Interviews on Minds with YotivationNation 8-21-2020

@Yotivationnation aka Aunt Mama Lou is now the second person who I've interviewed twice. She's a regular on the Censorship Sucks Roundtable Radio Show and man is she fun. I always look forward to meeting up with her and @willieleev1971 to brainstorm ideas for the show. We usually end up laughing so hard our cheeks are sore by the end of the call and we end up coming up with more ideas than we can even use. Anyway, I always feel a little bad about the fact that her and Willie have so much to say about the world but are typecast into their characters so I just wanted to let her talk a bit about current events without having to be in character the whole time. I walked into this interview with no notes, no pre-planning and no idea what we would talk about. I just new that Yo has a story to tell and after listening to the playback I'm glad we did this the way we did. It's perfect. #iom #scrr #censorshipsucks #aml