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My statement on my YouTube ban. Please share. It is essential.

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Join me 7pm EST tonight for an open philosophy Q and A! WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE with Stefan Molyneux

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They want you scared of COVID so you forget where it came from, and where it's taking you... Communism.
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Izzy and Stef: EVERY Disney Movie Cliché! Philosopher Stefan Molyneux is joined by his 11 year old daughter Isabella to reveal their top Disney movie cliches - hilarity ensues!
867 views · Mar 2nd
DROP EVERYTHING AND WATCH! Bitcoin Goes Mainstream! Philosopher Stefan Molyneux - who has been praising Bitcoin since 2010(!) - goes through the amazing new Citi report on the future of Bitcoin!
1.1k views · Mar 1st
"HELP I WAS RAISED BY A VIOLENT SINGLE BLACK MOM!" Freedomain Call In Philosopher Stefan Molyneux comes to the aid of a young black man experiencing suicidal anxiety as a result of being raised with rape threats, violence and over-feeding by his obese mother to the point that he lost his eyesight in his early teens...
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THERE IS NO PATRIARCHY! Stefan Molyneux Livestream
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As long as the government pays people to be 'victims'... ...the world will never know an end to endless 'grievances.'
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