollywood and beyond being brought to the light and justice.

Yet some still don’t believe or, at the very least, still believe in coincidences. I like Minds because y’all are some of the most enlightened motherfuckers this side of the internet. I’m serious. I learn something all the time here, where on other social media, I’d have to explain and re-explain this shit every single fucking day.

By the end of year two, not only will we see major progress and major happening, we’ll know that we have a two-term president whose only a quarter of a way through with making America great again.

This is how we achieve peace.

The Downfall of Traditional Social Media

Isn’t that a funny phrase? “Traditional Social Media”? Well, as Facebook has been going on for about five years over its welcome, I mean Myspace had a much shorter lifespan, people seem to flocking to the various other social media options, including Gab, Steemit, and Minds dot motherfucking com.

Cyborg Zucker went before a congressional hearing, a hallowed hall reserved only for the organic likes of Howard Hughes and Elmo. While history was made as the first robot was treated like a human, bets were soon cast as to when Facebook would crash and burn. While some say the end of May and other might think it’ll be a slow years-long process,  we all agree that Facebook is on its way out.

It’s going to be hard, as most digital migration is, but I know that places like Minds and Gab, where freedom of speech is held before anything else *cough cough will see many, many more users fill us up like a DVDA.

As long as we stay true to ourselves, we’ll do okay. 

No matter where you’re at, there you are. 

And that’s all ya gotta know.

Hey, you clicked the little square saying that you understood. You're not a liar, are you?

Some quickies:

@Featherspear has been putting out comic book movie preview videos on the regular now. Check them out on his Minds and Youtube channels!

@gregoryalanelliott won MAGA Me! Both his and the president’s copy of all the comments you all wrote along with a copy of @LlamaLlamaGamesMAGA: The Game have been sent. I had fun and I look forward to a possible expansion? (cue the hype-machine). Who knows, maybe because of what some of you wrote, you will become part of the president’s cabinet now. You’re welcome.

Last month’s Unscrewed Minds suffered a reset, caught up in spam purge that Minds did, without telling us, of course. The main article was restored, and I will fix the rest, as you all know how link heavy my monthly series is. Just like something else, ha ha.

Curator_Sarm will be coming back in a huge way in May. Subscribe to his Youtube channel, catch up on his two videos posted since his ascension, and get ready for this coming Saturday!

How was your month of April? Did I miss a big happening, like usual? Let me know in the comments! I want to be in the know, writing takes away from lurking time, damn it! Until the end of May, keep those minds screwed in.