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#Venezuela fu茅 destru铆da por el #Socialismo El #Globalismo se disfraza de derechos luego de descomponer a las sociedades. Te hablan de #Paz y nunca de #Libertad #ForoDeSaoPaulo #Soros #InternacionalSocialista son sus socios Y el plan se llama #NWO #CompactMigration fomenta el caos pero nadie resuelve la causa que lo impulsa. El comunismo encontr贸 la forma de vestirse de social democracia con el voto para apoderarse del mundo sin alzar un misil creando una #Oposici贸n a su medida para sostenerse. Luego preguntan por qu茅 no salimos de los #Genocidas #DespiertaMundo

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隃贬礈岽樖岽囜磵岽 薀岽囜磤岽呩磭蕗 岽応湴 岽浭溼磭 岽岽溼礇瑟隃贬礇瑟岽 散蓸隃贬礇岽岽樶磸 | All posts on this channel are taking place within and/or referring to the Minecraft universe. Minecraft cost cash but Minetest is free.

~~Super-short about this channel~~ God debate. Politics. Awesome music. Photography. Art. Welcome.... ~~Super-short About Me~~ Valedictorian. Poet. Photographer. Philosopher. Videographer. Vector-artist. Gen Y male. About Me WordPress Blogpost (worth the read): I am fine with anonymous accounts and debate, but I may block sock-puppet accounts. WordPress: Medium: 2017 Soundtracks of the Day: 2018 Soundtracks of the Day: Although I am pro-free speech, if you make a clearly irrelevant comment or a comment that violates Minds's TOS under my posts, just know that I may delete your comment. ------------------------------------------- BIO INDEX ------------------------------------------- 1. This Year's Minds Wire Supporters 2. Channel Content Rating 3. The Project 4. Contact Info and how to support 5. My Groups 6. Other Groups Where I Share 7. P2P Boost Info 8. FYI on Soundtracks Shared ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2020 Minds Wire Supporters: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. 144000squirrels @144000squirrels A free spirit who does not like the legacy media. 2. Jinn / Astral Wizard Art @astralwizardart Astral Wizard Art enjoys sharing mathematically aesthetically pleasing imagery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CHANNEL CONTENT RATING: M-SFW Mostly Safe for Work ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE PROJECT: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3000+ (three thousand+) pages split up into 14 volumes + bibliography and including a comprehensive discussion of the God debate. Video Link: Preliminary Bibliography: 2nd Preliminary Bibliography hopefully coming March 2020. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact Info ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you wish, you can also contact me on Facebook. Email (rarely checked) [email protected] Alt-Tech Email: [email protected] You too can support my work maybe... MakerSupport Patreon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Groups ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Great God Debate Meme Quotes: Friends of the Savage Nation: Alinconism: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some Other Groups Where I Share ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All-Purpose Group Anime Books Electronic Music Manga / Anime Omniverse Minds Newsroom Music Musicophilia: Vaporwave Group: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beware the Ides of March: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P2P Boost Info ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minimum Boost Amount: 1 token /1000 points Post Status: Safe-for-work posts please Post Topics: Music, God debate, politics. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FYI ON SOUNDTRACKS SHARED: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The soundtracks that I share on this profile are at least generally *not* composed by me, though I did write and co-compose a song while in college. The use of the hashtag (StalemateIB) is to remind people of the Minds channel sharing such awesome soundtracks and important God debate content.

private banks are more dangerous than standing armies

Totalitarianism is a political system where the state strives to control all aspects of people's public and private life through mass surveillance, restriction of speech, state controlled media, and terrorism. This is what the corporate press and social media channels have become in America today. 馃嵑 馃 馃椊

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