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The Sixth Fire: A Tale of Love

TheGarbageManFeb 9, 2018, 4:48:24 PM

This is another old story I wrote , but one that  fits in perfectly with the upcoming Valentines day holiday. It's short and sweet, too!

Now or Never

She stood out in the rain, no jacket, within the stormy neighborhood. Every shudder in her drenched body made her grip on the pistol only tighter.

Why? Thoughts in her kept asking. Why after five years of happy bliss did he do this? She loved him completely and fully, and looking at the house they bought together only made her anger worse.

This is it. Now or never, she thought.

She walked to the backdoor where that damn frog sensor wouldn’t go off, alerting her former husband that vengeance was upon.

As she entered the kitchen, she thought about the knives on the counter. Much messier and satisfying, but he was bigger than her.

No room for screw ups in a murder.

As she climbed up the stairs she reflected briefly on the pictures of him and her that he had not yet taken down. It didn’t stop or slow her any.

The bedroom door was right in front of her now. Carefully slipping the safety off the gun, she gently opened the unlocked entrance. He and his new lover were sleeping on the bed of their old passionate lovemaking.

Tears fell from her tired, reddened eyes as she sneaked to his side of the mattress. The cold, wet steel of the gun nudged him awake.

His eyes widened as he turned slightly to look her in the face. No sound escaped his lips.

Now or never just kept silently repeating in her head as she squeezed back the trigger.